Bando Gora

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Bando Gora
General Information
Motto "Freedom by any means necessary."
Status Active
Leader Darin Byrch
2IC Kuuda Ki
Headquarters Venaari
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 143
Political Information
Industry Religion
Holosite Bando Gora

The Bando Gora is a Force Cult based off of the planet Venaari, and is lead by the Dark Lord of the One Sith Darin Byrch. It was founded on Year 20, Day 143.


A reemergence of a Force cult from before the Clone Wars, the Bando Gora were once a deadly power in the underbelly of the galaxy. Operated out of the Bogden Sector, the name "Bando Gora" was similar to that of the boogeyman to the citizens of the sector. However, years before the Clone Wars began, the cult was destroyed when a massive bounty was placed on the leader, a fallen Jedi. Decades later, a child of the Bogden Sector embraced the Dark Side, and brought the cult back from the grave. The Bando Gora was alive once again.

Taking legends he had heard as a child, information he had discovered about the Cult's history, and the teachings he had received over the years he shaped the Bando Gora into what he wanted to see. Not seeing a important enough benefit, he chose to not use his power to corrupt his followers like his predecessor did, creating mindless beings of servitude. He chose to focus on leading his people to prosperity, even if it meant destroying the rest of the galaxy.

On Day 329 of Year 20, Darin Byrch and a group of other Force sensitive individuals revealed themselves to the galaxy. Adopting the One Sith philosophy, the group referred to themselves as Sith.

On Day 279 of Year 21, Bando Gora was renamed to the Order of the One Sith.