Battle Droid

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This article is about the B1 Battle Droid. For other "Battle" Droids, see Military Droids
Battle Droid
Terrain GasGiant.gif Mountain.gif Ocean.gif River.gif Volcanic.gif Swamp.gif
Light Blasters 1
Medium Blasters none
Weight Stats
Weight 0.1000 T
Volume 0.5000 m³
Weight Cap 0.0000 T
Volume Cap 0.0000 m³
Hull Stats
Hull 12
Deflector Shields 0
Ionic Capacity 10
Required Materials
Quantum 3
Meleenium 36
Rudic 6
Tibannagas 2
Varium 8
Hibridium 0
Other Information
Batch Quantity 2
Estimated Material Price 17,496
Affiliation Cerberus Corporation, Trade Federation

The Battle Droids (also B1 Battle Droids or Clankers) are Military Droids that are produced as a cheap and expandable organic soldier substitue. Being the successors of the OOM-Series Battle Droid, the B1's processing power was limited in comparison to theirs to further reduce the production costs.[1] Mainly, the Battle Droids are produced to swarm an enemy with it's huge numbers, not leaving them any chance to play out the advantages that an organic soldier possesses. The more sophisticated Destroyer Droid and Super Battle Droid alongside the common Battle Droids made the droid armies of the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the wars with the Galactic Republic under Hiram Drayson so successful.

Currently only Cerberus Corporation and the Trade Federation hold the rights to the Battle Droid blueprints.



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