Baobab Merchant Fleet (Year 9 - Year 21)

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This article is about the Trading Company that operated from Year 9 to 21 as a Private Sector Affiliate of the New Republic. You may be looking for the current Baobab Merchant Fleet.

Baobab Merchant Fleet
BMF logo300x197.png
General Information
Motto Making money grow from the trees
Status Defunct
Leader Belwarmec_Al-Thorac
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 269
Dissolved Year 21 Day 144
(Merged with The Hyporian Commonwealth & Arkanian Brotherhood to create a new government under the name The Hyporian Commonwealth)
Political Information
Affiliation The New Republic
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Holosite Baobab Merchant Fleet

Baobab Merchant Fleet (BMF) is a trading company located in the southeast quadrant of the galaxy, with headquarters in the Arbran and Calast systems. BMF has been a private sector affiliate of the New Republic since Year 9. At present it is a well-respected company that has gained a consolidated position among the many trading conglomerates in the galaxy. Founded with few facilities, one Trading Station II, a single Shipyard I, four BFF-1 bulk freighters, one Action VI, and a handful of light freighters, the company's assets have decuplicated and allow BMF to provide a full range of services and products.

Currently, the BMF field of expertise and industrial structure can provide:

  • production of civilian and military ships, vehicles, items and droids;
  • design and construction of single cities, whole ecumenopoleis, space stations;
  • logistics and delivery;
  • management of trading facilities and space stations;
  • prospecting, recycling;
  • sale of products on demand.

The company commits to meeting legal requirements of fair and socially responsible trading. A Board of Directors helps in making the major decisions.

Important partnerships were concluded with the New Republic and Arkanian Brotherhood.


Company Values

Since its foundation, the company has demonstrated a deep understanding of each customer's needs, opinions, and satisfaction as well as a dedicated care for its employees.

The company's motto and mission is to make credits grow from the trees. The Wookiee entrepreneur Zeth Quo had the vision of a business which could benefit not only the company employees but also its customers. As founder Zeth Quo once said, "If you count on Baobab Merchant Fleet, you can sit back and watch your bank account grow, or as we like to say it: Baobab Merchant Fleet, making money grow from the trees."

Employees are not considered subordinates and their status is defined as "Baobabers." Everyone is part of a community of peers where everyone is heard. The command structure, necessary to make everything run smoothly, is devised horizontally rather than pyramidically. Also, titles are rather slack, and they are meant to indicate more the main occupation or current role than a hierarchical position.

Also, the company gives back to the galactic community by sponsoring non-profit groups and events.

Company Policies

Company policies are aimed at maintaining an excellent level of relationship with customers, clients, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Employees are highly trained and follow high quality standards. They are the ones who make the business run and their morale influences each other and helps achieve the aims.

BMF complies with Republican legal requirements and provides equal opportunity in employment to individuals.

The company adopts an "open door policy" to understand better the needs and aspirations of everyone and to solve conflicts that may arise. Second jobs or other activities outside employment, such as freelance employment, consulting, or sales is not prohibited by the company or its subsidiaries, but it is regulated to avoid a conflict of interest or deterioration in satisfactory performance.


The Beginning

The company was founded in Year 9 Day 269 on Calast VI and has grown a lot ever since. Originally, the company had just a few small ships and its first jobs were construction on planets such as Denab and two small ecumenopoleis in system. Back in those days, many freighters were shipped inside Zeth Quo's own Bayonet, and BMF pilots had to wait often for a BFF-1 bulk freighter to become available. Hauling raw materials was done with many trips of a single Action VI.

It happened many times that there were not enough raw materials to carry out jobs, and BMF had to wait for orders to mining companies to be dispatched to continue the tasks. Some vehicles and ships were also produced.

CEO Zeth Quo planned that — by the next year — the company's aims were to expand the fleet with more BFF-1 bulks and Action VIs, to increase the number of employees, and to provide better standards of life for them all. As for external stakeholders, Mr. Quo worked towards improving the integration with the New Republic.
On Year 9 Day 292 the company became a private sector affiliate of the New Republic.

Year 10

A page from the BMF house organ (circa Year 10).

After about six months, BMF was able to expand its headquarters, and a big step ahead was the possibility to mine raw materials autonomously, therefore no longer depending exclusively on external contractors.

The company worked hard in the construction of an ecumenopolis on Denab III, while its shipyards produced more freighters to keep up with the increasing orders and needs. The development of an optimal mining infrastructure led to the creation of many jobs in the mining cities on Denab VI.

The company job orders included cities on Bpfassh V, Arkanis IV, and Denab V.

Late in the same year, the company was able to build more shipyards and factories for its own production, and BMF cut its share of the market by selling small- to medium-sized ships.

When these milestones were met, CEO Quo took advantage of this increased wealth to offer the first BMF Members Investment Project (MIP). Those MIPs became a custom over time, offering investment plans in areas such as ships, items, facilities, stations, and so on.

At the end of Year 10, the company had met its planned aims and had the capacity to produce bigger ships.

Year 11

Differently from the previous year, the company was capable of taking and dealing with many assignments all at once.

The company was considered reliable by its stakeholders and she won several contracts to build defensive facilities and military ships such as Kaloth BattleCruisers.

The productive infrastructure grew to a new level, both in space and on ground. Production centres were built on several planets and CEO Quo started planning a Sales Depot in order to improve the company's logistics.

By the middle of the year, the company could open its second Headquarters, and initially the plan was to set it up in Denab system. However, its construction was delayed because a new possible location was considered more advantageous.

The company got a big order from the New Republic to build Trading Stations all over the galaxy.
BMF factories started producing hundreds of fighters, and the company managed to build its first Shipyard IV to produce the best ships available.

Year 12

Arbran V Medal

Thanks to negotiations among the New Republic Chief of State Taka Aioko, Arkanian Royal Engineers (later known as Arkanian Brotherhood) CEO Nat Dues and BMF CEO Zeth Quo, on Day 21 ARE and BMF managed to buy five planets and set an important age in their respective organisations.

The plans for the second company headquarters indicated Arbran III as the best choice, and a period of prospecting, construction, and complex logistics turned it to be the most massive project ever for BMF.
The ecumenopolis on Arbran V was split equally between ARE and BMF, and both organisations worked well in this joint project. Given the high level of organisation, activity, and cooperation, Zeth Quo decided to award the participants with the "Arbran V Medal" as a sign of gratitude for the hard work done.

With the breaking out of Derra skirmishes, CEO Quo saw the need to prepare for the looming days of this galaxy, therefore the Baobab Defense Force (BDF) was created: Davin Markyle was appointed as Commander, with Daniel Sadman as Lieutenant (2IC).

The company's orders included also the shielding of several planets.

On the galactic level, BMF had acquired a longstanding good name among its stakeholders and the reorganisation of Arkanian Trade Syndicate into a shipbuilding company (Arkanian Royal Engineers) made BMF as the only trading company on Republican territory. Also, the customer portfolio of ATS passed to the BMF.

Year 13

The increased wealth of the company made possible a new payscale with bonuses.

The BMF shipyards produced Modular Taskforce Cruisers, Tabder-class Heavy Haulers, boosting therefore the company capacity to build and haul.

The BMF defenses were expanded with the acquisitions of gunships and corvettes.

The year was spent mostly developing the territory and keeping up with orders.

During this year, the highest galactic authorities decided that trading stations and commerce centres owned exclusively by trade groups were sanctioned to operate in the galactic market, and this meant that BMF once again lived a flow of orders to build or manage such assets.

Year 14

Tolonda - the five Baobabers planting the BMF flag on an area planned to be rebuilt.

During this year BMF consolidated themselves maintaining all departments busy and completing large and difficult projects, both internal and external.

The fight between The Infinite Empire and Faerytail Medical for the control of Tolonda involved the participation of the company which was called to help by providing all necessary assets to building defensive facilities and shields. Five people took part in the first intervention in an armed conflict: Zeth Quo, Narod Haler, Joonan Agmarr, Davin Markyle, and Izjna Khaldo, and they were awarded the Republic Service Medal.

Shielding jobs were also done in several other planets and Incom Corporation gave a lucrative contract to develop Huldamun II.

In the middle of the year, CEO Zeth Quo retired from his position and was replaced by Narod Haler.

Towards the end of the year, the New Republic assigned BMF as manager of a whole system defense group. For this reason, the company's production lines were used for a massive ship production project including military ships of the Mon Calamari class.

Year 15

BMF network of 43 space stations with free access to the Galactic Market.
Official painting for the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter company fleet.

During this year, plans included the expansion and development of living conditions on Arbran planets, a restructure of the Sales Department in order to relaunch public sales of the BMF licensed products, and the completion of the Denab System Defense Group.
Also, a widespread network of trading stations[1] around the galaxy was implemented, giving the opportunity to every sentient being to stop and trade at the Galactic Market.
Following the unfortunate dissolution of Alderaan Mining Corporation on Day 150, Baobab Merchant Fleet was able to acquire a good amount of facilities that allowed the company to take control of the Bosph system (and sector) on Day 164.
The mercantile fleet of BFF-1 Bulk Freighters was painted with the company logo, to improve the visibility of BMF in the galaxy.
Within the scope of giving back to the galactic community, BMF sponsored the Corellian Room gambling station owned by Vesh Oleander[2] and the Reek Riding sporting events.[3] The company was also involved in building the Sport and Leisure Centre of the Galactic Sports Association on Otunia II planet, and gave a Palace on a free loan to the Galactic Reek Riding Association for their headquarters.

Year 20 / Year 21

BMF as a company waned as it struggled to compete with larger and more resourced companies in the trading sector. The members of the Board of Directors either left for other opportunities or headed into retirement. This loss of direction meant that rank and file members also lost faith in the company and either left or headed into retirement themselves. The destruction of the New Republic in The War for the Republic was another blow for the company with losses of company assets and access to resources and markets within the New Republic. Baobab Merchant Fleet helped to create the newly formed Rebel Alliance, but in the months that followed it was clear the company could not survive in it's current format. On Year 21 Day 144 Baobab Merchant Fleet left it's official affiliation with the Rebel Alliance and joined the newly formed Hyporian Commonwealth with the then existing Hyporian Commonwealth and it's close ally the Arkanian Brotherhood. At that point Baobab Merchant Fleet became a Government owned Subsidiary of the new Hyporian Commonwealth.


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