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General Information
Status Active
Leader Crow Kain
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 183
Political Information
Industry Item Production

Nestled within the Perinn Sector lies the frozen planet of Cantras Gola. A forbidding realm which remains immersed in an eternal twilight from the Raraza Nebula. It's within this harsh environment where a civilization of hardened sentients have survived through wit and perseverance, which has only increased the resilience, mettle and honor of all who reside there.

The relentless nature of this environment and the seemingly never ending demand for survival equipment led Crow Kain on a business venture that was destined to expand. Through hard work and determination he has launched BLACKBIRD Industries, a culmination of his efforts founded on the principles of free trade and personal liberties.

BLACKBIRD Industries continues to strive and cut out a permanent niche in the Galactic markets through its top notch customer service. The staff at BLACKBIRD realize that the customers are the backbone of our organization and we value your needs above everything else.

If it can be built we'll build it! From armor and weapons to all domestic and commercial products, our diverse catalog is guaranteed to have something for every consumer. We will also accept custom contracts for RESTRICTED products and their security is guaranteed.

"Because at BLACKBIRD Industries, We're Making the Things You Love, only Better!"