Azrakh Raleep

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Azrakh Raleep
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Mother Unknown Female
Asaryakatr (Adoptive)
Father Dhamon Raleep
Bossive Ketwol (Adoptive)
Born Data Unavailable
Died Year 13 Day 161
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.65 meters
Coloring Grey
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Rank Not Applicable
  • Padawan
  • Governor General
  • Councilor
  • Dynast
  • Count of Serenno
Prior Affiliation
Awards Numerous

Azrakh'Katr Ketwol Orsaa of Clan Raleep born on the planet Honoghr, was a well-known Force user, a Jedi Padawan, Governor General of the Gordian Reach, Executive with Lamborari Shipyards, and a former Lord of the Sith and Imperial Moff.



Born to the late billionaire Vice President of the Kathol Republic, Azrakh lived as royalty from childhood to maturity. His inheritance was the seat of power in Clan Raleep, and his father’s holdings across the galaxy. With the untimely murder of Azrakh's father, Dhamon Raleep, at the hands of rival political aspirant Frezt Raleigh, Azrakh’s chance at affluence and power was seemingly gone. Clan Raleep’s elders used the upheaval to dethrone the rightful heir, and the shrewd Auron Tamerin appropriated Azrakh’s multi-billion credit inheritance. It was in this state of loss and desperation that something profoundly exceptional happened to the outcast Raleep: During a trek through the forests of Honoghr, Azrakh discovered an ancient temple nearly two weeks walk east of his clan-lands. While exploring the lower chambers of the structure, the friendless Noghri was possessed by a lingering Sith spirit. The spirit empowered Azrakh to understand and use his dormant Force powers, and eventually enabled him to take back his rightful seat as Dynast of Clan Raleep. But the spirit wouldn’t let him stop there; it pushed him to take back everything he had lost.


Upon entering the larger galaxy Azrakh met Asarya’Katr, a Dark Jedi who was to eventually become his teacher and adoptive mother. During his time with the Dark Jedi Master, Raleep became CEO of Galindas Exports under the ownership of Tenloss Syndicate. It was around this time Emperor Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire contacted Azrakh Raleep which led to Azrakh’s execution of Jedi Knight Arturius Hall, and his official induction into the Order of the Sith Lords. At this turning point in his career the newly declared Sith Lord Azrakh Raleep began a task which has since marked his ascension to galactic fame -and animosity. From the mouth of the Emperor himself came Azrakh’s paramount undertaking: The resurrection of the Sith Order. Within a year’s time, the revived Order grew tenfold, hosting the largest and most powerful assembly of Sith Lords in many centuries.


Following an additional year’s growth and expansion, Azrakh was appointed Moff of the Deep Core, hub of all Sith operations in the galaxy. Raleep was named Will of the Emperor, and administered the Sith Intelligence division. He was among the five most powerful and influential Sith in the Galactic Empire, a trusted member of Imperial High Command, and a confident of the throne. It was from this pinnacle of authority that Azrakh fell by means of a plot to assassinate Emperor Vodo Bonias. Conspiring with Seele, newly appointed Grand Vizier of COMPNOR, Azrakh disclosed the plot with another Sith to find further conspirators; but these would-be conspirators lacked support for the plot, and in turn Azrakh became fearful that the plot would be reported to the Emperor. In this state of panic, Azrakh went to the Emperor to reveal the plot and claimed that he had merely participated in the conspiracy as a means of obtaining evidence on Seele. The results of this action of double treachery were disastrous. The Emperor and the Imperial High Command did not believe Azrakh's claims of innocence, and as punishment his achievements were nullified and his status and prestige shattered. Azrakh was exiled from the Order of the Sith Lords and his position as Moff of the Deep Core removed.


Again in a state of depravity the the Dark Lord experienced a long unheard voice, an urging; the Sith spirit he once knew so well chided him for the pathetic attachment to titles and imagined power to which he had grown accustomed. The spirit led him to a new home. To the Máurari. Raleep’s experience with the Máurari was one overwhelmed by a catatonic leadership and inept Force adepts. Furthermore, the Black Sun’s constricting grip on the order left Azrakh without the ability to work freely. He hadn’t the space to engineer resurgence as he did with the Order of the Sith Lords. Despite rising to the level of Hierarch, the highest attainable position in the Order, Azrakh knew the life of a criminal force master was not for him. Unsure of why the Sith spirit had led him to this place, he began an exploration of the Máurari flagship The Vrazi, and discovered something truly terrifying. Sealing himself away in his own ship, he awaited the first opportunity that afforded him escape, and fled.


After a few months with little outside contact, Azrakh reemerged as ExO of the newly reformed Corporate Sector Authority. His time as ExO saw steady growth, however leadership of the CSA was suddenly transferred to Dakha Rednax in the middle of Year 12. After continued bodily deterioration Raleep submitted himself for extensive medical testing. Doctors reported prolonged internal hemorrhaging and a high viral load of unknown origin. The best diagnosis they could provide linked the advanced bodily deterioration from years of unconstrained Dark Side practice to a viral catalyst that seemingly entered the bloodstream at some point in the previous year. Azrakh's administrative capacity was thereby inhibited, leading him to turn the CSA over to his most trusted adviser Bossive Ketwol. With unanimous agreement from the DireX Board of the CSA, Bossive and Dakha reallocated the CSA to the Gordian Reach, forming Lamborari as the primary corporate presence in the sector. Still fighting prolonged deterioration, Raleep accepted less taxing positions within the Gordian Reach as he attempted to find a way to heal his ailing body.


Slowly withering away, Azrakh turned his sights to the Jedi Order. Having since walked away from the Dark Side and desperate for answers about his advanced degeneration, Azrakh began his walk down the Jedi path, which ultimately ended in his betrayal and execution at the hands of the Galactic Empire.

Personality and Traits

Among the highest regarded Sith Lords in the history of the Galactic Empire, Azrakh was known to be warm and friendly. Various junior officers, and even enlisted personnel reported the Noghri's presence at Imperial events and gatherings. It's suspected this unusual demeanor often left him at odds with more traditional Sith. After his departure from the Galactic Empire, the former Sith Lord largely avoided the public eye, content with a more quiet role in the galaxy.

Physically, Azrakh was ancient and mottled thanks to the accelerated decay suffered during years spent under the sway of the Dark Side of the Force. The extent of his Force capabilities were unknown, however it is expected that his deterioration left him in a weaker state than prior years.