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About Us

After Paul Fraizer first viewed a live shockball game he fell in love. But in those days BarabI had no shockball team. Barabels who from time to time transported off-world as players for other teams. After accumulating a humble amount of wealth he contacted Troon Kebris to become the newest team in the Colonial Shockball League. Paul then went back to Barab to buy the King Biaz Stadium.

Despite the heavy cloud cover, Barab I's atmosphere is thin and allows massive amounts of heat and radiation to penetrate to the planet's surface. Once reflected off the terrain, these elements remain largely trapped in the lower atmosphere by the dense clouds. Additionally, the extreme heat of the daytime sun evaporates almost all surface water, which leaves the ground dry and cracked; this, along with the radiation, has contributed to almost a complete lack of surface vegetation.This makes the King Biaz Stadim a marvel of Brabel architecture. At first glance it apears to be an above average sized arena. But the bulk of the arena's 80,000 stands is actually undeground. Like a glacier only the tip of the arena is visible from ground level. There is an entire tunnel system deep underground which makes it possible for fans to access the stadium day or night.

Now in their first seaon the Titans hope to start a legacy of Excellance.



The Titans are built around a great group of corp players. Each player important to the upcoming year. From the captain to the water droid. No Let me introduce you to Your Barab Titans!

  • Galatea Onasi Captain, Agressor, Flanker, Guardian
  • Damian Kappa Guardian, Aggresor
  • Mai Mont'ari Aggresor, Flanker
  • Kia'nd'ra Blith Flanker
  • Plaba Grottil Guardian

Shockball Insider Magazine Articles

Galatea Onasi is the perfect choice for captain of the Titans. He is unanimously considered one of the best athletes along with Olothorin Mugaba. Galetea slices through defenders like a lightsaber. But that is not all from this Barabel star. He is also able to defend the best player on the other squad. He is able to play every position on the field. The only problems scouts have with him is will he be able to trust his tammates when the seconds tick down on the clock?

Damian is a great potential talent. Being paired with Galatea will allow him free range on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. But unlike Galatea he is a great team player always seemingly able to find the open player. Sadly his commitment has been called into question on more than one occasion. Hopefully this year he can mature into the player everyone expects him to be. The Titans will need him.

Mai Montari is the name guardians do not speak. He is able to score on any player he faces. It is said his eyes steals the soul of his enemies. At any point of the game he is able to takeover. No matter what early or late into the game he just crushes defenders. But his defensive skills are his true weakness. He routinly allows rival players past him. Mai's job this season will be to be the Titans closer.

Kiandra Blith is a servicable option as guardian or aggresor. But he is best kown for his pure shock ball skill as a flanker. After Galatea Kia' should be noted for being the best pure athlete on the Titans. He will probably play as first bench player this year. He is a true shockball player and will be able to come of the bench and help the Titans in case of any injury.

Plaba is an odd choice for the Titans. He has been out of shockball for three years. Though when he played he was a great captain and leader somewhat in the mold of Galatea. He is definately going to be a calming influence on the Titan bench. But now you have to wonder if those old legs can get him up and down the field.


1 Kothlis United Away
2 Kaminonan Longnecks Away
3 TGM Thrashers Away
4 Lothbo Rancors Home
5 Vosadii Vipers Home
6 Thyferra Swarm Home
7 Aldaravir Starstrikers Home
8 Bye
9 Biotech Medics Home
10 Welfcom TwinSuns Away
11 Cybot Sentinels Away
12 Kothlis United Home
13 Kaminoan Longnecks Home
14 TGM Thrashers Home
15 Lothbo Rancors Away
16 Vosadii Vipers Away
17 Thyferra Swarm Away
18 Aldaravir Starstrikers Away
19 Bye
20 Biotech Medics
21 Welfcom TwinSuns Home
22 Cybot Sentinels Home