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Artoga, Concord Dawn

The Village of Artoga is primarily Human, with notable amounts of Zeltron and Zabrak in the ancestry of the modern inhabitants. They can trace their origin to a group of survivors from the Dral'han, a horrific event in Mandalorian history. They were stripped of their weapons and their armor, and forced to survive without utilizing their martial skills.

The population, now without the ability to earn credits and honor, turned inward and became agrarian.

They founded the village just south-west of the Northern Ice Cap, or Gahtyc'cir'taap, as it is known in the local dialect of Mando'a.

Vast herds of Nerf had been left without check for generations, providing ample resources. The Artogans began mass hunting the Nerf with the intent of reducing the numbers to a manageable, and ecologically sound amount.

During this time, they traded excess meat, hides, and furs, with more southerly communities in exhange for timber and stone, as well as limited technologies.

By the time the Nerf had been culled to a manageable amount, the village proper had been constructed, along with three moats, or kelita, and two walls.

In the spring, they'd herd the nerf along the edges of the ice cap, where the snow-melt would cause a massive surge of plant growth. The nerf would devour this and fatten. After the initial surge was grazed, a second growth shoots up stronger and larger due to the Nerf fertilizing and tilling the soil.

Large swathes of Sweetgrass would grow nearly three meters in height, forming almost a grass sea. The Artogans would harvest these grasses with a specialized cutting tool called a vhett'kad. The cut stalks would be gathered and taken to be processed. At processing the juice would be extracted from them via crushing. This juice would be further refined into molasses, then sugar. The pulp would be stored and fermented, to be used as sillage for the Nerd to eat throughout the winter.

Eventually Artoga developed strong trade links and local industries, allowing it to survive in its current form. The dairy products from the nerf are naturally sweeter than products found elsewhere, producing a unique sweetcream butter, and also a sweetened milk beverage. Trade in sugar, rum, cured meats, furs, and the local dairy products kept the economy going, allowing for the importation of grains, grain products, metals, as well as any technologies needed.

Never forgetting their warrior heritage, nearly every Artogan is trained in Teh'ka, the name coming from Vhett'kad. The martial art focuses on using the vhett'kad in the dominant hand, with the non-dominant hand possessing either short blade, a baton, or nothing at all. The techniques of the art allow for the user to fight with one or two hands, and with varying levels of focus on offense or defense as needed. The methodology of the art is to preserve the most lethality of the warrior for the longest duration. As such, the techniques employed can be used even from one's knees or on their back, if their legs have been disabled, as well as with a single hand if one arm is rendered inoperable. It is a people's martial art, not a warriors, but because of it, it possesses unorthodox manuevers which are difficult for conventionally trained troops, such as Republic Judicial Forces, to counter.