The Azure Empire

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The Azure Empire
General Information
Motto "Duty, Honor, Justice, Family"
Status Defunct
Leader Lucious Maximous
2IC Nogard Drol
Owner Lucious Maximous
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 280
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Galactic Star Union
Industry Security provider
Holosite The Azure Empire


The Azure Empire was once called the Kaos Star Federation. The Kaos Star Federation started off as a simple transport company called Kaos Galactica Incorporated. In less than one galactic standard year the organization grew from the transportation business to an aspiring Government with massive potential. Starting with the recycling business and became Kaos Galactica Federation led and owned by the Kaos founder, Drake Wolfe. Upon his death the contract was signed opening up the first Nationalized Organization and military of Kaos, Kaos Federation Defense. Spearheading the naval and marine forces of Kaos and immediately entering into a long drawn out bloody war on the planet Trammis VI in the Trammis System/Centrality Sector.

During the course of the war, where Kaos battled against three other armies, Kaos Orbital Technologies was opened from the fallen shell of Beller Company Shipyards. Kaos Orbital Technologies was run and managed by Regent Lord, Dragon Prince Nogard Drol and became a mighty force in ship and station production for public sales. In a matter of months this struggling company inside Kaos became a multi billion credit operation supplying more than 90% of Kaos' funding, under Lord Drol's command. During this time frame, the owner and leader and former pupil of Drake Wolfe, Lucious Maximous was force elected by popular unanimous demand to become the first Emperor of the Kaos Organization and was soon dubbed in namesake Emperor Lucious Maximous as the unique Imperial Structure of Kaos flourished. Kaos then started being called the Kaos Imperial Star Federation.

Soon after this, the war on Trammis VI was declared officially over and a strong garrison of three marine battle groups and one naval fleet was set up to govern and protect Trammis VI from the continuing but sporadic attacks on the planet from enemy influence. Times became remotely peaceful again for Kaos and the third installment of Nationalized companies under Kaos was born. Kaos Resource Excavations in early year 12. KRE would act as a sole benefactor and manager of all Kaos' mining operations and Raw Material organization and occassional sales. Quickly Viceroy and Governor, Cado Schmidt turned this mining federation into a leading material sales company on the open market cornering the market on many rare materials such as durelium, varium, and quantum. Success all around.

Soon Kaos Galactica Federation was renamed to Galactic Recycling Management and was sold to the public and purchased while the recycling company was reopened under the sole ownership of Emperor Maximous and was called Kaos Reclamation Services led and operated solely by Viceroy and Governor Sybok Taldin. With all the changes and the growth of Kaos astounding even the leaders of Kaos, change was needed for a more permanent solution. Kaos Federation Defense was chosen by Emperor Maximous to become the spearhead organization and future official Government for Kaos and renamed to the long sought after name of Kaos Star Federation, ensuring their future to become a Galactic Government by galactic official standards.

After the truth about Prince Nogard Drol came to light within the Kaos family, plans for the future were moved into action faster than planned to counter the Dark Lords intentions. Viceroy Sybok Taldin and Viceroy Cado Schmidt, sharing third in command positions both killed and picked off systematically by the Dark Lord, leaving Kaos in a position of change. And thus was born The Azure Imperium

Duty, Honor, Justice, and above all... Family. Primary Ideals lived and practiced in this True Neutral Government.


Nationalised Companies