Aylee Stewart

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Aylee Stewart
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Merriam Stewart
Father Dain Stewart
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Alicia De`Kova (deceased)
Siblings Kathlen Stewart (deceased)
Lily Stewart
Born Year -7 Day 239 (Age 27)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Eye Color Grey blue; brown around pupil
Political Information
Affiliation Shadolan Authority
Title Empress
Prior Affiliation Alissma
Awards Aylee Stewart Ribbon Rack.png
Signature Aylee Signature.png

Noah Alexandria Traner- "Aylee is 'Young, Tall, and Dangerous"

Standing at the temple Aylee was afraid. The figure before her placed an object in her hand that was quickly lit on fire. The object burned so fast and so hot that she looked away from the light that blinded her. She, however, felt no pain. It symbolized her oath to her family and showed her what would happen if she was to betray them. After the flame had gone out her arm was cut, just deep enough to allow the blood to come through the skin to show the blood she would be willing to spill to defend her family. The wound was light, but it was just a taste of the pain that would come if she ever needed to stand in the way of death to save her family. Aylee knew in her heart this was were she belonged, she knew she was Mandroxan.

Growing up on Naboo

Aylee was born to a noble family on the planet of Naboo on Year -7 Day 239. She had two sisters, Kathlen Stewart and Lily Stewart. Their parents pushed both all of them to aspire to achieve greatness in the political realm of the galaxy, but the children did not share the same interest as their parents.

A young Aylee

When Aylee was of age she was to follow Kathlen’s footsteps by attending the greatest schools Naboo had to offer. This was not where Aylee’s desires were found though. Aylee proved to be a rebellious child and was extremely fond of her older sister. While her parents favored Kathlen for her apparent devotion to her studies, Aylee began to seek new adventures away from the studies of the Naboo Academies. She would often times get into trouble or be brought home by the local security officials after committing trivial acts of crime that weren't serious enough for any actions to be taken against young Aylee.


Aylee had a complete disregard for her parents’ opinion on creatures of other than human species. She herself thought of them as interesting and desired to know more. When the time came that Aylee was to take the class in school taught by the wookiee who had once taught Kathlen, Aylee for the first time in her life looked forward to her classes and devoted a lot of time and effort into the teachings the wookiee had to offer.

When Aylee's sister Kathlen had turned 16, her grandmother had given both her and her sister a Lapiz Necklace. The blue gemstone was set in a silver pendant. "My mother had a large Lapiz gemstone that she found on Hapes. I had the stone broke down into two equal pieces. I hand them to you two, knowing you will cherish them forever. Like you will cherish each other."

The Departure of Kathlen

When Aylee was nineteen years of age, she would face new challenges when her beloved sister Kathlen would leave home and travel off-world. Already proving to her parents that she had no desire to follow in their footsteps, they decided they had lost hope in Aylee and gave her a gift of credits just for a shuttle to anywhere she wanted to go. As her father was from the planet of Corellia, and Aylee was of Corellian heritage, she decided she would depart the planet as well with Coronet Spaceport as her destination.

Life on Corellia

Aylee Stewart

Upon her arrival to Corellia, Aylee would face new challenges she had never expected. Back on Naboo she always had her home with her parents to go to when she needed help or a place to sleep. Corellia was different, it was entirely unknown to Aylee and she had no clue where to start. Her credits were spent and she had no home to seek refuge in.

Desperation would soon force Aylee to seek out her deviant clever ways of committing petty crimes and she soon started stealing from markets in order to eat. She after many years of games and getting into trouble on Naboo would usually manage to take the sustenance necessary without anyone noticing.

Once night, in an Alley in Coronet, Aylee found herself awoken as she slept by a massive Corellian male. Scared she cried out for help but the man covered her mouth almost as soon as she could open it so no sound would be heard by any passersby. The man drug Aylee deeper into the Coronet alley’s and would seek to take advantage of her. Something like this had never happened to Aylee and she dearly feared for her life. While the man pulled her closer to him she noticed the glimmering on a vibro axe from inside his trench coat. The first opportunity she saw she took, and perhaps by chance, she managed to free the axe and plunge it deep into the man’s neck where he fell motionless. At that moment Aylee got a taste of just how unforgiving the galaxy is, she wrenched the vibro axe free and would carry it from that moment on.

The Meeting of Legend Myre

After the event of the horrible night in Coronet, Aylee was continuing her ways of petty theft to survive. One day she came across a Kushiban. She was unsure of who this creature was but she was particularly interested in the ship access chip that was clearly displayed unguarded at his side. Having perfected her skills in pick-pocketing from her time of being on Corellia she figured getting the chip would be easy. She was able to come just in reach of the access chip, but when she tried to steal it from the Kushiban he swiftly turned around and used the force to push her hand aside sending Aylee to the ground.

Aylee was at first stunned at the Jedi standing before her. She had never encountered a force user before but through her studies she was very familiar with their abilities. After the confusion wore off she quickly attempted to run off but the Kushiban, through the use of a translator droid, exclaimed for her to stop. As if she was commanded by the force itself Aylee ceased her attempt to flee and turned to face the Kushiban.

The Jedi sensed her troubles, her past, her future, what could become of her and the difficulties she had just to sustain herself to survive. Legend offered his guidance and a position as an acolyte in the Mandroxan Cartel to become a family of the Mandroxan.

The Mandroxan Cartel

Not knowing what to expect but weary of the ways of her life here, Aylee agreed to go with the Kushiban. Eager to prove herself she would enter the Mandroxan Trials on her way to become a Family member of the Mandroxan Cartel and hopefully one day a Lord by the side of Legend Myre.

Start of the Mandroxan Career

When nearing the completion of the Mandroxan Trials, Myre contacted Aylee via her personal comm channel to let her know how proud he was of the changes Aylee has made and let her know that she had more than proven herself worthy to become a family member of the Mandroxan Cartel. Legend Further stated that there was a place as a family head that was open to Aylee if she wanted it. The positioned offered to Aylee was Lady Regent of the Mandroxan Cartel. One of the three heads of the family. Aylee had it in her sights, all she had to do was complete the final stages of the Mandroxan Trials and she would have completed her journey from being an outcast in the streets of Coronet to being someone worth mentioning. Someone who rose to the stars to be among the Mandroxan.

Lady Regent

After Aylee had completed the Mandroxan Trials and was welcomed as a full family member to the Cartel, she was brought to the ceremonial temple of the Cartel where the enrollment ceremony was to be held. Mandroxan news coverage accurately recorded the ceremony as it took place. Standing before the Lord Commander of the cartel, Legend Myre, Aylee was instructed to hold out her hand. Within it was placed a piece of flint paper which Legend light. "With this, I symbolize how fast a being will be snuffed out by the Cartel if you are to betray us," said Legend. Aylee's face shown with a gleam of pride realizing what was to come. After the paper was burned, Legend took from his cloak a Mandroxan knife and instructed Aylee to hold out her other arm. At this Legend sliced the surface of Aylee's skin and allowed blood to flow from the wound. "With this, I symbolize the blood we are willing to shead for the protection of our family. We as the heads of the Cartel place our family members above all and will be willing to die for their safety," said Legend "Now turn and face all those before you." Aylee turned around to face the onlookers and accepted, with pride, her bestowed title of Lady Regent of the Mandroxan Cartel.

The Mandroxan Trials

With the entry of Aylee into the Mandroxan trials she would be tested in all aspects of abilities to allow her to prove herself to the family heads of the cartel to become a Family Member.

Stage 1 Fullfill a Contract

The first stage of the trial would be relatively easy. Myre would request Aylee to fulfill her first contract by performing trivial coordinating duties by directing acolytes to their detinations for contract runs. Aylee showed more than adequate in this capability to Myre would pass her on to the next stage of her trials.

Stage 2 Death of a Nexu

The next stage of the Mandroxan Trials would be to find and hunt down a nexu somewhere in the Shadola sector. Legend would send with Aylee an armored squad of Mandroxan Wookiees armed with Ryyyk blades for her defense. Legend opened up the Mandroxan armoury to give Aylee a blaster rifle but Aylee caste it aside and instead grabbed a battle axe and took her vibro axe from her belt loop.

Traveling to the planet of Skeebo in a Nu-class Shuttle, Aylee she and her wookiee guard would land and setup camp. Once camp was made the shuttle was to return to it's dispatch location. The first night on Skeebo was frigged cold, far beyond what Aylee had experienced on Naboo or Corellia. They were surrounded by creatures of all sorts but the sought Nexu were no where to be found. As days past, Aylee grew weary. She had never hunted anything before and their food sources were running low. Aylee was to send her Mandroxan Guards to hunt for food, of the wookiee race they would be more than adequate at such a thing. Aylee's mistake was to leave herself unguarded. Bored by the confinements of the camp, Aylee figured she would do a bit of exploring. Getting just outside of the camp Aylee found some gizka hopping around in a marsh. Knowing they needed food to survive she began to stalk her pray. Drawing in close Aylee took her vibro axe in her left hand and prepared to fling it in a spiraling motion of death onto the nearest gizka. Just as she let loose a massive Nexu pounced onto the Gizka and ripped it limb from limb. At the same moment the vibro axe would plunge into the left shoulder of the nexu causing it to let out a roar of defiance and turn on Aylee immediately. Aylee grabbed her battle axe in both hands and took it in a guard stance staring down the Nexu as it circled around her looking for an opening, dripping with blood at the wound Aylee hand unintentionally gave. Keeping her eyes focused on the Nexu instead of the ground on which she stood, Aylee learned from amistake that would never happen again. Aylee tripped and fell to the ground. At that exact instance the Nexu leaped on top of Aylee biting down hard on the shaft of the axe and clawing at the ground and at a point slashing Aylee at the collar bone on her left shoulder that would leave black scar for the rest of her life.

The wookiees who had heard the cry of the Nexu immediately set back for camp to guard their acolyte. Arriving to the camp they were alarmed not to find their acolyte there but instead heard a scuffle nearby. Racing to the location they found Aylee pinned down by the Nexu fending it off with the axe as it was biting down dangerously close to her face. The wookiees let out a chorus of roars which forced the Nexu to look from it's pray to see what was in store for it. During this brief moment of opportunity Aylee was able to twist the battle axe so the blade was facing up towards the Nexu and she violently pulled on the shaft sending the point of the axe head into the skull of the Nexu. The Nexu fell on top of Aylee and the wookiees rushed to raise the beast off of her. Upon her stand Ayle retrieved her battle axe from the Nexu's skull and the vibro axe from the shoulder, she then proceeded to sever the tail from the Nexu.

Stage 3 The Miracle Priest

That night Aylee made contact with Legend during a feast with the wookiees as they ate the flesh of the Nexu Aylee had struck down. The following morning the Nu returned to bring their war party to Baummu. The nu shuttle would land near a temple in a side city off the Baummu Capital where a priest was standing at the door to welcome them. The priest took the Nexu tail and used it to make medicine for his stocks and treat the wounds that Aylee had sustained. During the treatment, the priest told Aylee a story of a distress beacon that was sent out years ago by an ancient Alissma finds man and how this warrior had been carrying access codes to vaults now used by the Mandroxan to store the crested Mandroxan Knives which needed to be earned by the acolytes to become a family member. The priest told Aylee the general location of where the distress signal was last seen and she and the wookiees set out to explore the vast region of deep space.

Stage 4 Lost Secrets

The Nu was loaded with the food stores of the kills on Skeebo so they were to be comfortably well fed, however, the Nu was relatively small for Aylee and her twelve wookiee companions. They were cramped and uncomfortable as they proceeded their explorations with nothing being picked up on the ships scanners. One uneventful day after another led Aylee and her crew to believe that there wasn't much hope for her. She began practicing with the wookiees to learn their language to decrease the language barriers between them. This was to go on for nearly a month before the auto-pilot suggested it was on a collision course with an Asteroid that was not able to be picked up by the scanners. Rushing to the cockpit Aylee saw a massive asteroid completely devouring the cockpit view of the ship. Switching to manual they began searching the asteroid for any signs of life. They did not understand why the asteroid was not on the ships scanners with the size of it.

After orbiting the Asteroid for about a day they noticed the glow of a docking bay entrance and made for it. The group of companions received no resistance upon their entrance and after docking inside the asteroid they descended into the massive bay which was disturbingly quiet. Two of the wookiees were to stand guard on the ship for their return as the rest of the company was to proceed on to explore for any signs of the Gand Warrior. There were many destroyed doors of varying grades in the station but any sign of life forms or droids was non existent. Traveling further into the station didn't not consul the party at all, it became colder and the air pressure seemed to be decreasing with every step. Eventually they reached a reinforced door that had not been destroyed and outside it lay a destroyed droid holding an electronic lock breaker. Aylee picked up the lockbreaker to notice it was still functional. She was not sure what had destroyed the droid but knew it must have been trying to reach what was on the other side of this door. She plugged the electronic lock breaker into the access port at the doors control panel and began the sequence to break the code. Hours passed and the wookiees began to lose faith in Aylee. Just as they were about to give up the door sprang open and the pressure between the two rooms equalized and forced Aylee into the room alone where the door slammed behind her separating Aylee from the rest of her companions.

At first the room was as dark as death, but as Aylee's eyes adjusted she noticed a slight glow from the other end of the room. Taking her vibro axe from her belt and using the battle axe to be sure her path was clear, she began to approach the location of the glow. When she reached it she found nothing more than a idling power generator. Aylee reached the lever and engaged it which engulfed the room in bright light. As her eyes were used to the dark at this point, Aylee was blinded for a few brief moments before her eyes were to readjust.

The room she was in was massive, statues of Gand members and relics long forgotten could be seen filling the room. In the very center where two pillars with a large chair carved between them in the middle. As Aylee approached she could see the ancient remnants of a Gand nearly turned to dust but preserved in the rooms lack of air pressure. Besides him lay an access card which was the reason for Aylee's travels all along. Aylee took the access card and ran to the door which was easily seen now that the room was shrouded in white light. The door locked from the outside was easily opened from the inside and Aylee rejoined her wookiee companions. Returning to their Nu they left the station and made contact with Legend Myre.

Stage 5 Test of Fate

Myre informed Aylee that the final stages of the trials were before her and she was to meet Myre, the Lord Commander, at a destination that he uploaded into the Nu's navicomputer. At the meeting Myre would give Aylee and Mandroxan blade and search her presence for any signs of the force. At the end of the communication Aylee and her companions engaged the auto-pilot of the Nu and set off to their meeting with the Jedi jawa Legend Myre.

Neuro-Saav Corporation

Shortly into accepting her role as a Lady of the Mandroxan Cartel, Aylee realized the Cartel life style was not for her and she left to become the Chief Financial Officer at Neuro-Saav Technologies with her friend James Ices. Shortly after leaving the Cartel it was sold and the leadership was placed into darker hands.

While in Neuro-Saav, James and Aylee worked diligently to produce quality products for the mother faction Alissma, as well as for public sale on the market. When James decided he no longer wished to pursue his career at NST the faction command was transferred over to a long time Alissma member, Ember Aranyos.

Under Ember Aranyos' ownership, the faction became stale and tarnished. It was a matter of time before the once productive faction became only a distant memory. Ember at this time agreed to sell the faction directly to James. Dealing with the stains left by Ember the Factions was renamed to Galactic Weapon Systems and a complete restructure of the faction began. Not long after James took back NSC the faction was once again producing ships, droids, weapons, and armor at an impressive rate. New production entities were soon necessary to withstand the pace that GWS was growing.


Being that Aylee had only agreed to the position in NST to help support her friend James, she let go of her position in NST and entered the mother faction Alissma as Kaliif al Alissma(Chief of [the] Alissma). This was directly under the Alissma's Ruetsavii Kuro Neko. During her time in Alissma, Aylee would bring about the proposal of separate, unified, houses within the Alissma group. The idea was met with great enthusiasm from all the senior members.

A large portion of her time to date has been spent in deepspace along with the rest of her crew searching uncharted territory for what they hoped might be out there. They hoped to find additional life yet left unknown to the rest of the galaxy.

Coming back from the journey without success it was in deed time to pick up in Alissma where she left off. Unexpectedly, Kuro Neko, Head Ruetsavii of Alissma, needed to take a step back and deal with things from a deeper unseen perspective. In his absence he left Aylee to oversee all of Alissma as leader. At the same time ownership of Neuro-Saav Technologies passed to James which led to a prospering alliance between the two factions.

Shadolan Authority

Empress Aylee I of House Stewart

With rumors of pirate raiding parties spreading throughout the galaxy, Aylee knew it was only a matter of time before her home sector Shadola might become a target of these groups. On year 19 day 300 Aylee established Shadola Sector Security which would become the sole police force in the sector. It wasn't long before other members joined her and soon they would have established several outposts to counter any number of potential threats.

Shadolan Sector Security would go on for a year building up defenses in Shadola steadily gaining influence in the sector they called home. On Year 20 Day 354, the entire Shadola Sector would appoint SSS as the ruling power in the Sector. SSS would be renamed the Shadolan Authority after this massive change and being a restructure internally. Aylee was declared Empress Aylee I of House Stewart by the people of Shadola.

Notable Friendships

Throughout Aylee's many adventures she would meet several individuals who she would become close friends with. These friendships would help Aylee progress throughout her career and build contacts that would help her and her friends excel.

Legend Myre

Aylee Apprentice Under Master Myre

As we know, Legend became a mentor and an employer of Aylee. Throughout her travels and challenges faced during the Mandroxan Trials, Aylee began to look up to Legend and seek his advice throughout the rest of the trials. Aylee's life was a unfruitful one until she met Legend and Legend would be the first individual to let Aylee know that it was okay to have confidence in herself, as she truly did deserve it.

As time would have it there came an extended period of time where Legend's and Aylee's path would grow apart. Years later Grand Master Myre returned to the Alissma Family by swearing in as an Officer with Shadola Sector Security. Sometime after his return the Jedi decided to test Aylee herself for abilities in the force. This test led to the discovery of Aylee's own capabilities as it became known that she was also able to utilize the force. She would train for a time with Legend as her Master.

Noah Alexandria Traner

Throughout Aylee's trials, she made several stops along the way at various tourist hot spots and several cantinas. Aylee enjoyed the party life, so she would commonly be found in classy pubs and dive bars. At one of these taverns, humans were an uncommon sight, entering the area Aylee looked for any sign of human presence to attempt to fit in while relaxing. The only other human female at the bar that night happened to be Noah Traner. Noah didn't appear happy to see a fellow human, but it was hard to get a good read on the human, with the hood to cover his head and the sunglasses. The two got to know each other that night, however, and as Noah was familiar with the Mandroxan Cartel the human seemed curious to hear the stories Aylee had to tell of her trials so far.

The rest of the night Aylee and Noah would share their stories together and enjoy some of the beverages the cantina had to offer. One Near-Human male tried to hit on Aylee, but Noah stood up and lowered her sunglasses. She said something quite low to the hopeful young male, who scampered off in fear afterwards. After that she pulled her hood off and resumed telling Aylee stories of Hapes and listening to her stories of Naboo. The night was to be a quick one that would be long remembered with the sentients dancing around them and the DJ playing rather loud and obnoxious music. That encounter would be one of many that would build a strong long-lasting friendship between Noah and Aylee.

Kuro Neko

As many know, Kuro Neko, is quite the pleasant Togorian Ruetsavii Priest that has resided with Alissma for longer than most can remember. As a prominent member of the Sector community that Aylee took up residence in, they began to get to know each other fairly quick. After getting to know each other for a time over typical galactic comm channels, the two eventually planned their first meeting on the Planet Skeebo I where both of them would engage in the hunting of wildlife on the planet. The two became good friends and the trust between them was unmatched by most friendships currently in existence in the galaxy.

Kathlen Stewart

As is well known, Kathlen is Aylee's older sister. The two of them spent their youngest years together on Naboo. While Aylee continually rebelled against their parents and kept getting into trouble, Kathlen kept watch over Aylee until it came time for Kathlen to leave Naboo. This greatly distressed Aylee as she had no desire to stay with her parents alone on the planet Naboo which Aylee quickly learned to hate. All the same Kathlen left. The chance to one day reunite came to an abrupt end when Aylee learned of Kathlen's death at the hands of Syn from her friend Amelia Kolczynski.

Lily Stewart

Aylee and Lily

Lily Stewart of course was the youngest sister in the trio. Though growing up they weren't as close to each other as Aylee and Kathlen were, they came to be very close in later years of their life. Lily had set out on her own just like her two older sisters before her, but eventually she would find herself enlisting as a Non-commissioned Officer with Shadola Sector Security. Her older sister now her commanding officer.

Alicia De`Kova

By change or perhaps fate, a beautiful figure stood before Aylee. Aylee only caught a glimpse and knew this would be something to come to be. Awed by the gorgeous individual who stood before her Aylee would seek to place herself in the life of this person. To be a part of them not only as a friend but much more.

Meeting Alice

After Aylee stepped away from her duties in the Mandroxan Cartel and Neuro-Saav Technologies, she went to a a popular vacation spot when members of Alissma were celebrating a popular holiday. Naboo happened to be the events location and shortly after arriving Aylee came across Alice. Aylee was instantly enamored by her beauty and made a point to place herself with Alice almost at every moment. In a matter of hours the mutual attraction between the two was known. This led to several nights spent together on Naboo which quickly jump started their relationship.

Unfortunately as the holiday ended the two were forced to returned to their normal duties which would separate the new lovers for several months, at the least, as Aylee headed to spend countless weeks in deepspace searching for new life.

Their Time Together

Aylee and Alicia would spend many years together and share many close memories. Upon the creation of Shadola Sector Security Alicia would enlist as an officer becoming Aylee's second in command. The two seemed inseparable, until Year 20 Day 20 a tragic event unfolded. In routine naval exercises Major Alicia De`Kova was piloting her ATR-6 Assualt Transport when the ship would suffer a catastrophic engine failure sending the transport into the sun of the Skeebo System. Major De`Kova perished on impact but the vessel was recovered and renamed in honor of the fallen officer.