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BSD Bastion
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 137168
Production date Day 127 of Year 10
Class Star Destroyer
Model Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Technical specifications
Length 1,600 meters
Engine unit(s) KDY Destroyer-I ion engines (3)
Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engines (4)
Power plant SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor
Shield & Sensor Array KDY ISD-72x shield generator domes (2)
Speed Hyperdrive: 2.0
Sublight: 10 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (80)
Ion Battery (60)
Tractor beam (1)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Hangar bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Medical Room (1)
Escape pod (20)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Crew 10,750 (skeleton and slave-rigged/automated)
Passenger Capacity 3,800
Cargo capacity 30,000 tons
Consumables 10 years (skeleton crew)
Commissioned Secutor Year 14
Bastion Year 20
Role(s) Battleship
Mobile bazaar
Home Port Woldona system
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Owner(s) Blue Star Dominion
Previous Owner(s) Dael`mor
Cait Catra
Niobe Asha
Black Sun
Galactic Empire
Commander(s) Cpt. Murphy Zhylton

The BSD Bastion is an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that serves as the flagship of the Blue Star Dominion and is commanded by Captain Murphy Zhylton. It is one of the exceedingly few Star Destroyers to have left the Imperial Union's control.


Little information is publicly accessible about the overall operational history of the Bastion, except that it was originally constructed for the Imperial Navy by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and was among the earliest Star Destroyers granted to the Black Sun syndicate after their entrance into the Imperial Union. When the vessel was awarded to Vigo Cait Catra to serve as her flagship within Black Sun, she took great care to handpick the massive crew from among worlds that either her Mandalorian clan, Dael`mor, or CatrAsha Industries had helped. This included several worlds that the former Black Sun leadership had oppressed until Vigo Catra and her wife, Vigo Asha, rose to power and intervened. This move ensured that the crew would remain loyal to the pair in any circumstance and would prove vital in the Star Destroyer's future. Under the command of Vigo Catra, the Bastion patrolled and defended Black Sun's territory with ruthless efficiency. Most notably, the warship allegedly took part in the Battle of Axilla in Year 13, securing complete control of the Ciutric sector and decimating the opposing United Rebel Front forces.

When Alexander von Ismay took the Black Sun throne from Empress Asha near the end of Year 14, the loyalist crew of the Bastion defected from the new regime and sought out their deposed leaders. Despite the story that Ismay sold everyone else, the crew's majority remained steadfast in their commitment to Catra and Asha, and soon joined back up with them and clan Dael'mor and was rechristened as the Secutor. The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, alongside the clan's Victory I-class Star Destroyer Britannia, proved instrumental in securing the Gree system and protecting it from any sort of counterattack. Supported by a ring of Golan defense platforms, the Star Destroyers stood their ground against a potentially-hostile Imperial fleet in Year 16. Facing off against two Imperial I-class and three Victory I-class Star Destroyers supported by a single Carrack/S-class light cruiser that dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of the Gree system, the Secutor and Britannia stood fast against the uninvited visitors until they departed several days later.

In Year 19, the Secutor's control codes were transferred to Tomas on the 108th day of Year 19 as part of a massive deal regarding controlling stake of the Sevetta and Homon sectors. Tomas had struck a deal with his closest allies, Cait Catra and Niobe Asha, to exchange his controlling interests of the two sectors in exchange for ownership of the Secutor, though he retained his holdings on the ecumenopolis Woldona VII. The warship was widely reported to have attended the fifth, sixth, and seventh annual Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meets in Year 19 [1] and Year 20.

On the 97th day of Year 20, the Secutor was rechristened as the Bastion. The vessel became the flagship of LodeCorp Mining in Year 21 and subsequently the flagship of the Blue Star Dominion in Year 22.


The Bastion has served as the flagship of the Gree Trade Authority, Dael`mor Mandalorian clan, Tomas o`Cuinn, LodeCorp Mining, and the Blue Star Dominion. The cost of keeping the warship operational over the years proved to be staggering, especially with the crew it demanded, but the pockets of its owners proved deep enough to handle the expense. Selling transportation to those seeking it also aided to offset the cost, with travelers, merchants, and other types seeking safe passage through the galaxy; some even made the Bastion their home, making arrangements with Tomas to provide a service to the crew or as a merchant aboard the ship. It is rumored that Tomas o`Cuinn has rented out space on the hull to paint advertisements for those companies willing to pay for it, further offsetting the cost of operations. It was decided early on to maintain only a skeleton crew supported by advanced slave-rigging to allow the majority of the ship's systems to remain operational with a severely diminished crew, though the warship would never be as functional or efficient as a fully-manned Imperial I-class. Between the three organizations, the Star Destroyer maintained the same configuration that was designed after its defection from Black Sun. No longer requiring the extensive layering of decks that the Imperial designers had engineered, Dael'mor cleared out entire sections of the interior to create enough space to construct what could be considered a small city. Most of the ship's levels, such as The Bowels and Main Engineering, were heavily restricted to ship's personnel and the occasional VIP guest. The majority of those seeking passage aboard the Bastion would only see one or two levels during their whole stay - the Black, Green, or Beskar decks.

The Bastion is still an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and therefore heavily armed and armored. While it was obviously capable of holding off all but the best-equipped sort of pirates, the warship was rarely alone and only occasionally strayed too far from its homeport of Woldona. While several of the hangar bays were kept open for passengers to arrive and depart, most were restricted to the crew and housed numerous squadrons of starfighters intended for defense. Since the Imperial I-class was more than capable of handling any capital smaller than itself, the majority of fighters carried aboard consisted of R-41 Starchasers - an affordable and effective anti-starfighter model. Alongside the R-41s, several squadrons of BTL-S3 Y-wing bombers were kept aboard specifically for the range of their proton torpedoes and the advantage they offered over enemy capitals armed with midrange turbolasers. After Tomas and Dael'mor managed to secretly produce hundreds of Viper-class starfighters between Year 18 and Year 19, the Y-wings were swapped out for Vipers to reduce the hangar capacity demanded without sacrificing the capacity for proton torpedos.


The Bowels

The Bowels are the lowest levels of the Bastion and are heavily restricted to security personnel and ship's crew, though passengers from larger ships housed in the lower docking bays may be granted extremely limited passage via turbolifts to the upper levels. The ship's brig is located in The Bowels and it is rumored to contain a number of prisoners at any given time; anyone found to break any of the ship's rules could become well-acquainted with the brig on this level.

Black Deck

The Black Deck sits just over The Bowels and is the first of three passenger levels, consisting primarily of cargo holds, rentable workshops, and bare passenger cabins. For passengers seeking anonymity, the Black Deck is their best option for traveling unnoticed (by other passengers) aboard the Bastion, though the price of this regularly is dependent upon their recognizably and desperation. Along with the secrecy, a few merchants with less-than-legal products are permitted to set up shop on the deck.

Green Deck

The Green Deck sits above the Black Deck and is the second of three passenger levels, consisting of mid-level passenger cabins and the majority of the ship's docking bays. The majority of passengers, those not seeking the Black Deck's secrecy or unable to afford the Beskar Deck's luxuries, book passage on the Green Deck as this is also where the majority of services and merchants were located. A large docking bay has been retrofitted and is called the Trader's Alley, serving as a massive bazaar for the crew and passengers alike to barter for or spend their credits on a wide selection of wares sold by both permanent and temporary merchants. Tomas retained a ten percent fee from each transaction, citing the massive operational cost of the Star Destroyer along with the protection afforded to the merchants by both the warship and the internal security forces.

Beskar Deck

The Beskar Deck sits above the Green Deck and is the third of three passenger levels and also the most luxurious and, therefore, expensive. Those passengers who can afford to and are willing to pay for it enjoy immense luxury on the Beskar Deck, alongside valued guests. The level contains dining halls, conference rooms, and recreational facilities that catered to the upper class and more than a few permanent residents of the Bastion pay a substantial amount of credits to live on the deck full-time.

Blue Deck

The Blue Deck sits above the Beskar Deck and houses the ship's crew along with their families, though the typical passenger is excluded from traveling this high into the ship. The Blue Deck includes mess halls, exercise facilities, and recreational facilities exclusive to the crew. While it is intended that they would never need to leave the deck, the crew are permitted complete access to the Black and Green decks to partake in the same entertainment and services as the ship's passengers.