Azzi Blackgate

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Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Positions Chief of State
Awards Superior Service Medal
Group Commander's Citation
Perlemian Star of Freedom
Hydian Star of Excellence

Azzi Blackgate has served in almost every part of the New Republic, starting out in Starfighter Command and eventually branching out to the Army and every civilian department in the New Republic. Blackgate has a practically unmatched wealth of experience in the New Republic, having served previously as Minister of Trade and Industry, High Ambassador, Director of the Center of Republic Intelligence, and Minister of State, as well as being a Senator twice and a Knight of the Republic. He has also earned many medals and accolades in his career, notably the Perlemian Star of Freedom, the Hydian Star of Excellence, and the Superior Service Award. After his predecessor's untimely demise, Azzi Blackgate ran for election as the 8th Chief of State of the New Republic and won, defeating Andrew Harris and Azriel Pitot after gaining exactly 50% of the votes in the first round, after which Andrew Harris pulled out of the ensuing run-off.

Positions Held

- Chief of State
- Minister of State
- Secretary of State
- Director of Center of Republic Intelligence
- High Ambassador
- New Republic Minister of Trade and Industry
- New Republic Senator
- Associate Minister of Technology
- Corellian Transport Services Head Administrator
- Kerdos Company Director
- Ubrikkian Industries Director
- Industrial Automation Director
- Starfighter Command Lieutenant Colonel (Group Captain)
- Army Lieutenant Colonel
- Academy Dean of the Military
- Knight of the Council, Knights of the Republic