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Diablirus Balseraph
Diablirus Balseraph Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Denon
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Weight 82 kilograms
Coloring Brown hair
Eye Color Brown eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Order of Darkness
Rank General
Positions Commander of the Imperial Army
Leader of the Royal Guard
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

General Diablirus Balseraph was an incorruptible Imperial officer who was instrumental in the downfall of Emperor Suntzu in Year -2 and, later, Emperor Vodo Bonias in Year -1. During the brief reign of Emperor Suntzu, Balseraph served as commander of the Imperial Army and was exiled after openly accusing Suntzu of incompetence. Belseraph joined forces with former emperor Hiram Drayson to form the legendary Order of Darkness which conducted a successful propaganda campaign against Suntzu and led to his abdication. Several years later, Balseraph was readmitted to the Empire and appointed commander of the Imperial Royal Guard. When Emperor Vodo Bonias raped a female officer, Balseraph successfully roused public sentiment against Bonias and succeeded in deposing him.


Order of Darkness

During the one-month reign of Emperor Suntzu, Balseraph accused Moff Vodo Bonias of encouraging Suntzu to enact policies which favored the Imperial Navy over the Army. Balseraph soon gained the support of former emperor Hiram Drayson and, together, Drayson and Balseraph formed "the Order of Darkness" which Drayson asserted was "a purer iteration of the Empire." This latter collective claimed that Suntzu was the simple-minded puppet of Bonias. Due to these allegations, Suntzu exiled Balseraph from the Galactic Empire. Shortly thereafter, Imperial forces under Moff Bonias' command attacked Balseraph and his Army officers who fled Imperial space.

In an unexpected counter-move, Admiral Dyvel Price of the Imperial Navy defected to Balseraph's Order of Darkness, stealing a number of Imperial Star Destroyers in the process. Now beyond the reach of Suntzu and Bonias, the Order continued to disseminate its views and undermined Suntzu's rule. As the beliefs of the Order gained prevalence throughout the galaxy, Emperor Suntzu was viewed as weak by his subjects and ultimately forced to abdicate.

Royal Guardsman

After several years in exile, Balseraph was allowed to return to the Empire and his former rank of General was restored. He was appointed commander of the Imperial Royal Guard under Emperors Vodo Bonias. During his tenure as a Royal Guardsman, a brutal incident occurred in which a female officer, Captain Hel, was allegedly raped by Bonias in the presence of the High Command and other Royal Guardsmen. Disgusted by this puerile act, Balseraph publicly denounced Bonias on Year -1 Day 184 in a Holonet transmission as "a piece of rat filth." Despite Bonias' attempts to defuse the ensuing controversy, Balseraph's accusations and widespread outrage eventually forced Bonias to abdicate as Emperor on Year -1 Day 271.

The fate of General Balseraph remains unknown.

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