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A Muscular Togorian Male, Assurian Fury (first name pronounced Ashurian)is a known Dread Pirate and family member of the Zann Consortium underworld consortium and crime syndicate often considered a terrorist organization by many among the galaxy, led by Ximaro Jix.

Dread Pirate Fury is best known for his Veltraa-Class Cruiser: True Blood. Also he was vital in the capture of the Callia Sector from the Galactic Empires grip and securing the system Vaxal for his crime family the Zann Consortium. An with his family s help they quickly swept all resistance aside and conquered the system. A few months later Xanxus Drol and Assurian Fury set in motion plans and security measure to capture the Black Sun traitor Andy Longshot. After some time of plotting and steady plans the trap was set and sprung

Year 12-13

Biography: Early Years

Assurian was raised on his neutral home world Togoria. He was known for his impeccable Honor and Cleverness and formidable force in battle. As a young warrior he rose quickly threw the Pride in stature and respect. As a Togorian male comes of age, one of the possible trials they can face is "Pursuance of the Shaper." This trial is considered the most honorable and most perilous, primarily for it taking place in the Swamp of Vapors. He passed this test using his cleverness and great prowess in battle. He was able to force a large Shaper out of the Swamp of Vapor using massive trees he ripped from the ground and plunged into the Swamp and sure enough drove a huge Shaper out. Assurian let out a mighty roar and took a great leap into the air at the Shaper and sunk his mighty claws and fangs in it. Blood flowed as he raked this swamp creature while upon it. Till it moved no more and the creatures screams died away. As time went by Assurian became stronger and more daring he started hunting creatures of all sorts on Togoria. At age 23 he had killed just about any creature known on his home world. He wanted more and soon departed his loved home to seek more creature and opponents to defeat. Shortly after leaving his home world Assurian was contacted by know Premier, Lord Alto Rexar from the Tresario Star Kingdom offering him a position in there Military Army and to serve a honorable King Jude and Kingdom.


He served in the Tresario Kingdom Army as a Sgt for 9 months of distinguished service. An served the Kingdom in Boonta and other areas against the Murishani unubunko Mercenaries and where successful in defeating them in the Sector. Also Sgt Fury built many city s within a few of the Tresario Kingdom systems. He was close friends with Admiral Michael MaCleod and received guidance and respected this man.

Year 13 IU ally Call to Arms BS and TSK unity in Lego system

Soon after the Black Sun Syndicate and Vigo Gand needed the help from there ally s and Assurian s unit was called to help in taking and securing the Lego system for the Black Sun Syndicate and family. He served with distinction. Him and his Kingdom comrades where instrumental in there efforts and received a great thanks and offered awards for there service. Tresario had been there for there ally s and proved there worth to the Union.

Sgt Assurian resigned his post and left to join a friend of his Kerri Manchester at Centrepoint Mining.


Year 13-14

Kerri offered him a position in security after joining Centrepoint Mining and was tested for Force Sensitivity by his friend. Assurian was appointed as Security Officer of Centrepoint mining not long after. He went to work right away trying to shore up security for the huge Mining operation. After a few months at his position and with outstanding work Assurian was promoted to Minister of Defense of Centrepoint Mining in Ottega sector.

Currently: Year 16 Black Hood Fury has been terrorizing Black Sun by apprehending and taking out a few of there members. Also the Black Hood has been aggressive against a Merc group Matukai Dragons and killed a few hundred of there employees with ease. He is currently hunting and gaining in strength to spread more Chaos and corruption where and when he decides to do so.