Autonomous Claim

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Autonomous Claim
AC Logo
General Information
Status Rebranded
Leader Val Aen
Owner Val Aen
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 336
Dissolved Year 24 Day 122
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Mining
Holosite AC

AC Mining

Founded on the principles of free trade and unrestricted by terrestrial boundaries, Autonomous Claim (AC) specialized in supplying independent fleets with a broad range of necessary materials. Proprietor Val Aen originally established the company as a means to resupply his private task force, but its amalgamated capabilities expanded supply lines to include allied fleets. Processing its resources in open space allowed AC to operate apart from policy and politics that could otherwise inhibit the client and held no political affiliation.

Utilizing a highly mobile and modern fleet ensured that claim extraction results were achieved efficiently while providing capable security measures against incursion. Besides focusing on asteroid prospecting, AC also specialized in station construction, wreckage removal, and entity decommissioning. Autonomous Claim was subject to a corporate takeover in Year 24 and became Mummers.

Val Aen, Founder and Owner

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