Aurora Reclamation Technologies

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Aurora Reclamation Technologies
Aurora Reclamation Technologies Logo Year 13.jpg
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Tarkacheen
2IC Maki Juno
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 203
Dissolved Year 13 Day 89
Political Information
Industry Recycling
Holosite Aurora Reclamation Technologies

Aurora Reclamation Technologies (ART) was a recycling company.


After the loss of their former leader Kosh Naranek, the senior management of Aurora Technologies surveyed the planet Ambria, and observed the significant negative impact of mining and manufacturing on the environment. Abandoning this wasteland to the criminals who had executed their leader and stole the access codes to Aurora Tech's assets, they set out to form a new company, Aurora Reclamation Technologies.

Forged from the ruins of the once great shipbuilder, Aurora Reclamation Technologies' mission is to improve the environmental condition of cities throughout the galaxy through creative and efficient application of waste management and recycling techniques. While some may view recycling as a way of simply destroying old unwanted buildings, ART holds that it is best used to properly clean up old decaying industrial sites to make way for newer, cleaner technologies that do not harm the delicate environments of inhabited planets.


Hath Reclamation Technologies was founded in Year -77, on the Asteroid VP29 in the Roche Asteroids. It was a small recycling company started by the Hath family - a family of space miners who believed it would be easier to get minerals from space junk instead of the whole process of mining it from a planet's surface and refining from scratch. Hath Reclamation Technologies was based on the notion that family and its honor was everything, and much of these ideals survive today. However, the company remained small and experienced little success during the wars for galactic control in -35 to -22. After the wars, it grew to a larger business salvaging the wrecks of warships, but soon with a lack of space junk its growth stagnated.

In Year 11 VP29 was brought under the Aurora Conglomerate's controlled systems, purchased by Kosh Naranek under the advisement of Tarkacheen, who saw the value of the recycling company that operated from the asteroid. Hath Reclamation Technologies changed its name to Aurora Reclamation Technologies and grew as the sole recycling company under the Aurora Conglomerate's umbrella, but it never got big enough to warrant much notice. But on Year 12 Day 191, when Kosh Naranek was assassinated by operatives of Black Sun and the access codes to Aurora Technologies' assets were stolen, the Aurora Conglomerate's top leadership escaped and found a safe haven on VP29. Aurora Reclamation Technologies was then taken over by the remaining Aurora leadership, who brought business contacts and a modest amount of capital to fund the virtually unknown recycling group, expanding its operations to a wider galactic audience.


  • Aurora Reclamation Technologies Banner Year 13.jpg (Year 13)