Bashill Enth

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Bashill Enth
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Born unknown
Died not applicable
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height not available
Coloring not available
Hair Color not available
Eye Color not available
Political Information
Affiliation Brilliant Blue
Title Chef
Rank Owner
Prior Affiliation various prospecting and intel groups

Bashill Enth was born and grew up on Alderaan. After having attended an academy for advanced computer operations and slicing, Enth, as he would be commonly called, wound up moving through various intelligence groups.

He would later try his hand at prospecting for a few years. Coming upon a large vertex deposit, he sold the rights to it and moved to an out of the way part of the galaxy, Asher I. While at his home there, he decided to refine his cooking skill. Watching instructional holovids and practicing intently, Enth became well versed in food preparation for different races. Confident in his ability, he purchased a recently vacated restaurant property close to his residence in Year 8. Naming it Brilliant Blue, after the large vertex deposit, he opened with a diverse and appealing menu.