Banquo Knox

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Banquo Knox
Banquo Knox Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Anzat
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87m
Eye Color Varies
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire
The Damned

Banquo Knox is an Anzati male and notably served as the Dark Prince of Black Sun from Year 12 Day 336 to Year 14 Day 230. He was succeeded by Dark Princess Cait Catra. After membership in the Galactic Empire for some time he returned to Black Sun, where he now serves as the Vigo of Shadows and second-in-command.


The Early Years

Born the middle child it was obvious that a lot of his problems spawned form that fact alone, in constant competition for attention he couldn't help but get caught up in the less than legal activities Coruscant had to offer. Of course his family looked down at him but he looked at that kind of life as character building.

Now, his parents were small business owners, his father ran a general store and his eldest brother spent most of his time stacking shelves and trying to salvage what little dignity he could with his meaningless life, most people looked up to their older siblings but that was never the case around the Knox household.

The youngest of the three boys was addicted to education, a model child, jealousy was never really his thing but on a daily basis he would stare holes into his little brother and the pending success that would follow him throughout the galaxy in the future.

With the business all but finished his father died, the general decay of age and exhaustion setting in and with that he had left the family with no source of income, of course his mother stepped up and took over the reigns of the day to day operations of the store. With supplies low and the families line of credit well and truly in the red she turned to prostitution. Soon after his youngest brothers graduation she died.

The trio put her death down to something they could all stomach like a broken heart at the loss of her life partner, but they all knew that mummy had a substance abuse problem and it had finally got the better of her.

Arutus, his eldest brother took it upon himself to become the man of the house and take care of his much younger siblings and went off in search of employment in a galaxy that he had no experience in. Months passed and there was no word, it's hard to contact your loved ones when you're rotting in a dumpster on some world in the outer rim. After striking another name off the proverbial chalkboard he looked at his younger brother who he had been looking after up until this point and tossed him a handful of credits.

The next day he joined the Empire, his brother remained on the lower levels of Coruscant, their last conversation was not poetic or heartfelt, it was a cruel goodbye. Their parents favourite son was left to fend for himself in the belly of one of the most savage planets in the galaxy, and the very thought of him struggling to survive did nothing but prompt a smile.

Galactic Empire

Upon joining the Galactic Empire and graduating from the Imperial academy he was thrust into the Infantry as a Private, he was sent to Kuat to join the Spectres and after a little over a year of trudging through dense vegetation and mud he realized it wasn't where he wanted to be. It was then he decided the quickest road to the top was to remove his commanding officers one by one, and with the reluctant help of Ralic Feali he set about doing just that.

Report after report of their performance, training incidents involving injuries of soldiers, and general disarray amongst the ranks saw his commanders reassigned and replaced as the lower ranks were promoted to eventually take their place. Sergeant First Class, the highest rank he achieved within the army.

Showing a disregard for the rules, and penchant for deceit, and a complete lack of morals he was transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau where his talents could be put to a much better use. It wasn't long before they put a blaster in his hand and pointed him in the right direction, Mark DeMeer, a Lieutenant Colonel and someone he had a grudge against which made squeezing the trigger all that more interesting. Mark DeMeer was the first person he'd ever killed, the beginning of a long list.

A whirlwind of politics followed the next six months of his career as the Dark Empire returned to its core, and he was made liason between the fleet and the throne. Instantly his relationship with Vodo Bonias was a shaky one, and though he knew he wasn't suited for the task he continued to aid their ammalgamation.

After a joke gone ary involving Master Bonias he was captured and tortured, an attack that rendered him without the use of his arms and legs. Once rescued from a remote planet he returned to Coruscant aboard a medical ship and was slowly pieced back together becomming more metal than man. The Empire had changed dramatically in his absence, the Emperor had been removed from his throne and replaced, once he had recovered from his injuries he to parted as did many others.

Black Sun

Black Sun, headed by Prince Plojo Rosom had approached him several times, finally he accepted the offer and joined the Family taking his place at the head of the security division. Soon enough he rose through the ranks and was made Lord of the Nal Hutta sector, one of the only places in the galaxy that he felt at home in. Under the banner of the Family a group known as the Darkest Knights were formed, the Princes personal hit squad, a group of people from varying backgrounds with the same goal, take what you can while you can and never look back.

By this time Nal Hutta had become a hive of activity, most of it hostile toward Black Sun, he had heard that a Carrack had landed in one of the cities on the outskirts of Nar Shadaa and were scouting for the former Twi'Lek slave of Veynom, Maala. Instantly he pieced together his team and swooped on the pirates who had invaded his territory.

What he found was the Jolly Roger, a capital ship owned by Keir Santage, and another handful of people joining the search for the slave. Several squads of Vipers ignited the skyline bombarding the Carrack as it attempted to escape, the pirates replied with cloud cars that were no match for the Black Sun fighters.

In a bold move the Carrack tried to launch into hyper from atmosphere but due to the massive damage it sustained during the battle it broke up rendering all aboard deceased, including Keir Santage. The conflict had ended without him firing a single shot, but due to his position a stream of large credit bounties were placed upon his head, and though several attempts were made to collect them he remained as the Lord of Nal Hutta and continued his work.

A message was dispatched and he was recalled to Kiffex, when he arrived there was no applause, not that he expected any but what he did expect to find he didn't. Plojo was gone and replaced with Xya Howie. The pair had dealt with one another on many levels prior to her taking the throne, their relationship had been both romantic and hateful depending on their mood. Blind loyalty to Plojo forced him to relinquish his position within the Family and step away from the throne.

The Damned

Those discontent with the new order of Black Sun left and formed a group known as The Damned, a security company that were known for their ruthless methods. Headed by Tara Tylger who had been recovered from Nal Hutta after her departure from the throne they set about building a corporation. Their reign was short lived as the group spread themselves too thin and eventually tore themselves apart from within, again they parted ways though this time he vowed it would be the last time he placed so much faith into his so called friends.

Black Sun Revisited

The galaxy had grown cold and lonely, for a mercenary, a killer he had reached what was considered to be old age for someone of that occupation. Once again he turned to Black Sun, loveless, childless and alone he opened his arms and embraced the ideals he had held so dearly in the past. Welcommed once more into the clutches of the Family he pledged his life to the throne, and to the Prince, Corvis Orion, and took his place under the banner of Vigo Tar Alaks.

Following Alaks stepping down, Dark Prince Knox began his rein, choosing to continue the return to the focus of Family within the organization. Knox worked hard to keep diplomatic bridges open between Black Sun and other governments striving for a degree of legitimization. Though eventually Knox retired from Black Sun, joining the Galactic Empire in Year 14, he returned to Black Sun in late Year 16 where he now serves as the Vigo of Shadows and second-in-command.

Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Tar Alaks
Banquo Knox
Year 12 Day 336Year 14 Day 230
Succeeded By:
Cait Catra