Baobab Merchant Fleet

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This article is about the current Baobab Merchant Fleet. You may be looking for Baobab Merchant Fleet (Year 9 - Year 21)

Baobab Merchant Fleet
BMF logo300x197.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Hugh Kanduit
Historical Information
Formed from Baobab Merchant Fleet
(New Republic PSA)
Founded Year 21 Day 144
Political Information
Affiliation -ARK-.png -ARK-
Industry Trade Conglomerate
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Baobab Merchant Fleet (BMF) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Outer Rim Government -ARK-. BMF acts as the specialised trading arm of the -ARK- group, providing trading services to the general public, corporations, and other governments of the Galaxy. Services include an extensive trade network and specialist business managers.

Previously part of the now defunct New Republic, BMF merged into it's close ally and partner the Arkanian Brotherhood at the same time as the Arkanian Brotherhood merged with the old Hyporian Commonwealth to form the new Hyporian Commonwealth. BMF was then retained by -ARK- when if formed out of the new Hyporian Commonwealth.

With the change from being a New Republic PSA to an -ARK- owned subsidiary, BMF branding was updated to create seperation from the old BMF to the new BMF. The brand heavily leaned into it's nickname "The Fleet" and went with a more modern and sleek look, while retaining the familiar BMF colours of Red and Yellow.

New BMF horizontal brand banner
New BMF vertical brand banner