Battle Armour

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Battle Armour
Type Item - Armour

Battle armor has been around for centuries. Modern energy-dissipating suits have evolved from metal plates attached to a basic body glove and have seen countless upgrades and modifications throughout the years. Many forms of armor now use a quantum-durasteel alloy to provide better trauma protection over critical areas, while high-tensile micro-fiber mesh protects extremities from cuts and ballistic penetration.

The drawback to such improvements is the increased weight, although lighter and more efficient modern materials go a long way to mitigate encumbrance. User mobility is decreased, but this is usually seen as a good trade for the extra protection provided. Additionally, no special training is required to use battle armor--a common limitation with more advanced power suits. For this reason, battle armor is favored by mercenaries, security firms, and small armies who may not have the funds, time, or training to make use of more advanced models.

Although modern battle armor is widely employed throughout the galaxy, it does little to protect against extreme environmental hazards, such as the arctic climate of Hoth or the baking heat one would encounter on Tatooine. For these types of conditions, specially designed survival suits are still regularly employed.