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General information
Sector Sprizen
Galactic Coordinates (122, 302)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 3
Suns 1
Moons 1
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Cybot Galactica
Astrographic Entry Asher

The Asher system serves as the home system of Cybot Galactica, makers of the famous 3PO protocol droids. Ships of almost any design and make can be expected in the system picking up droids from the famed droid manufacturer.


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Asher I (6, 2) gas giant 15,15 1,315,547,996 Cybot Galactica
Asher II (2, 4) temperate/breathable 7,7 128,661,229 Cybot Galactica
Asher III (6, 13) temperate/breathable 4,4 1,099,162 Cybot Galactica


Moon Position Type Size Population Control
Asher II Companion (2, 3) moon 2,2 1,359,609 Cybot Galactica


Station Type Position Owner
Ataturk Aerie Ataturk-class Station (9, 9)
Kebab Take Away Luxury Space Colony (0, 16)
[Cybot] Asher LSC Luxury Space Colony (3, 2) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Asher System Droid Depot (open to all) Trading II (9, 1) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Droolbag Shipyard I (10, 4) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Happy Tekoki Shipyard I (9, 3) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Iso Telakka Shipyard III (9, 4) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Midway Hospital Station Hospital Platform XQ-2 (4, 3) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Wasted Dream Shipyard I (8, 4) Cybot Galactica
[Cybot] Wet Dune Shipyard I (9, 5) Cybot Galactica