Athrun Zala

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Athrun Zala
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Lenore Zala (deceased)
Father Patrick Zala (deceased)
Siblings Crystal Kamaski, Darek Zala, Waylon Zala (KIA)
Born Day 169 (age 33)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Light
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation One Nation Under Jou
Positions Galactic Empire: 3rd Group CO, Jedi Order: Explorer Corps CO
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire, Aurora Technologies, Black Bha`lir, Jedi Order, Tion Hegemony, Veritas Press, Trigdale Metallurgy, Inc, Permanent Solutions, Tion Hegemony
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Athrun Zala is a military officer, former Imperial Navy CO, and business owner. He served as Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Fleet before the Naval Merge, CO of the 3rd Group of the 4th Imperial Fleet post merge, CO of the Jedi Order Explorer Corps, a mining corporation CEO, and CO of the 1st Tion Fleet. He currently is a part of One Nation under Jou's military forces, and owns a number of trade stations and a tailor company catering to elegant design.

He was born on Coruscant to Patrick and Lenore Zala. His family was constantly on the move, so he saw many planets in his time growing up. As a young boy he was attracted to the TIE fighters that frequently patrolled Imperial controlled worlds and the Imperial Stormtroopers in parade march. He was sent to a military school at the age of 16, and he enlisted in the Galactic Empire and enrolled in the Imperial Academy.

He became an elite fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy, and after attending Officer's School he went on to reach the Command ranks, commanding a fleet of Star Destroyers before he finally retired from Imperial service. However many of his Imperial tendencies and mindsets have stuck with him, as well as an impulsive need for adventure and exploration.


--Log Entry #231090540--

I can't say I remember my childhood; not fully anyway. But most never really remember. Only bits and fragments of the past remain. Out of those pieces are a few events that one never forgets. Perhaps it's a birthday party, their first day at school, or the time dad took them cruising through the speeder lanes of Coruscant city. I had those moments too. But the time I'll never forget, is the day of the Imperial parade on Corellia. I don't remember why we were there, or even what city we lived in. I don't really remember how old I was either. I guess I was only five or six, as the second bar on the railing was just at the level of my forehead.

I remember hearing noise, shouts, and music outside the window. I opened the door to the balcony and stepped outside. Leaning against the railing surrounding the balcony, I looked down into the streets below. By this time, the music had gotten louder, as a large group of uniformed men marched down the stretch of road. Hearing the screaming sound of engines, I looked up just in time to see a group of fighters fly over the balcony. Even as small as I was then, I sensed the power, majesty, and greatness of the military in front of me. I looked behind me, to see the towering figure of my father. I smiled one of my biggest smiles, as I pointed to the parade. "I want to be just like them," I remember shouting, to which my father smiled. The look of pride on his face never waned as he and I watched the troops march past our field of vision.

Life Before the Empire

Athrun was born to Patrick and Lenore Zala on the planet Coruscant. As his family did not remain there for more than 2 years, he never remembered the place until later visits.

His family was almost always on the move due to political and other reasons about which he was never really sure. It did not really bother him that much, because he always got to see new and different places.

When he was 16, his father decided to send him to a military school to train him to fight by his side in the years to come. So he left with his father, leaving his mother and sister behind. The two were forced to come back when the Rebellion engaged the Empire on Morvogdine. Unfortunately, they arrived too late; among the rubble that used to be their home, they found his mother's body and no sign of his sister. While Athrun blamed the Rebellion for their attack on the planet (his anger greatly exaggerated by their taking prisoners and slaves), his father blamed the Empire for being there in the first place, and was determined to bring the Empire to justice.

Returning to Military school after the incident left Athrun somewhat shaken, and as time went on he began to wonder what his fathers' intentions were. Although his father's job eluded him slightly, he knew that he was fairly successful as a politician, dealing in diplomatic matters from one planet to another. While the political squabble and law making did not really interest him, he would've expected his father to have recommended him for various schools that dealt in that field.

During his stay in the school he practiced the use of unarmed combat, as well as a little practice with blasters. Much of his time was spent studying and obeying regulations, and while he was not ungrateful for his training, he felt it was somewhat lacking. He had long since decided on enlisting in the Imperial Academy, but he knew he was too young as of yet. So when his father had to move again, he asked to leave the school and head off world. His father was disappointed, but consented.

They moved to Thyferra, where Athrun applied to join a local university. Being a diplomat and fairly wealthy, his father was able to sway the school to accept him regardless of his slight lack of education. As a result he was in earlier than his age allowed, but he still had to work hard to catch up to their standards. As a result for the first year and part of the second, he had very little time for other activities.

Over the years since his mother's death and his sister's disappearance, his father had changed from a warm loving father to a cold unspoken man. Athrun found that his increased level of studying was somewhat of a blessing, as the cold silence in the house was almost unbearable. Most the time he could be found at school studying or spending time with his friends. As a result, Athrun and his father grew apart.

One day from coming home from school, Athrun found his father waiting for him. It was somewhat unexpected as reserved as his father tended to be, and as such it peaked his curiosity greatly. His father did not appear to be as cold and angry as he normally was, instead looking somewhat hesitant. It was a welcome change from his normal behavior, but the feeling didn't last long. Within moments his father had regained his normal composure and let his intentions be known. The elder man wasted no diplomatic effort on his son, suggesting, or commanding, that he join the Rebellion. In astonishment at his father's outlandish suggestion, Athrun declined, bluntly stating his intentions to enlist in the Imperial Academy. His father looked almost as stunned, as well as a look that Athrun was unsure of being rage or joy. They soon engaged each other in a heated argument, eventually leaving the room disgusted at each other.

It was not that long afterwards that the Rebellion deployed it's forces against the planet. Athrun was quite sure his father had somehow helped in this, and decided it would be best to leave. His father was nowhere around, so he took his father's personal ship and blasted off the planet. He barely escaped with his life, leaving the rebels at the doors of his house and dodging the rebel ships orbiting the planet. He flew to Coruscant, a place where he knew the rebels would dare not attack. He had already decided to join the Empire, so he immediately entered into the Imperial Academy.

Athrun was wrong in assuming that he had left his rebel father behind; his father had followed him and finally caught up with him. He had just left the academy doors when his father confronted him. They had a rather heated argument, which ended in hateful, bitter words, "You are no son of mine. You will die, like the rest of the Empire scum!" Athrun barely avoided his father's blaster shots, which brought the Stormtroopers to investigate. His father was arrested on the spot.

Life of an Imperial

Imperial Academy

For Athrun, being inside the halls of the Imperial Academy on Coruscant was a new experience. In his mind, it meant he'd soon be joining the ranks of the Empire. But he found it wouldn't be that easy to get in. He went through many rigorous training exercises, as well as many tests of mental ability. However, being an experienced pilot and having attended military school before, he was prepared for the onslaught at the Academy. He had to work hard, but soon he had passed up the others in his group. Towards the end of his time in the Academy, he became a little arrogant at his easy success, ending up in getting a little sloppy and graduating short of Honors. He was the only one in his class to graduate under the tutoring of Command Flight Officer Tec Vaan.


Third Imperial Fleet

After graduating the academy as a Crewman, Athrun was transfered to the 3rd Imperial Fleet, then under the command of Captain Walter "Waterboole" Boole. He had proved at the academy his abilities for flying small craft, so he was assigned as a fighter pilot. His first missions consisted of nothing more than retrieving waylaid ships, and patrolling. He proved to be an eager and hardworking pilot though, and soon found himself heading up the ranks.

Later in his career, Zala was approached by Ensign Patrick Martin. The Ensign, having evaluated his skills in the cockpit of a fighter, asked him to join the Knights Squadron. Athrun accepted, and soon found himself in the Elite Squadron of the 3rd Imperial Fleet. After that, he participated in many missions under the command of Ensign Martin. When the Merge came, the squadron was disbanded as a result, but lived on, as the 3rd Imperial Fleet's unofficial name became the "Imperial Knights". Long after Zala left the squadron, he received the callsign 'Red Knight', for having once been part of the Elite Knights, and for his increasing blood thirst on the battlefield.

The merge between the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, was somewhat unexpected for the young enlisted. Many of the pilots he had known, were transferred to other fleets. It was somewhat disheartening for Zala seeing many of his close friends leave, especially the Fleet XO Patrick Martin. He was somewhat wary of the new XO and CoS, but as time went on, he eventually got used to them.

Zala served under various COs after the merge, such as Rear Admiral Chambers, Captain Kaine, and Commander Tao. The latter remained CO of the fleet for over a year, and cared for the pilots almost as a mother. However, towards the end, she began to grow tired of her position and rank. Zala disagreed with a few of her methods, however he did not want to get in her way, seeing what she had done with others. Eventually however, she was removed as CO, and later defected to the Krath Order.

After Tao's defection came a turning point in Zala's career. Commander Marius Drake was appointed as CO of the 3rd. As the fleet was becoming short on active and dependable officers, Athrun was asked to be the XO. While not immediately wanting a position of command, he accepted the job, for the fleet. Shortly after, Commander Drake disappeared, leaving Zala to take command. He was the second Lieutenant of the 3rd, (after Patrick Martin), to take command of the fleet. He was officially recognized as the permanent CO of the 3rd on Year 11, Day 293.

Lost Ties

Since the minor assault from his father at the doors of the Imperial Academy, Zala believed his father to have been executed. Years later into his Imperial service, his presumptions about his father were proven wrong by an outside source. An anzat by the name of Jan`ru Shara, an equally dangerous and suspicious sentient as far as Zala was concerned, presented the Imperial with a datapad outside the Imperial Dojo on Coruscant. The information it held was self-explanatory, but shocking to Zala who had been kept in the dark all this time. It contained the prisoner file of a Patrick Zala, currently held in a New Republic detention facility. As his father seemed to hold the Republic in high regard, and possibly worked with them, it confused Zala as to why he would be detained by them. But some research on the part of the anzat cleared up most of the confusion; his father was an Intelligence agent, working for the Empire against the Republic. The Republic grew suspicious of his father, who attempted to create a ruse to throw them off his trail. It didn't work however when they realized he had not killed the young academy graduate.

The anzat offered to break his father out of jail, which Zala accepted on one condition; that he come along with Jan`ru. They boarded the anzat's personal ship, heading to a Galactic Alliance prison on a planet some distance away. They walked into the prison, posing as heavily armed Alliance guards. However the situation at the prison had changed, making them realize it was a nice trap set for them. Zala immediately accused Jan`ru as being responsible, but pushed it aside in favor of getting out. They examined the cell block, finding a blaster and a datapad containing the prison's schematics in a prisoner's cell. Obviously the prisoner had planned his escape, making it easier to plan theirs. They located the ventilation system, and quickly escaped the prison block, landing themselves in a corridor near lots of guards. Between Jan`ru's slashing and Zala's shooting the guards they encountered were quickly dispatched.

They made it to the hangar bay unscathed except for a slug wound in Zala's shoulder. The prisoners were on a gallofree transport across the bay, making it a convenient escape and rescue mission. But the twenty or more guards in the hangar weren't going to make things easy for them. So they went into what might have been the boldest and luckiest battle Zala had ever fought in. They caught the first few guards by surprise before all hell broke loose. Between the guards firing at him and the anzat, and the transport and a few surprise walkers, Zala was surprised they ever made it through. But the anzat quickly gained control of the ship, destroying the walkers and enabling him to board. He soon found his father in a cell in the cargo bay, and after a very brief reunion, they went to the cockpit of the transport where they found Jan`ru's limp body. However the fighting was over and the ship soon launched and headed towards Imperial space.

Time Immemorial

Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Zala was handpicked to lead the naval force sent to Fornax to eliminate the planet of a rebel stronghold. It was one of the first missions to plunge him directly into the action from the commander's chair, and speed along his career. Picking a few of his fleetmates and a few star destroyers, he set out for Fornax along with a detachment of Army soldiers led by no other than Lieutenant General Graeda L'Annan. Dispatching the enemy ships in orbit was a simple task, with the Army well on their way to capturing Salak Radmir, the leader of the small opposition below.

Into the Shadows

With his ship in the area, Zala took a brief visit to Coruscant on his off-duty time. He walked into a local bar on the middle to undercity levels, to find a group of ragtag thugs dead on the floor, wearing Imperial gear. Reporting it and calling for a cleanup crew, he proceeded to make himself at home in the bar while they arrived. He stayed long enough to overhear a conversation, involving a breakin of a facility somewhere on Coruscant. A man named Hanzo was busy trying to gather volunteers for his mission. Curious, and partly wondering whether it involved Imperial property, Zala inquired of the man his intentions, only to have a blaster pointed at his head. However to his slight surprise it was not from Hanzo, but from a female Corellian by the name of Coci. Hanzo lowered the gun with a grin, but continued the line of questioning. The group left the bar, presumably to discuss and head off for the mission, but to his surprise again Coci returned, asking why he was interested in the job. Which Zala wasn't, but he figured if the group actually wanted an Imperial soldier along, he would go along anyhow. She didn't seem to be interested in him after his answer, and left with the others.

As the other members of the team left, ironically some of them sentients he would know later on in his life, the Imperial clean-up crew arrived. Directing the officer in charge to the dead bodies, Zala went outside. He asked the officer for a tracking device, intending to follow after the group and see exactly what they were up to. He spotted Hanzo and Coci making their way down the street a short distance away, staying by the tavern to watch. Within a few seconds he was run into a street urchin attempting to lift his credits, however he caught the arm of the boy before he could make off with it. A little bit surprised and scared, the boy handed the credits back. Seeing the boy in his ragtag clothing, Zala suddenly had an idea, and offered the boy a chance to make a few thousand credits for planting the tracking device on one of the group's ship. Eager to make more than he'd ever see in his life, the boy raced off with the tracking device. He watched as the boy moved through the crowd, with a Kel Dor boy following shortly behind. He was stunned as the Kel Dor boy, who couldn't have been much older than the street urchin, pull out a blaster and attempt to shoot him in the head. Luckily the shot missed, but Zala felt guilty as he saw the boy dash away out of fright.

Knowing the boy as scared as he was wasn't going to perform the task, he watched the Kel Dor boy move back to a ship, noting the two they were going to be using in the operation. He ran back to his ship, to find the tracking device active and no longer moving, at approximately the location of the two ships. Since the boy seemed to have completed the task anyway, he waited in the ETA for him to show up at the gate. Soon he showed up, wearing a gray robe and looking extremely nervous. He called out, worried for his life and asking Zala to escort him home instead of giving him the credits. However he found out it was not the human boy, but the Kel Dor boy instead. When questioned on what happened to the other boy, the Kel Dor responded that he had killed him with a frame charge. Disgusted, Zala avoided the Kel Dor boy's attacks and left the pad in his ETA. The tracking device was still on their ship, and he followed them at a large distance, but he felt extremely guilty at getting the boy killed in the first place and soon left Coruscant.

4th Imperial Fleet, 3rd Group

City of Dreams

On the way back to Coruscant, Zala's shuttle malfunctioned, dropping him out into deep space. The hyperdrive had been damaged, probably with their recent minor skirmish, and they were lightyears away from the nearest system or repair yard. However Zala and the army Captain John Dreeman who was accompanying him were in luck, as the comm signal picked up an advertisement for a "City of Dreams". It advertised a paradise, a place where you could get anything you ever wanted. However Zala was hardly interested in a vacation, but discovered the system was close enough to arrive within a few minutes. After hours of repair work, he finally got the hyperdrive working, barely making it into system before the hyperdrive went permanently offline.

They landed at the city's starport, to find a group of security resembling armed thugs waiting for them, as well as several other sentients who had probably arrived to explore the city's advertised wonders. They were all led to meet the leader of the city, Randal Ryan, who took them about the city on a tour. Mr Ryan proceeded to explain and advertise his great place, including the use of force tonics to give an ordinary being certain force powers, which Zala could see from individuals in the streets. Midflight however, the speeder was shot down, and Ryan killed in front of them as a group of freedom fighters boarded the downed speeder. They seemed angry at being tricked, before giving the group the choice of either joining them, or being killed by the "corrupts". Zala took the word to imply some form of force user, and he was right.

Except for one who chose to stay behind, the group decided to follow the freedom fighters, or assassins, down into the undercity, an old version of the "City of Dreams", which Zala had by now decided was a fantasy. The place was deserted, littered with dust and pieces of fallen rocks and durasteel, the buildings falling apart. In an abandoned city, Zala hardly expected to find a little girl there, but she was not normal, having creepy glowing yellow eyes. Despite her creepy appearance, she was singing a song and skipping along without a care in the world, til three deformed beings appeared in front of her. She screamed for her "Daddy", who appeared to be a machine in the form of a white knight wielding a battle axe with an energy blade. The "knight" made short work of the three beings, with all of them giving off an incredible array of force powers.

After arming themselves with weapons at a shack, they decided to return to their ships by way of a lift close by the factory that powered the City's shield. On their way back however, they found themselves near another battle. But this time the corrupts had killed the knight, and were after the freakish girl he protected, and the rest of the group. Thankfully two of the group were force users, one a Jedi named Lindgart, and the other a mysterious Kuati who renaimed anonymous throughout their entire meeting. Those not force sensitive had to work together to bring down the remaining corrupts, and the last corrupt fled, cackling and laughing about a 'Big M', a mysterious leader.

After learning that Ryan was not really dead but a clone of his brother had died on the transport, and he held the key to blow up the entire planet, they decided it would be best to deal with him quickly before he realized what was up. They, except for a few including the force users, returned to the surface to confront Ryan, using his shuttle to drop onto the roof and slice into Ryan's office near the top floor. However when they arrived, Ryan saw it as his time, and committed suicide on one of the group's blades. Supposedly, the leader of the group, T'nilf, stopped the destruction of the planet, but turned on them, using a machine to pump his body full of the force tonics. He came out of the machine, looking like a huge monster, energy going around his enlarged body. Realizing they had been tricked and now had to face T'nilf, Zala was first to engage. However his and the rest of the group's attempts to bring him down were futile, and they found themselves in a crushing grip. The monster was distracted however by the other force user's presence below the city, shouting about not destroying his factory. Being let go by the monster, Zala attached his blade to an explosive, timed it, and stabbed it into his shoulder, shortly before he jumped out a hole in the wall. At the same time the iktochi of the group ran up, wielding his rocket launcher and fired it down at T'nilf, the blast connecting and seeming to have killed him.

The others had run out of the room and Zala went for his shuttle, only to find it gone. Returning back to Ryan, he took his keycard, and went to the computer to see what he could access. He found a message left by Ryan, saying the city had to be destroyed. The factory could be destroyed if one could plant an explosive inside the core. Downloading the blueprints, Zala returned to the undercity in a speeder to do just that, finding the Kuati and a woman engaged with T'nilf who hadn't really died after all. However they seemed to beat him, and Zala moved the speeder over to the factory. However he and Dreeman were too small to fit in, and the two Mon Calamari's of the group who had shown up to help as well could just barely make it. The doctor, Nodi, began crawling inside, before the Kuati force user showed up, saying he'd never make it out alive. Instead, Zala and Dreeman fired the rocket launcher and the force user directed it inside. Once it had ignited, Zala, Dreeman, and the Mon Calamaris crammed onto the speeder and barely made it out of the undercity, the force user finding his own way out.

Up at the surface, they found that the Kuati's force user woman friend had brought Randal Ryan back to life, to fix the mess he had created. With a few parting words about not messing with the force at all, Zala and Dreeman left the city in their shuttle.

Do You Happen To...?

Zala's travels took him to the city of Mos Espa on Tatooine, to meet a contact who claimed to have information about his father. He waited for the man in a cantina in the seedy part of town, but the man never showed. Instead, he ran into an old friend, Coci Sinopi, and a drunk mandalorian by the name of Rhan Komo. He quickly found out the mandalorian, was a wanted man, as he ended up smack in the middle of a shootout. He, Rhan, Coci, and another mandalorian named Andrava took down the group of thugs with few injuries to themselves. Zala attempted to question the group's leader, who was almost willing to talk, but he was stomped to death by a soon dead wookiee. They were in luck however, when the communit of one of the thug's began talking. After a brief conversation with the other side, they soon decided to infiltrate this mysterious gang's hideout, find out who wanted Rhan dead, and retrieve his helmet.

So with Coci and Zala dressing up in the thug's armor, and with Andrava providing overall coordination, Rhan, Coci, and Zala got into the speeder sent for them. They took a round about route that ended up at the starport Zala had came from, while Rhan jumped out to tail them and infiltrate on his own. Told to give two taps for the helmet, and three taps for the boss, Coci and Zala went inside the starport, with Zala lugging Rhan's armor. They were met by a rodian who didn't seem to recognize them, and proceeded to the boss' office. There they found Richy, the boss, and his uncle and his children. With a prompt from Richy, Coci began an elaborate story of how they took Rhan down, while Richy hung on every word. Zala used that opportunity to get a comm signal to Rhan, though not without dropping the pile of armor with a deafening clatter. Richy was nearly white as he yelled while Zala picked up the pieces, leaving him amused at his fear of the armor breaking by a mere fall.

Upon a signal from Rhan, which was the detonation of a few explosions, Zala shot Richy, and warned the grandfather to take his children and leave. Rhan soon barreled inside, as they realized there was no other way out. But, after a sad recollection from the old man of his death nephew's attempt to bring back the clan, he showed them a secret passage underneath the desk. The three escaped from the hideout in a small speeder, with Zala driving and both Rhan and Coci making a note to drive next time. He left them at the cantina, before he headed back to the starport to leave the planet.

Runaway Supplies

The mission Zala had ended up being on, was not as covert as it turned out to be. It had been a simple mission of escorting a small freighter carrying weapons and supplies to the Imperial garrison on Carida. The freighter was ambushed by a group of pirates, and while the Star Destroyer warded off the attack, the freighter sustained damage. The damage to the hyperdrive was discovered, when the ship went into hyperspace, and appeared in the wrong system in the wrong sector. The freighter jumped out in the middle of the planet's orbit, and ended up crash landing in the middle of a dessert far from inhabitants. Shortly before they crashed they sent out a beacon with a distress signal.

The Star Destroyer hypered a distance from the system and sent scouts out to investigate. They found the residual ion trail through the atmosphere and pinpointed its location on the surface. But they also discovered a small group of battleships not far from the system. Receiving this information, Zala realized the freighter had attracted some unwanted attention. The planet they had crashed on wasn't exactly Imperial friendly, so he was going to use his ingenuity to get the cargo to safety. Using the personal ship of a Lieutenant stationed on board, he, the lieutenant, and four other men left the Destroyer and hypered in system, making it into the atmosphere before the fleet arrived. Getting in proved easy, but getting out was going to be more difficult. While they had all changed into civilian clothing to avoid immediate attention, they were still going to have to haul the cargo off planet. And if they were boarded and searched leaving, they weren't going to be able to explain away the Imperial marked crates.

They landed close to the ship, which by now was a smoking wreck of hull and circuits. They waded through the mess, rescuing several crew members and treating them with the numerous medical sticks in one of the crates. They were left to rest in the pilot's ship while the rescue team went over the crates of cargo in the cargo hold. The amount of crates would not make it easy to smuggle them out, so it was decided to cut the cargo down and only take what was critically important. They dumped several of the crates into the storage space in the ship, cargo which ranged from weapons to food supplies. While the medical supplies and food were not nearly as important as the weapons, the lieutenant suggested bringing them along for smuggling purposes. After rescuing the weapons and crew, they quickly made it to the planet's star port before any patrols of the crash site could locate them.

A few minutes before their arrival, a long range transmission from the Destroyer notified them that the fleet was in orbit. Now Zala was assured that they could not safely use the lieutenant's personal ship to transport the cargo out, and looked for other means. It didn't take long before they found a passenger line mainly for refugees. Being a large rickety ship that traveled at slow speeds, Zala found it unlikely they'd expect Imperials to use it as their means of cargo transportation. While Zala and the other Imperials headed out to buy unmarked crates and backwater disguises, the lieutenant went to the ship. After using his powers of persuasion on a man going by Captain Sal Wanilo, the cargo was assured transportation to Coruscant for a hefty price.

The lieutenant came back to the ship, reporting his success and the departure time to Captain Zala. The five then proceeded to repack the weapons into the refurbished unmarked crates. They stacked and squeezed the weapons in, then packed some clothes around the weapons, followed by filling in the gaps with lots of medical sticks and covering the weapons, and finally, adding on a layer of food packs. The lieutenant however wanted to add on an extra level of protection, but as they were short on time, slapped stickers or color bands to mark the medical sticks as being different.

Once the cargo was fully loaded, Zala went off to buy the tickets for himself and the other four, while the lieutenant and the men began marking the crates with various cargo numbers and various suspicious and non-suspicious names. It didn't take too long, and they moved the cargo to the freighter, appearing to be simple dock workers. The lieutenant took four of the tickets from Zala, then headed back to his ship with the others to get changed. While Zala hung close to the docks watching the ship be refueled and passengers board, the lieutenant got the stricken crew members changed into spare civilian clothing. The four men soon returned in disguise, looking as if they could be street thugs. Zala and the men boarded, while the lieutenant prepared his ship for takeoff. The lieutenant waited until he saw the freighter take off, then took off as well. As he and Zala discussed, he would be the speeding small freighter, possibly a smuggler, that would attract the battleships' attention. It worked, and the rickety ship went safely into hyperspace, the lieutenant following later.

The trip was, needless to say, way too eventful for Zala's liking. The four hour trip was spent in the cargo bay, which was spent with a bunch of other refugees crammed together on seats, crates, and the floor. After rescuing a wayward drunk from the onslaught of a mandalorian who had smuggled his armor aboard, he left the mando to the care of an acquaintance from the Trade Federation. He returned to the hangar bay when his group's warning beacon went off, only to find the same "drunk" with two bloody swords in his hands, and two of his mean dead on the floor. Luckily for him, they were already close to landing on Coruscant, and his lieutenant was waiting in orbit for them after sending a contingent of stormtroopers down. After an attempt at escaping, he had the drunk placed under arrest and taken off to the nearest prison facility.

The cargo of weapons was safely taken aboard a speeder, and Zala was preparing to go back up after seeing that everything on the ground was taken care of. However due to an infiltrator in the prison, the prisoners broke out of the building, causing massive riots in the streets nearby. Zala arrived in time to join the battle, taking down several prisoners before they were under control. He then led a security team to scour the undercity for the few prisoners that had escaped the battle. Most if not all were collected, but he found himself on the tail of the crafty disguised drunk, to be the previous secretary of the Falleen Navy.

Testing the Waters

I remember...when I first picked it up, it was strange. A shocking sensation of clouds, dust, voices, in my head that I let go at first. It was weird, it was scary. It was something I had never dealt with before, and even with its protective casing, and the advice given to me, I was worried I couldn't do it. He made it look so easy, but it wasn't. There was so much more to it, and for a bit I wished one of the others could carry that burden. And yet, I couldn't wish that evil upon them.

Zala was briefed on a standard search and rescue operation, which included finding an Imperial agent stationed aboard a Gallofree transport. The transport had crash landed on a planet in the Nimban system, and all contact with the agent had ceased, with the agent's last transmission saying he had found something of importance. So with this little bit of information, Zala chose a few of his best troopers and set out for the Nimban system. They bypassed the station in orbit without being sighted, and landed in a jungle a short distance from the downed craft.

The gallofree was devoid of life and even bodies, with the Imperial party only finding the occasional uniform and a lot of dust. The life they did find, was in the deceptive form of an innocent child. They found that this being was anything but innocent, as it quickly killed a stormtrooper, and disappeared into thin air, its laughter echoing all over the ship. While the stormtroopers ran down the hall in a poor attempt to find this new threat, Zala met up with a rescue party, consisting of a kiffar woman, Sanctius Thorne, and once again Coci. Zala would've been surprised by this chance meeting, had he not been shaken by the appearance of this creature. They agreed to band together against it, and soon encountered it again.

This time though, it appeared as a hideous monster, a gand or something similar twisted and mutated into something horrible. After killing two stormtroopers, and being suprised by an ewok hunter, the creature went on a rampage down the ship. With the combined firepower of Zala's party and the rescue party, they brought it down. Deep inside the creature's chest was buried a strange cube shaped artifact, that glowed with an eerie red glow. Electricity arced around it, attempting to reanimate the body. The kiffar woman grabbed the artifact, in an attempt to stop this process, but instead it attached itself to her, quickly taking her over. She killed the remaining officer with ease, and injured the remaining stormtrooper, before attacking Thorne. With the help of his force powers, and Coci, and perhaps a little luck, Thorne gave the kiffar a few well placed punches that sent her through the wall of the ship. They found her in the swamp unconscious, barely alive, and with a robed sentient standing over her, holding the artifact in his hand.

Mistaking the robed sentient for a sith, Zala opened fire on him and the artifact. Thorne followed his lead, injuring the sentient who they found not to be force sensitive, but instead a zabrak who knew what the artifact was and what it contained. Between Coci recognizing the zabrak as her friend Deripor and ordering Thorne to stand down, and Zala demanding answers from the stubborn zabrak while he held a pair of thermal detonators, a brief moment of chaos ensued. Thorne nearly knocked Coci out, in a blind moment of insanity, while Zala shot the Hapan in the leg. He demanded answers from the force using Hapan, almost threatening to kill him, with Thorne screaming and saying Coci had turned on them. It was then that Zala realized that this situation was half his fault, with Thorne blindly following his lead. He let the man go and checked on Coci, but never let the Hapan out of his sight.

Coci convinced Deripor to disarm the detonators, and the zabrak gave them all a brief history of the artifact. However with the approach of the group who had failed to safeguard the artifact, Deripor gave it to Zala to guard, as he was the only one not injured from the fiasco. He took the artifact with him back to his shuttle and blasted off, leaving them to deal with the "Order" as Deripor called them.


Zala gave messages asking for help a critical eye, and depending upon how much he cared, would decline it or pursue it. This time however, he received one from an old friend by the name of Jadin Trago. The last time he had seen him had been at the Imperial Academy, where the two attended classes. He knew him even farther back, their first meeting being Zala saving him from a mental gunman determined to kill the rich boy. While Zala went on to become a fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy, Jadin dropped out, finding it too hard and pursued other interests.

Having a leave upcoming, Zala took it and headed to the planet of Voluspa to meet Jadin. As secret as the message was, Zala had assumed Jadin was in some kind of trouble with particularly unsavory characters. He wasn't expecting to find the man living a life of a luxury in a palace, and hardly in trouble. He was a bit ticked to find that his old friend had tricked him into coming, but stayed to find out what he did need help with. He discovered that Jadin was an agent of sorts, acting for a mysterious Aya who seemed to control the planet's happenings behind the scenes. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jadin wanted his help in assassinating a group of ambassadors enroute to deal with two squabbling companies ready to go to war, because the man believed it was a ruse to tip the balance of power. He was apalled for his old friend to ask this of him, but upon seeing the overwhelming evidence presented to him, he ended up agreeing with Jadin's plan.

Their plan was to sneak in as waiters and poison them at their hotel, though after researching the fake history on his and the other infiltrator, a mandalorian named Kai Oryk, he realized why the man needed outside help. Because they were to take the heat, and Jadin would still continue his behind the scenes work. Throughout it however, Zala fought with the moral implications, unsure of whether there was a better alternative, without causing more problems by hesitating. He just missed his sister Crystal, who was one of the pilots escorting the ambassadors.

Retiring From Imperial Service

Commodore Zala prior retiring

It was a time Zala had hoped would never come, and yet one he had considered during the last few months of his service. He quite enjoyed his position as Commander of the 3rd Recon Group, but the more time passed, the more he wanted out. The more he got a look into the Imperial war machine, the more disgusted he became with its corrupt elements. The Imperial Security Beaure was beginning to take a more active role in the Empire, and Zala found them, as well as other political matters interfering with the workings of his fleet. He began to develop a deep hatred for the ISB, II, and the Sith, declaring them all corrupt in a private conversation with his superior officers. On a half whim, he had decided to retire alongside one of his pilots, who had grown tired of the restrictions of the Empire and wanted to try his hand as a freelance trader. He was held back by the Navy's Commanding Officer Lord Admiral Blackrain, and decided to stay and stick it out for as long as he could. He reached the rank of Commodore, but it did little to ease the misery he felt, and did little to sate the feeling that he deserved more.

Finally deciding he was of no use to the Empire, he made his decision to retire, timing it to coincide with the Imperial Naval Meeting at the end of the sixth month. Little did he know that Lord Admiral Blackrain had also decided to step down and retire, and it came as a great shock to him. However he knew that with the loss of Blackrain, the Navy was doomed to slump with Titan taking the reigns, and in his mind, his retirement was timed perfectly. With Blackrain gone, there was nothing to hold him there anymore. It was still difficult to say goodbye to all the pilots he had served with so many years, as he gave them one final fleet address before turning over the group to Lieutenant Commander Eldok Sol.

His retirement request was processed with relatively quick speed, and he was off, with a new sense of freedom he hadn't felt in a long time. He went off to join his best friend, working with him on various trading and delivery jobs. He still kept in touch with various Imperials, and was rather amused at finding out that Blackrain's retirement had caused a mass exodus, with the 2nd Imperial Fleet decimated of its command staff.

New Found Brothers

Approximately two to three years before Zala retired from Imperial service, he stumbled upon a secret project to develop cloning. He had the technology confiscated, but still hung onto it, eventually transferring it to his own private ships. Growing paranoid that he might one day die before he thought it his time, he became obsessed with finding a way to continue on living. He hired a group of scientists, and provided them with the research and funding to find a way to effectively clone him, without costing too much. Unfortunately, without access to high grade equipment and research, the clones the scientists engineered kept dying.

Frustrated with their lack of success, the scientists decided to try an experiment; they combined the DNA of an unknown anzat with Zala's DNA. The alien DNA succeeded in stabilizing the clones, and thus Darek and Waylon were born. When Zala found out about the anzat DNA, he was angry, ordering the doctors to get rid of them. The doctors, unwilling to let such an opportunity for study pass, coerced Zala into actually meeting the two clones. While standing in the same room as the two, he realized they were actually living, breathing, thinking sentient beings. He still considered them abominations of sorts, albeit ones he had created, but couldn't order their deaths.

Over time, the two clones matured, being given educational studies by the staff aboard the station, and more able to control their anzati abilities. Zala visited them occasionally over the two years they remained in the doctor's labs, growing somewhat fond of them in a distant sort of way. When asked about Darek's anzati abilities, he described Zala as having several dark spots in his mind, an analysis which irked Zala somewhat. Nevertheless, at the end of the two years, once he had retired, Zala decided that they had matured enough and knew enough about the galaxy to go out in it. The doctors were disappointed at losing their prized, although somewhat dangerous subjects, but adhered to Zala's wishes. The two remained with Zala on his travels, before leaving to join the CIS.

Into the Desert

Even with his new found freedom, Zala still felt himself angry at the galaxy in general. He was becoming very prone to violent outbursts, and often isolated himself on travels. While he meant to keep himself from accidentally hurting or killing anyone he cared about, the silence only made his growing insanity worse. He was almost always carrying around the artifact he had obtained from the ship crash on Nimban, forming a subconscious symbiotic link with it, while it leaned heavily on the "dark spots" in his mind. Eventually, he decided to enact a little vengeance, calling his old enemy Jan`ru Shara to his friend's station. He tried to kill him once again, and finally threatened him with blowing up the station, with the both of them on it. Jan`ru managed to talk him out with it, admitting that he had lied to Zala prior about a subject that had driven him into a rage repeatedly, and ultimately led his life. Also with the news of his father's death on his last intelligence mission, Zala was distracted, letting the anzat leave the station unharmed.

He had a long talk with his best friend, who could hardly care if Zala blew up his station, as he could always "build another", being more concerned with Zala's mental state. As Zala told his best friend repeatedly, the nightmares wouldn't leave, only growing stronger in his absence from the Empire, and it was driving him insane. In an attempt to distract him from this, and his memories of what his best friend described as "the horrors of war", he sent Zala on a delivery job to the outer rim, as it was becoming particularly dangerous for his best friend to show his face. For once, Zala decided to leave his little artifact behind.

When Zala arrived there, in his friend's ETA fighter, he found himself cornered by an old rickety looking pirate ship and several R-41 starfighters. The opportunity to use his somewhat rusty fighter skills pleased him, as he engaged in a dogfight with the enemy starfighters, taking down several. However he was shot down over the planet he was supposed to make his delivery, crash landing into the desert wasteland below. Injured and delirious from the crash, he managed to drag himself out of the wreckage, although he wandered aimlessly through the desert. He eventually collapsed from heat exhaustion, being found by his friends Coci and Rhan, just as a sandstorm was brewing. They waited out the sandstorm in a crowded speeder, eventually bringing Zala around.

They were not out of the dark yet, however, for they still needed to find better shelter. It came in the form of Koren's ship, who had landed on that planet in some stroke of fate, with Coci crashing the out of control speeder into it. There Zala met his old pilot Dax, also retired, who had fallen into bad company and worked for a mysterious Baron Malicar. He mistakenly tried to capture Koren, not realizing that Zala had been his target all along, and ended up getting captured himself. Dax warned them all of the Baron, who planned to attack the small ship and capture the pilot of the downed ETA fighter. They holed up in Koren's ship, warding off the Baron's forces til they were eventually cornered.

Somewhere between the firefight and escaping, the Baron let him know that the delivery, which was a modified weapon, was a ruse. He had expected his friend to deliver it himself, and lay in wait to kill him. He hadn't expected him to send someone else, though was not above using Zala as a hostage to bring him there. However in the end the Baron was killed, and Zala was able to return to his friend with the news that he no longer needed to remain in hiding.


With Dax also retired, Zala convinced him to join him and his friend in their freelance trade and travels. One of their earlier travels took them to the planet Imasi, where they were delivering medical supplies to the much in need population. To Zala's extreme chagrin, he found Imasi to be a desert planet not unlike the planet he had crash landed on prior, only this desert planet happened to have buildings. Dax teased him over this subject extensively, accusing him of being scared of desert planets, while Zala said he didn't like extreme heat. They found the planet's population becoming mysteriously ill with some strange disease, and found themselves meeting up with a twi'lek who pointed a finger at the resident company Nale Unlimited. Originally, the twi'lek had contacted Dax, due to his "seedy associations", but Zala accompanied him finding it slightly suspicious. They found out that he wanted several locations bombed, including Nale Unlimited HQ, the holocenter, and the hospital, though Zala was able to suggest a possible assassination to avoid casualities.

After Dax's roughhousing the twi'lek, and Zala giving him bacta and sending him off, the two proceeded to investigate the locations the twi'lek wanted bombed. While Dax went to cause incidents at each of the various locations, including the transmitting center, Zala snuck into Nale Unlimited HQ. Breaking into the safe however revealed no useful information on the virus, so he decided to visit the CEO after overhearing a conversation about a "deliberate attempt to kill Imasi". He talked with her at her apartment, finding out that Imasi was being invaded by a new group, currently in orbit. He realized that the twi'lek was someone hired to pave the way for the invasion force, and after warning the CEO of the attempt to blow up the HQ and the other buildings, he returned to the ship. He left with Dax to attend a meeting hosted by the government leader, where they were presented with a holographic image of a fishlike creature, demanding they surrender.

The pair was contacted by Ordo, the CEO, and his old friend Rhan, to infiltrate the lead ship above Imasi to get the cure. They cleared the battle successfully and landed in the hangar, where they ran into a counter boarding party and another ship. Rhan, and Zala went down to meet the party, with Zala faking a man surrendering out of fear, while carrying a backpack full of armed detonators. Pretending to be disarming, he threw the backpack into the group, killing most of them, except for the four who shot him and Rhan with weapons resembling force electricity. While the CEO and Ordo went to the medical bay to find the cure, Zala went towards engineering, utilizing some interesting air repulsor elevator lifts he thought brilliant. He later decided it was the worst piece of technology ever evented, when the ship lost power due to a capital ship crashing into the lead ship, and nearly dropping him to his death. He succeeded in blowing up the core, however he was vented out of the ship in an attempt to contain the damage. Luckily for him, he was wearing a powersuit, and Dax was able to scoop him up with the ship as he passed out. They succeeded in getting the cure to Imasi, and the two were soon on their way back to home base.

Cult of Scarro

After Alkarin

After the events on Alkarin, Zala was left somewhat torn, wondering what his purpose in life was. With Dax going back to active duty in the Empire, his brothers joining the CIS, and his best friend being increasingly more busy, Zala felt for once in his life alone. He wandered to Aurora Technologies, under the command of his old NCO Blackrain. However, he didn't feel the work suited him, neither did he feel he belonged, so he soon left. After discussions with the leader of the CoreGuard (later to be known as the Black Bha`lir), an individual unit attached to Corsec, he joined up. He found their group to be more for themselves, less rigorous on the chain of command and regulations, and an overall friendly atmosphere.

His first assignment was to rescue the daughter of one of their former members. Zala, along with Cyrus Vel and Laz Uli, went to the planet Xykon, where they were to meet a contact who would give them the location of the base the girl was held captive at. The contact never showed, and the three found themselves in a tricky situation, in the middle of a minor military invasion. Zala also ran into Lindgart again, the Jedi who had saved him before, and who he was beginning to see in a different light.

The Jedi Order

Zala actually got to know Lindgart, being slightly exposed to what a Jedi was and what he did. Between him, and Coci, who was now First Admiral in the Jedi Coalition, and the atmosphere described to him of the group, Zala began to wonder if he might fit in more there. Except for a few tousles with two of the members of CoreGuard, he got along with his group fine, and yet he still wondered if he could do better. He was still very unsure of crossing the political border that divided the galaxy on either the side of the Imperials, or the Galactic Alliance. However, except for a bit of nostalgia, he had no real love for the Empire anymore, and threw away what little political boundaries there were in his mind, finally joining the Jedi. He found them as described, with a general caring atmosphere and one far different from the rigid Empire.

He joined at a time when the Coalition was in flux, with the Arkanian members wishing to separate. It was a moment of confusion he stuck out, watching the events transpire, which eventually ended up with him in the Jedi Order. Due to the split, the Council decided to allow Non Force Sensitives into the order, and so he was able to remain. He joined the Explorer Corps, where he remained, going up the ranks to eventually reach Commander.

Along with the Order, he eventually came to Derra to assist the Galactic Alliance in their efforts to keep the Derra Virus under control. While many fell ill to its affects, and the resulting plague by attempting to cure it, Zala did not, wearing his armor and a rebreather much of the time. He found ships of his old group in orbit of Derra IV, one of which he was able to sneak aboard. As he walked the halls of the VSD, he was not even noticed as an intruder, assumed to be one of the many Imperial Officers stationed aboard. Along with a replacement rebreather, and some other items, he was able pull information on the group's roster from the VSD's databanks before leaving.

After nearly a year of remaining with them, Athrun began to feel disassociated. He didn't know if it was because he spent more time on private business affairs, or because he was getting annoyed with the unwillingness of the Order to not change their methods for the better. The clincher for him was when Coci, the First Admiral of the Explorer Corps, went off to the unknown regions to kill M'liss once and for all. Unfortunately, it killed her, and Zala was left feeling helpless, and angered when the Jedi failed to send help, with the overseeing Master leaving him and Major Rayya stranded as he went off on a "more important" mission. Zala and Rayya were rescued by a mando'ade Kathlen Stewart, before returning to Jedi space. Zala spent the remaining time brooding over what he and the Jedi could've done, before he eventually left with his brother Darek and his associates.

Failed Business Ventures

While with a new sense of freedom yet again, Athrun found himself tied down to his brother. For a while, he was fine with it, and worked to get a business started. The group joined Tion Hegemony to earn credits to fund their new company, but Athrun was knee deep in his own affairs, figuring he could earn more credits his own way anyhow. Thus while he became a Tion citizen, he never actually worked for them, and left a few months later with his brother and a co-worker. Figuring they had enough money to start, they began to make plans with mining corporations and to acquire blueprints for the shipyards. Athrun however, began to get frustrated with the time it took certain groups to make delivery, and with his brother's seemingly bi-polar uncaring, then later impatient attitude. Eventually, Athrun grew tired of depending solely on his brother for things, and the political sides he would have to choose if they officially formed a company. So with minor heated words, the group split up to do their own thing, with Athrun joining up with Veritas.


Zala had more or less put the possibility of getting married and settling down a long time back, with all the rejection he seemed to encounter at every corner. Thus when he first met the anzat Kira Morbus, he was extremely aloof and cold to her. Eventually however, he got what he described as "curious" about her, and began actively seeing and dating her. They grew close in the following months, and he found most of his cares alleviated in her presence. His mind was constantly on her, if sometimes interfering with his work, much to the annoyance of his co-workers. He proposed to her while on a hunting expedition, and they were married on Anzat by Magister Gabriel Kaine, on Year 14, Day 358. Although they had a happy time together, many complications arose that eventually led to them being divorced on Year 15, Day 355.


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Roleplays Participated In

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (MH) - Year 11: Zala assists a CorSec officer in a drop operation on a terrorist cell.

Into The Shadows (MH) - Year 11: On Coruscant, Zala enters a bar after a group has dispatched a group of thugs in a bar brawl. After a man called Hanzo succeeds in recruiting other sentients for a mission downunder, Athrun attempts to follow them, believing them to be up to no good.

Lost Ties (IRC) - Year 11: A personal mission, in which Athrun breaks into a New Republic prison to rescue his father, accompanied by another sentient. As a result, Zala finds himself with a bounty on his head.

Operation DARKSTORM (IRC) - Year 11: Mission to eliminate a rebel cell from Bimisaari. The then Lieutenant Commander Zala was in command of air support.

Lost Project (IRC) - Year 11: An experimental ship encountered in the middle of empty space, by the 3rd Imperial Fleet. Origins unknown, but suspected to have once been GE. Listed as destroyed.

Ghost Ship (IRC) - Year 12: The 3rd Group goes to investigate and stop a rogue Dreadnaught that has been attacking civilian ships in uncharted space. Mission listed as successful.

City of Dreams (WS) - Year 12: Commander Zala's shuttle crash lands on a planet designed to be a city of paradise. But something dark lurks beneath the surface, and Zala finds out the only way to stop it and get out alive is to trust his enemies.

Do you happen to... (MH) - Year 12: Zala meets an old friend in a bar, along with a mandalorian who ends up attacked by some local mafia group. They go to their hideout to recover his helmet and kill the would be leader.

Location Unknown (WS) - Year 12: Zala takes an LOA from his duties to a new resort planet.

Ruins (WS) - Year 13: Zala responds to a distress signal on a LOA.

The Quest (MH) - Year 13: Captain Zala engaged in a covert mission on board a refugee ship set for Coruscant to recover weapons from a downed Imperial craft. He succeeded in recovering them all, as well as assisting the local security force in a riot.

Testing the Waters (WS) - Year 13: Captain Zala leads a group of men to a planet devoid of life to rescue an Intelligence officer, only to find the ship deserted. He encounters another rescue group, and some sort of creature which kills his men, and forces him to retreat back to his shuttle and off planet, with an artifact he has been designated protector of.

Ragnarok (WS) - Year 13: Captain Zala goes to visit his old friend Jadin Trago from his days in the Academy, when he receives a message for help.

Into the Desert (MH) - Year 13: After reaching the rank of Commodore and retiring, Zala works for his friend, and takes an ETA to a distant planet on a delivery. But his ship is shot down and he crash lands, and is only saved by his friends who happened to be there as well.

Strains (WS) - Year 13: Zala and Dax, one of his former pilots and friends who had retired as well, go to Imasi, delivering a medical shipment. However the planet is locked down due to a virus that seems to be spreading fast and affecting those around them. They find out that it's a plot from an unknown alien race to take conquer Imasi, and take to space along with others to stop the invasion.

Cult of Scarro (WS) - Year 13: Eventually influenced by the artifact he had safeguarded for many months, Zala goes to Alkarin, a planet in the outer rim and off the radar. He is followed close behind by friends, Jedi, and other curious individuals interested in the mysterious force cult that presides on Alkarin.

Cities of Xykon (WS) - Year 14: Zala joins Core Guard, an individual unit attached to CorSec, and embarks on his first assignment to rescue the daughter of one of their members. They head to Xykon to meet a contact, only to be in the middle of a minor military invasion.

Clouded Memories (MH) - Year 14: Zala goes to meet with his friend Srota, who is having problems which Zala soon discovers. After seeing Banquo Knox there as well, and seeing a sniper rifle wedged through a window, Zala's curiosity gets the better of him. He ends up getting shot, and later saving Srota from a thermal detonator blast.

The Ill Fated Planet (WS) - Year 14: TBA

Midst of the Hunting Grounds (MH) - Year 14: TBA

Journey to Regret (WS) - Year 14: TBA

A New Year Begins (MH) - Year 15: TBA

A Bright Star Lost, A Bright Star Found (WS) - Year 15: TBA

Shadow of Hero (WS) - Year 15: TBA

Forward Into Darkness (MH) - Year 15: TBA

First Contact (WS) - Year 15: TBA

Sands of Fate (IRC) - Year 16: TBA


"How many of you would like to die today?"

"I'll take hell before I surrender."

"Bloody hell."

"Judgment day is coming." - Sands of Fate

"I have waited a long time for you to slip up. As long as you were not an enemy of the Empire, there was no reason I could use to put you behind bars. But now you have given me a nice one. Nobody will question the death of an Anzat scum which helped pirates destroy Imperial property." - Imperial Commander Zala to Jan`ru when attempting to arrest him.

"So you decided to show your face after all? Not enough that you try to turn me in for who knows what payment...but now you decide to finish the job. You got lucky on Nimban, but this is MY territory now, MY world. Surrender to your doom, Thorne!" - Zala to Thorne on Alkarin, Cult of Scarro

"What makes a person who he is, is the memories he carries with him. The memories of events in his life, of people, of situations, and every choice, every decision he made at every crossroad. That is who I am, not only the past and the choices I have made, but the choices I have yet to make." - Zala to Lindgart, Journey to Regret

Imperial Navy

Joined: Year 9 Day 154

Retired: Year 13 Day 214

Service Record:


  • [E-2] Crewman: Year 9 Day 161
  • [E-3] Crewman First Class: Year 9 Day 196
  • [E-4] Flight Corporal: Year 9 Day 222
  • [E-5] Flight Sergeant: Year 9 Day 327
  • [E-6] Staff Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 7
  • [E-7] Master Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 77
  • [E-8] Chief Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 230
  • [E-9] Flight Officer: Year 10 Day 303
  • [O-1] Ensign: Year 10 Day 356
  • [O-2] Lieutenant Junior Grade: Year 11 Day 153
  • [O-3] Lieutenant: Year 11 Day 265
  • [O-4] Lieutenant Commander: Year 11 Day 307
  • [O-5] Commander: Year 12 Day 166
  • [O-6] Captain: Year 12 Day 349
  • [C-1] Commodore: Year 13 Day 157


  • Letter of Commendation (LOCx7)
  • Imperial Service Medal 4 Years (ISM-4)
  • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate (IABG)
  • Mentioned in Dispatchers (MIDx3)
  • Imperial Monthly Meeting (IMM-12)
  • 3rd Imperial Fleet Veteran (3IFV)
  • Fleet Service Medal (FSM)
  • Development Services Team (DST)


  • Assigned to 3rd Imperial Fleet - Year 9 Day 162
  • Assigned as 3rd Imperial Fleet Executive Officer - Year 11 Day 238
  • Assigned as 3rd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer - Year 11 Day 265
  • 4th Imperial Fleet, 3rd Group Commanding Officer - Year 12 Day 32
  • Assigned as Art Team Graphics Assistant - Date Unknown

Jedi Order


Resigned: Year 15 Day 17

Service Record:



  • Operation Peacekeeper Award


  • Assigned as Explorer Corps Commanding Officer -

Trigdale Metallurgy, Inc.

CEO: Year 15 Day 282 - Year 16 Day 127

Permanent Solutions

Joined: Year 16 Day 166

Tion Hegemony

Joined: Year 18 Day 300 with PS Merge

Retired: Year 21 Day 308


  • Assigned as 1st Tion Fleet XO -
  • Assigned as 1st Tion Fleet CO -

Ranks Held:

  • Star Colonel [O-10]


  • Golden Brush Award

One Nation under Jou

Joined: Year 21 Day 308

Character Description


Athrun is six feet in height, with a slightly skinny to medium build. His hair is dark brown, a little longer than a normal military crop, with his bangs being tousled and spiky. He has green eyes that are friendly in appearance to most, but can cast a piercing gaze towards anyone who incurs his wrath. He has a faint scar caused by a dagger, running from his hairline to his jaw.

Unless he has a reason to be in uniform, Zala is always wearing some type of suit. As he has a multitude of them, the color changes from day to day, but he has a slight affinity for red velvet, black, and blue suits. He also wears a pitch black trenchcoat, that extends just above his ankles, as well as black military style boots under his pants. Even in uniform or armor, unless he feels it will get damaged, he always wears the trenchcoat. He also wears sheaths strapped to his thighs, the same material and color of the suit he is wearing, and if one looks closely enough, they can see hilts peeking out from under his jacket or trenchcoat.


LTCMDR Lemeth: Dedicated pilot, smart enough and loyal. Sometimes crazy but very kind in the depth of his soul.

Spiri: You're violent, caring, loving, cool, nice, depressed, angry, and great all at once. All I know is that you were awesome, and terrifyingish all at once.

Zala can best be described as rather easygoing, chill, sarcastically humorous, almost lax with a firm hand when necessary when it comes to military leadership. Although capable of being professional, he can sometimes break this routine by doing something completely unexpected and borderline crazy. He goes back and forth between being aloof with a somewhat smug expression, and very friendly and approachable. Naturally attracted to protecting the vulnerable, he can snap between being friendly and almost unreasonable as he attempts to protect those under his care.

Naturally curious, he will often go out of his way to investigate matters that probably should've been left alone. This tendency often gets him into trouble, much to the great annoyance of those closest to him and those responsible for his safety. He is generally calm in the face of danger, easily taking charge of situations with the ease of an experienced CO. He is also impulsive and highly adaptable, which while it helps with the leadership, can make him appear unpredictable, making rash and bold decisions in both his military and private life.