Argent Company

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Argent Company
General Information
Motto "The Gods of War hate hesitation"
Status Active
Leader Outis Hawkwind
Headquarters Dubrillion
Historical Information
Formed from Outer Rim Consulting
Founded Year 20 Day 316
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite ARCO Forum


The Argent Company, also known as Cin Beviin, is a private Amani military unit belonging to the Charnoq tribe of northeastern Maridun. Now a Mandalorian House, they offer their service as hired guns discreetly, deploying independently with their own ships, vehicles, arms, and supplies.


A fortified command center was built in the Dubrillion System on Day 222 of Year 20 CGT and originally served as a high-security institution for Encephalon Systems. By Day 316 it became the main office of Cantrell Consulting, part of a paramilitary conglomerate founded by Artemis de Chatillon and Avelyn ca Vella.

Cantrell's business model was primarily industrial and retail. That commercial format did not change when Cantrell Consulting became Outer Rim Consulting on the 175th day of Year 21 and came under the direction of Winter Angelos. Struggling with a conflict of interest when offered a profitable government contract, Angelos offered the business to Lorekeeper Outis Hawkwind, transferring the Dubrillion fortress and all corporate stock to the new owner on Day 248.



Hawkwind was the chieftain of an Amani headhunter tribe from Maridun called the Charnoqs. While technically categorized as a friendly tribe, this is due to their eagerness to peacefully trade with off-world merchants, particularly for advanced technology. But the Charnoqs became one of Maridun's most powerful Amani tribes by being decidedly hostile. In a series of victories against the rival Phalone tribe, the Charnoq warriors earned the respect of their peers.

Warriors of the Charnoq tribe are swift, they protect themselves well, and they demonstrate excellent marksmanship. They are tough, enduring injuries that many races would consider severe, and they can comfortably bear heavy equipment without becoming overly burdened. Charnoqs fight as dragoons, riding into battle in speeders and dismounting to fight on foot as conventional infantry.

Under Hawkwind's direction, Outer Rim Consulting became the Argent Company (ARCO) and its business model changed to more traditional private military contracting.

Lorekeeper Outis Hawkwind

Cin Beviin

Having cultivated a profitable business relationship with the neighboring Mandalore government, the Argent Company became contracted retainers and the representative Guildmasters of the Mandalore banner. Under the terms of the accord, formalized on Day 41 of Year 22 CGT, Mandalore became equal business partners and the Charnoqs agreed to adopt the Mandalorian codes and official government diplomacy. While still offering its services as independent mercenaries to the public, the ARCO no longer entertains offers that stipulate hostility against Mandalore or the member nations of the Galactic Concordiate. Neither will the ARCO conduct business with any group or individual who has been blacklisted by Mandalore.


  • Ground combat, conventional and raider
  • Reconnaissance, covert, and battlefield
  • Territorial security, static and roving
  • Military logistics
  • Amani immigration

Skiptrace Chain

Authorized agents of the Bondsman's Guild, the Argent Company operates a network of bounty-hunting posts across the galaxy and serves as the official Guildmaster of Mandalore. ARCO Skiptrace taverns provide access to fobs and available pucks, as well as rewards unique to the industry, at thirteen publicly-listed locations and an undisclosed number of private facilities in restricted areas.


A: Kursmorut Skiptrace

B: The Silver Credit

C: Kitcherton Skiptrace

D: Mando Beroyab

E: Champala Skiptrace

F: Morath Skiptrace

G: Chamm Skiptrace

H: Favelas Skiptrace

I: Carraigh Skiptrace

J: Nrendur Skiptrace

K: Fortuna Skiptrace

L: Abraxas Skiptrace

M: Vendetta Skiptrace

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