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System Archais
Sector Hapes Cluster
Galactic Coordinates (150, 104)
System Coordinates (9, 11)
Astrographic Entry Archais
Type Temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Desert.gif River.gif Ocean.gif Mountain.gif Forest.gif Grassland.gif
Rotational Period {{{rotation}}}
Orbital Period {{{orbital}}}
Population 15,518,101 inhabitants
Controlled By Hapes Consortium
Governor Hapes Consortium
Magistrate {{{magistrate}}}

Being the largest temperate planet in the system, Archais has also been called the pride of the Abaem system. Its friendly environment with the small ocean in the southwest, known as “the blue lagoon” in galactic basic, the grasslands, the forests, and the mountains creates a suitable climate for the planet's inhabitants.

Strangely, a small desert is also found on the planet which is a result of exploitation during the early days of the planet's colonization. The efforts put in to restore the desert into forest has been unfruitful and today the inhabitants of the planet are content with having a desert as a nice change from the otherwise rather prospering environment on the planet.

Three major rivers also run through the planet. The northern one is called Shendago, the western Fejanoor, and the eastern Unegnar. The northern river, Shendago, is a special story in itself. The reason for this is that the river always flows from the north to the south during the daytime, and as dusk sets in, it shifts and starts flowing from south to north instead until dawn when it shifts back. The inhabitants of the planet have made up numerous stories about the origins of this phenomenon ranging from theories about the planet tilting to mysterious creatures creating the shifts as they swim in different directions.

Due to its friendly environment with mostly forests and grassland, the planet has also become the natural choice as the capital planet of the system. The systems governing house, the House of Lord Jaak has its main seat located on the planet.