Baktoid Armour Workshop

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Baktoid Armour Workshop
General Information
Status Active
Leader Rik Noiz
Owner Trade Federation
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 59
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Industry Items Manufacturer
Holosite Baktoid Armour Workshop

Baktoid Armour Workshop first came into the galactic spotlight ten years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars as a vehicle manufacturer for the Trade Federation. It was merged with Haor Chall Engineering after a failed invasion of a Republic planet, becoming the scapegoat for the Trade Federation's incompetence. For decades the name Baktoid disappeared from the minds of the general galactic populace, even though many of it's designs fought the Republic in the Clone Wars.

Baktoid as we know it now was once a faction called the Sons & Daughters of Freedom, a group of people dedicated to neutrality from the civil war. After time the numerous factions broke apart, leaving only a few members left and having to use an items manufacturer as a front for their activities. When SDF's finally became a government, there was no need for a cover and so the company and it's designs were sold to the Trade Federation where it was renamed to Baktoid Armour Works.

The pinnacle of Baktoids achievements came under the guidance of CEO Metyl Onyx, after it excelled beyond all expectations through infrastructure upgrades, process restructuring and numerous datacard aquisitions by the Trade Federation and Imperial Union. Especially honourable, was the decision by Viceroy Jacob Jansen not to restrict the newly aquired technology from the rest of the galaxy. Next, under the guidance of CEO Takhisis, Baktoid continued to remain the leading items manufacturer, serving the galaxy with numerous personal item designs and ensuring the future success and prosperity of the company.


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