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Combine Galactic Time is the current calendar and standard measure of time used by the majority of the galaxy.

Historical Development

One of the most significant consequences of the Galactic Civil War was the loss of a universally observed standard calendar. As worlds seceded, occupied, or simply cut off from the rest of the galaxy, regional and planetary calendars became increasingly common, further exascerbating communication and logistical difficulties throughout the galaxy.

During the reign of Spytek, the Empire attempted to unify the various systems in use throughout Imperial and allied territories. The resulting 'Combine Galactic Time' or CGT, the combination of the most widely observed calendars, soon became the standard calendar in use throughout the galaxy, although some regions of space (particularly the Hapan Cluster) are known to maintain their own calendars in addition to, or in lieu of, Combine Galactic Time.


Combine Galactic Time relies on a calendar and day duration almost identical to Coruscant local and the prior Coruscant Standard Calendar in common use throughout the galaxy prior to the Galactic Civil War. The most significant variation is that the year has been reduced from 368 to 365.25 days (implemented in practice by adding an additional day to the calendar every four years, with some exceptions). In practice, the former three stand-alone fete days have been incorporated into their formerly successive months.

The year is composed of 10 months of 7 weeks of 5 days each (35 days), in addition to three fete weeks (15 days). However, it is not uncommon to refer to days by their successive number in the year (e.g. Year 1 Day 365), in lieu of their calendar date (Welona 35, Year 1).

The period after Combine Galactic Time became standard is often referred to as 'the Combine'. Similarly, the galaxy prior to Combine Galactic Time may be referred to as 'pre-Combine' or 'BCGT' (Before Combine Galactic Time), or simply referenced by a negative year number (e.g. Year -1).


Months and Fete Weeks of the Year

  • New Year Fete Week
  • 1. Elona
  • 2. Kelona
  • 3. Selona
  • 4. Telona
  • 5. Nelona
  • 6. Helona
  • Festival of Life Fete Week
  • 7. Melona
  • 8. Yelona
  • 9. Relona
  • Festival of Stars Fete Week
  • 10. Welona

Fete Days

  • Empire Day, 1 Selona (celebrated as Republic Day or similar in non-Imperial territories)
  • Productivity Day, 1 Helona
  • Harvest Day, 1 Relona

Every four years, Empire Day (or its equivalent) is celebrated as its own day, rather than 1 Selona. It is occasionally referred to as 36 Kelona or 0 Selona. On such occasions, the day is referred to as a Fete Day rather than be a particular day of the week (see below).

Days of the week

  1. Primeday or Atunda
  2. Centaxday or Katunda
  3. Taungsday or Satunda
  4. Zhellday or Datunda
  5. Benduday or Natunda

Application to pre-Combine Events

Dating events during the last few decades of pre-Combine history is not always possible with exact accuracy, due to the difficulties mentioned above and the reduction in the number of days in each year.