The Avance Coalition

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The Avance Coalition
Avancelogo Holocron.png
Political information
Type of government Constitutional Parliamentary Meritocracy
Head of State High Lord Navik Ikron
Executive branch TACCOM
Provincial Governments
Legislative branch Hall Of Houses
Judicial branch Hall Of Houses (Final Court of Appeal)
Affiliation Galactic Concordiate (Year 14 Day 177)[1]
Societal information
Capital Endor
Territory Moddell
Pacanth Reach
Cerean Quadrant
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Rendili StarDrive
Czerka Corporation
Date of establishment Year 6 Day 10
Date of dissolution Year 16 Day 52(merged with Trade Federation)
Status Active
Holosite Avance Coalition

The Avance Coalition is a neutral, independent government, spanning across several sectors in the south-western quadrant of the galaxy. Founded with the objective of being a peaceful retreat from the galactic civil war Avance is a somewhat introverted government.

Neutrality plays a big role in the Avance Coalition. With its territories far from the galactic civil war, and the security forces mandated solely with protection. The Coalition is the ideal place to seek asylum from the war, regardless of former sides, or to set up a thriving business, like many have done in the past. Avance corporations, under the 'TAC' banner, are known and respected throughout the galaxy, be it Rendili StarDrive for its Dreadnaught warships, or Alpha Medical Corps for quality medical service.

Citizens of the Avance Coalition are invited to participate in many of the Coalitions different councils, serve in the Avance Security Forces, or become an Avance noble(wo)man, by joining a Noble House. Or, if one feels up to it, do all of those things; monthly salaries usually reflect an individuals activity in all activities mentioned above.



The foundations of Avance go years back, back when the first house, the Ikron-Soyak House, formerly known as a leading militaristic family in the Moddell Sector, decided to add economic might to their empire by forming a new industial company. This company, Rendili StarDrive, has since become the first of several. With the foundation of Czerka Corporation, the second house, Rainer House, was formed and became a second major player in the Moddell Sector.

These corporations were managed under the umbrella corporation known originally as Soyak-Ikron Consortium (SIC). As SIC grew in power and wealth, eventually a name change was necessary, as the co-ownership was given to the Rainer House, and Soyak-Rainer Enterprises was born, thus marking the beginning days of the Avance Coalition. Events in both houses helped the founding houses form the idea of a utopian society in the Moddell sector, combining economic and military strength to provide an ideal society and protection to its citizens.

In order to do this, Soyak-Rainer Enterprises decided to form a government, one that would act as the central power and govern those that seek their help, and protection from the corruption of the outside galaxy. Under the leadership of Venix Soyak and Kyle Rainer, this government, known as the Avance Coalition was formed and hope was once again in the hearts of the people of the galaxy for corruption moves a society backwards, Avance always moves foward to bring a better tomorrow to its people.


Avance was founded on a strong legal framework outlined in its constitution. The early years of the coalition brought rapid growth as Venix Soyak and Kyle Rainer where highly active and brought in well respected individuals from around the galaxy to help. This was the beginning of Avance's focus on economic superiority and easy going culture.

Large scale infrastructure projects where undertaken and well managed.

House's golden era

Houses had been around since the beginning of the coalition but this period saw new houses being formed to add to the existing House Rainer and House Soyak-Ikron.

This period ended with first amendment to the Charter of the Avance Coalition.

Provinces Amendment

This period began with the Provinces Amendment Which changed the Major Houses into the Founding Houses and allowed minor houses to move up to major houses and form a second teir government within the coalition. What was 'The Avance Government' became generally known as the federal government and the new major houses formed provinces with specific territory to manage.

This period saw major growth in the new sectors that the provinces where managing, what was considered rapid growth in the early years of Avance was outpaced again by the power of the houses and a government system that encouraged houses to grow. Avance's focus shifted from federal government projects to projects run by the houses.

Military Might

The provinces amendment changed the political and economic culture of Avance. The Coalition had by this point reached the point of major player on the galactic stage. The Avance Security Forces(ASF) needed to grow, and they needed more hardware than ever before. More territory meant more areas to protect and the ASF worked with Czerka Corporation and Rendili StarDrive to expand its pool of hardware.

The new hardware was put into action in the Battle for Pzech and Pzat Part of Eidola's Outer Rim War with The Avance Coalition when Borr Fedick used his position within Black Dust Industries to betray his friends in the coalition and tried to seize control of the planets for Eidola.

Government & Politics

Avance government's authority stems from its charter . At the federal level, the Houses form the Hall of Houses and are the supreme legislative authority over the coalition. The Founding houses ( House Soyak-Ikron & House Rainer ) hold a veto over the decisions of the Hall of Houses. The Executive of the Coalition is Venix Soyak and is titled the High Seat. This High Seat holds supreme executive authority over the operations of the coalition within its framework of laws . The Second Seat is the High Seats immediate subordinate and fulfills many of the same duties at the pleasure of the High Seat. The High Seat has authorized The Avance Coalition Central Command (TACCOM) with the authority to manage the coalition on his or her behalf. TACCOM therefore manages the coalition in its day to day operations.

The Provincial Governments are territories within the coalition that Major Houses have taken control of and formed regional governments. They have various governing structures vary greatly in development level, resource distribution, culture and methodology.

Year 12 Day 322 High Lord Venix Soyak citing personal reasons stepped down as first chair and nominated his replacement as being Horthon Gorthy who had been serving as Second Chair. Venix Soyak had served since the founding of the Avance Coalition as First Chair and his stepping down was seen by several in the Avance government as being a coming of age ceremony for the government. Proof that they can last past just one leader.


Society & Culture

Avance culture is made up of the many cultures of its people. But there are central values and norms that Avance citizens are proud to display. Work-Ethic is highly valued, this grew from the outer rim's rough nature. However, Avance has since created a part of the outer rim where this no longer holds true, as the peace that the Coalition has brought to its space has ensured that all sentients who wish can participate in commerce and not just those with a blaster hidden under the table. This is not to say that Avancian's have grown fat on their successes, as the outer rim is always looking for ways to destroy whatever brightness shines through its dark tendencies.

Avance society highly values business, and is not militaristic in nature, its institutions are not designed around military service or traditions of combat, but rather those of cultural exchange and peaceful co-existence as it has learned from its own internal cultural clashes.


The Avancian still shows some of its Outer Rim roots and was originally based on resource extraction from its growing territories to fund and provision its massive infrastructure projects. However, in recent times as Avance has moved past its expansionist faze; its economy has diversified into service sectors and more and more advanced manufacturing.

The Avancian economy in general is relatively closed, whilst open to all galactic sentients its nationalized companies, who where at the heart of its early expansionist era, are not open to public sales and do business with the two levels of government and nationalized factions only. (with a few exceptions).


The Noble Houses of Avance are the core of its culture and its structure. The houses are the homes and families of its members. They are at the heart of the success of the coalition and they continue to be integral to Avance's continued development.

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