Ardenian Drive Yards

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Ardenian Drive Yards
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General Information
Status Active
Leader Finar Ambrose
2IC Javin Zittoun
Owner Veritas Press
Headquarters Ardenian Drive Yards Headquarters, Cularin Belt XLIII
Historical Information
Formed from Year 14 Day 194
Founded Year 14 Day 195
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturing, Logistics
Holosite Veritas Holosite

The Ardenian Drive Yards is a shipwright company located on Cularin Belt XLIII in the Hevvrol Sector.

The Beginning

The Ardenian Drive Yards have their beginning as the Traders Guild. The Traders Guild was founded by Sovan Theln and Javin Zittoun on Year 14 Day 178 as a small time trading operation. What was first just an idea for Sovan to reconnect with former members of the Hyper-Communications Cartel while also improving his trading record later became the focus of a do-over. With the Hyper-Communications Cartel long since gone with no hope of revival, both Sovan and Javin saw this as an opportunity to try again with the knowledge of their past mistakes.

After a few short days, the Traders Guild started receiving many donations. Most notably, donations came from the Confederacy of Independent Systems and First Sun. The Guild also grew slightly, going from a small-time two-person operation to as many as seven individuals.

About two weeks into the Guild, Sovan and Javin both discussed the possibility of asking if Aliyah Shee`lil and her company, GalactiSend, would like to join the Guild. It was there that the Ardenian Drive Yards was born.


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