Askajian Harbingers

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Askajian Harbingers
Askajian harbingers.png
General Information
Motto "Thou art God as I am God as all that groks is God."
Status Active
Leader Revan Jones
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 183
Dissolved Year 16 Day 13(reorganised into the The Kingdom of Elysia)
Political Information
Affiliation Avance Coalition
Industry Religion
Holosite Askajian Harbingers


The Great Work and Will

The core task for the adept willing to discover the ways of the Great Work is the discovery and manifestation of will, defined at times as a grand destiny and at other times as a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with nature and the other sentiests. This will does not spring from conscious intent, but from the interplay between the deepest self, all the sentiests with whom you grok and the entire Universe. Therefore, the Enlightened Grokker is one who is able to eliminate or bypass the consciousness-created desires, conflicts, and habits, and tap directly into the Self/Universe nexus. At this point, the Grokker acts in alignment with Nature, just as the stream flows downhill, with neither resistance nor "lust of result."

The ability to accomplish this Great Work requires a great deal of preparation and effort. The programme consists of several key elements, including a thorough knowledge of the Universe, disciplined concentration, the development of one's Body of Light -in order to experience other spiritual realms- and the consistent and regular invocation of the other grokkers, although they may not be aware of their capacity to grok.

Success only opens up new avenues of brilliant possibility. The task is tireless and its joys without bounds; for the whole Universe, and all that in it is, what is it but the infinite playground of the Crowned and Conquering Child, of the insatiable, the innocent, the ever-rejoicing Heir of Space and Eternity, whose various names join in the true Will?

The Mind

Sentients can approach the Divine intellectually, through learning and behaving according to the Will, and use that deep logical understanding to elicit and guide emotional arousal during prayer or grokking. To grok something is to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself. It is to look at every problem, opportunity, action, and point of view from any and all perspectives.

Spiritual Goals for the Adept

1. Conscious Evolution.
2. Knowledge of Self
3. Knowledge of the Spirit.
4. Knowledge of Universal Law.
5. Knowledge of the Mental, Metaphysical and Natural World.
6. Change to a new life.
7. Deep Knowledge of the ways of teaching, learning, understanding and grokking.