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BC Lorell Raiders.png
Boloball-Club Lorell Raiders
Short nameRaiders
FoundedY18 D138
GroundLorell Raiders Arena
OwnerXesh Randell
ManagerBenedict Tharandon
LeagueGalactic Boloball League
Season 21st in Sector Division

Boloball-Club Lorell Raiders, commonly known as BC Lorell Raiders, or Raiders, is a hapan boloball club based on Lorell, Hapes Cluster. It is best known for winning its first season without a single lost game.


Lorell Raiders is very new Boloball-Club founded towards the end of the first season of Galactic Boloball League on Y18 D138. It unites boloball players of all backgrounds from many of the planets in Hapes Cluster.


BC Lorell Raiders Colours.png




Season 2 - Sector Division

  • Won Sector Division
  • Birk Rygh (MVP; X11 Captain)
  • Knut Sæther (Top Scorers: 10 goals; Most points: 10 points)


Current Squad

As of Y18 D254

# Pos Name
1 GK Morten Bojer
2 D Sigvald Isachsen
3 D Birk Rygh (vice-captain)
4 D Lars-Roar Tønseth
5 D Håvard Frogner
6 D Anton Smith-Meyer
7 MF Hallgeir Bjørnebye (captain)
8 MF Hårek Øien
9 F Knut Sæther
10 F Sven Kildahl
11 MF Bjarte Bastiansen
13 MF Arnold Sæbbe
# Pos Name
14 D Robin Rambøl
15 MF Stein Joramo
16 D Edvard Johansen
17 MF Preben Gullerud
18 MF Ximun Arteta
19 F Hjalmar Gjesdal
20 F Dwayne Wallace
21 D Jesper Hartviksen
22 MF Wilfred Åsbø
23 F Tom-Eivind Enerly
99 GK Terje Bull


Seasons Captain Vice-Captain
2 Birk Rygh Arnold Sæbbe
3 Hallgeir Bjørnebye Birk Rygh

Special Numbers

No. 12 was retired at the beginning of the 3rd season officially acknowledging the fans as the 12th man of the team.
No. 99 was given to the reserve goalkeeper.


Season GP W D L GF-GA Diff P Cup
2-SD 10 10 0 0 29-3 26 30 SF

GP = Games played; W = Win; D = Draw; L = Loss; GF = Goals for; GA = Goals against; Diff = Goal Difference; P = Points;
R16 = Round of sixteen; QF = Quarterfinals; SF = Semifinals.