Aurine Tharandon

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Aurine Tharandon

HolocronHouseTharandonSmall.png House of Tharandon HolocronHouseTharandonSmall.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Selab, Hapes Cluster
House Tharandon
Mother Carrie Tharandon
Father Damon Tharandon
Marital Status Single
Siblings Geralt Tharandon
Born Year -3, Day 165 (21)
Languages Basic, Hapan
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Emerald Green
Political Information

Lady Aurine Tharandon is is the second born child and only daughter of Damon, cousin to Lord Alexander Tharandon, and Carrie Tharandon. She has one elder brother, Geralt Tharandon, four years older than her.

Aurine had a particularly close bond with her brother as a child but their relationship grew distant with time. Throughout her youth, she was dutiful; never shirking from her responsibilities and always doing what her parents had instructed.

Most who have met her have found her to be an agreeable and charming young woman, generally polite and well-mannered. She has particularly distant relationships with the rest of her kin, including her second cousin, Lord Benedict Tharandon, though their interactions can be described as amicable. The only cousin she seems to have any meaningful connection with is Benedict’s brother, Daeron Tharandon, with whom she frequently seems to spend her days with.


Early life

Born during the year -3 on the 165th day, Aurine Karei Tharandon was raised at the White Keep on Selab in the Hapes Cluster like most of her kin. She had a relatively easy life growing up, having two parents who cared for and provided for her and a brother she had a close bond with. Aurine did not have many friends during childhood besides Daeron and Geralt. The friendships she did hold with the children her age tended to be emotionally distant and maintained through manipulation. Once Geralt reached adolescence, brother and sister drifted apart and spent little time with one another; a relationship which would not be amended with time.

Throughout childhood and adolescence, Aurine proved to be a minimal maintenance daughter for her parents. She rarely broke her curfew or disobeyed their orders and in the rare event that she did so, would calmly accept any punishment they deemed necessary. She was a very charming young girl who would show politeness to strangers and acquaintances alike although her relationships would never go beyond the superficial.

Appearance & Character

Aurine Tharandon has an oval shaped face with high cheekbones, long golden hair which falls down her back in waves and sparkling emerald green eyes. Her skin is unblemished, her nose straight and her soft lips frequently rest as a faint smile. She is often seen wearing red coloured clothing, usually on the tighter side to draw attention to her feminine form, and has an affinity for gold jewelry.

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