Battle for Pzech and Pzat

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Battle for Pzech and Pzat
Outer Rim War
DateYear 10
LocationK-749 System
ResultEidola In Control of Pzat
TAC in Control of Pzech
EidolaThe Avance Coalition
Commanders and Leaders
Borr Fedick
Teniel Djo
Callisto Xaltir
Adi Romrir
Casualties and Losses


Tucked away in the Moddell sector lies a pair of cold, unforgiving planets known as Pzech and Pzat. Once owned and colonized by Black Dust Industries and the Avance Coalition, these planets would become the focal point of one sentient’s desire to betray his people and another’s desire to restore honor. Borr Fedick was Second in Command of Black Dust Industries and had become frustrated with the lack of direction his company was taking. Borr became disinterested in the seemingly narrow minded vision of the group’s future and eventually began to look elsewhere to further his career and quench his thirst for adventure. It was during this time of unrest that Borr met Teniel Djo, a crafty Eidolan pirate who wished to establish holdings in the Moddell sector.


The two met secretly several times and eventually hatched a plan to rip the two planets from BDI and Avance before either group knew what had happened. The plan involved Borr using his upper management privileges to assign power generator’s to Eta Vek, an Eidolan who would in turn dismantle the facilities from the inside out. In return for his efforts Borr was promised a prominent role with the Eidolans.


With the plan in place the group acted quickly as Eta slipped through light security on Pzech and easily unpowered many facilities. At the same time, Borr scrambled on Pzat to deactivate as many generators as he could. This coordinated effort allowed the two to quickly sabotage the planets cities and caused much chaos and confusion amongst the inhabitants.

Eta was assigned the task of establishing a secret base on Pzech with the assistance of Diabolus`ut Persolvo. Diabolus led a team of builders and a convoy of ships full of resources to the surface to immediately build up the Eidolan defense of the planet. Borr and Teniel attempted to do the same on Pzat, and the small team of pirates wasted no time in building temporary bases on both planets.

By this time Avance forces had been notified and word quickly spread. It wasn’t long before a Nautolan by the name of Dred Oodoov received word what had occurred. Although officially on leave from Avance to pursue personal business interests, Lady Oodoov was shocked at the news. She had personally built up and prospected much of both planets, and also laid to rest many close friends in that system. She soon vowed to return to Avance temporarily to lend her leadership skills and restore order to the Sector.

Avance eventually fought back on Pzech with a task force led by Lady Oodoov, who was able to reestablish power at many of their bases and immediately began coordinating a counterattack. Oodoov was able to secretly build a base complete with shield generators in an effort to trap and eradicate the Eidiolans and prevent further Eidolan support into the atmosphere. Borr narrowly slipped through the atmosphere just as the shield generators were activated, but Diabolus was too late. He lay stranded on Pzech for months, barely surviving as he ran from Avance security forces day and night. Eventually, Diabolus was able to shake Avance security forces and was reported missing. Although Avance Security sources reported that Diabolus was captured, Eidola denies this statement. The exact whereabouts of Diabolus to this day are uncertain. After a few months Lady Oodoov was able to starve out the remaining Eidolans and restored peace to Pzech.

While Avance focused on Pzech and the Eidiolans realized they were outnumbered, the pirates shifted their efforts to Pzat. At one point a reporter observed that Eidolan had held 28 different facilities, with only 3 Avance bases remaining. Despite their overwhelming force, underground Avance teams working secretly with Pzat citizens were able to arrest and execute hundreds of Eidolan builders. This secret task force continuously harassed the pirates and refused to let go of their remaining holdings on Pzat. The Eidolans would not be outdone, however, and after a year of pouring in countless builders and resources the Eidolans fully gained control of Pzat.


As a reward for his efforts, Borr was appointed Eidolan Quartermaster of the Moddell sector. Borr continued to develop Pzat and even gave his new cities unique names to spite the Avance people, such as “Pzat is now Eidolan Turf” and “I can’t help it, Eidola pays better”. He was eventually named Quartermaster to another sector, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Lady Oodoov was true to her word and returned to her private business after the battle ended. Although content that she was able to restore stability to Pzech, the loss of Pzat clearly weighs on her heart. As she would later state in an exclusive interview, “Borr Fedick’s actions were an offence to the free society and open constitution that Avance espouses.”