Arkanis (Sector)

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Arkanis Sector.gif
General information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
Controlled ByThe Resistance
Astrographic EntryArkanis

The Arkanis Sector was a galactic region located in the Outer Rim Territories.


The Arkanis sector has been a crossroads for traders and travelers. It is bordered by the Corellian Run which many used to travel from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim and Wild Space. It was also crossed by the Triellus Trade Route, which led into Hutt Space. A subset of the sector were the Regency Worlds, a relatively prosperous region on the Corellian Run formed around the former Arkanis Regency. Unfortunately, this prosperity rarely extended to other parts of the sector, with only a mild boost in trade (and a significant one in crime) as Hutt interests moved in towards the end of the Republic.[1]


System Position Planets Population Controller
Arkanis (280, -268) 10 6,939,692,528 The Resistance
Austan (305, -270) 6 3,197,332,691 The Resistance
Geonosis (295, -250) 7 63,181,667 Falleen Federation
Huldamun (285, -263) 11 2,816,415,525 The Resistance
Issor (303, -235) 4 31,446,834 The Resistance
Obana (295, -272) 5 342,230 Ubrikkian Industries
Pii (290, -240) 87 433,332 Falleen Federation
Tatoo (296, -248) 15 2,412,133,350 Jawa Offworld Enterprises