Area 85

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Dupol Enterprises' Deep Space Hub.

Bram Dupol found the Deep Space location by complete accident, when he aborted a short Hyperspace Trip. As luck would have it the Deepspace area was devoid of both Asteroid Fields, Black Holes and any other navigation hazards and so the grand plan to use it as the eventual hub location of Dupol Enterprises was formed.

Notable Locations

The Mysterium Station

Located centrally in Area 85 lurks the private residence of Bram Dupol the owner and founder of Dupol Enterprises. A converted asteroid hideout it sits like the spider at the centre of Area 85.


Hotel Dupol

Near the Mysterium, sits a Luxury Space Colony, Hotel Dupol. The 'Hotel' acts as a home to any visitors to Area 85 and you can rent space there should you wish to live within its comfortable, warm, and luxurious interior.

Hotel Dupol colony.png

Dupol Enterprises Galactic Headquarters

A converted Trading I station, brimming with employees and friends alike.

Black Smoke Station

Dupol Enterprises first Construction facility an X-7 Factory Station. Currently building unknown items.

Perimeter Defence Stations Alpha, Beta, Gamma And Delta

These are the fully armed and operational Battle stations of Area 85. They are the defence systems of Area 85 and are also fully stocked with Dupol Enterprises Fighter squadrons.

The whole of Area 85 is covered by a large and very efficient sattelite sensor network.

Area 85 Adjacent

Area 85 Adjacent is Dupol Enterprises sales pick up location in the region of Area 85 but not within Area 85 itself for security and protection reasons.

System Defence Squadrons

Area 85 has a number of squadrons patrolling the Area.

Alpha Flight

Omega Flight

Sunburst Squadron

Snowflake Squadron

Crimson Squadron

Indigo Squadron

Cereuilean Squadron

Rust Squadron

Obsidian Squadron

Verdigris Squadron