Battle of Beta

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Battle of Beta
Galactic Civil War
DateYear 4 Day 338Year 5 Day 8
LocationBeta system
ResultDecisive Imperial victory
Imperial Logo Small.png   Sith Order Emblem Round.png   Blue Sabre Transportation Emblem Round Year 4.png
Galactic Empire
Order of the Sith
Blue Sabre Transportation
Falleen Federation Emblem Small.png   Rebel Alliance Emblem Year 8.png   Loronar Security Emblem Year 1.png
Falleen Federation
Rebel Alliance
Loronar Security
Commanders and Leaders
Emperor Greyson Uebles
Executor Jennifer Dreighton
Lord Vodo Bonias
Grand Admiral Black Lodge
Brigadier General Durand
Commodore Daelin Zerk
King Eldrik Kuraine
Prince Tholin Dur'aak
Prince Jace Meridan
Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris
Lord Commander Zechs Darius
Supreme Commander Ava'taar
SSD Sovereign[1] (flagship)
9 Star Destroyers
3 Imperial Army Battalions
ISD Shadowstone[2] (flagship)
Libra (battle station)
Dreadnaught-class Cruisers
Casualties and Losses
Minor casualties
Jace Meridan ("triple-crossed")
Kuraine and his consort killed

Libra station destroyed
Prince Tholin Dur'aak exiled

103 million[2] to 1.5 billion civilians[1]
"May the Dark Side have mercy on them, for we won't..."
Emperor Greyson Uebles of the Galactic Empire, "Beta System Cleansed" - Year 5 Day 12

The Battle of Beta, also known as Operation Morning Thunder, Operation Beta, and the Beta Campaign, was a major battle in the ongoing Galactic Civil War in which Emperor Greyson Uebles' Galactic Empire grappled with King Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen Federation and its allies for control of the Beta system (later renamed by astral cartographers as the Loronar system). Occurring between Year 4 Day 338 and Year 5 Day 8, the engagement was one of the largest invasions in the recorded annals of warfare with a number of famous military leaders involved in the fray. Many veterans of the battle would later become notable figures in galactic history.

An uncharted system, Beta was first discovered by the Empire during its unsuccessful search for former Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. The system later became a Falleen stronghold and a defiant symbol of King Kuraine's expanding hegemony. Circa Year 4, Kuraine enticed Imperial officers in the Fakir Sector to defect to the Falleen kingdom, resulting in the Empire losing the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone. The Shadowstone Affair provoked the Imperial High Command to mobilize their forces and to invade the Beta system with a colossal strike-force commanded by Grand Admiral Black Lodge. Prior to this planned invasion, they were contacted by Prince Tholin Dur'aak, a disgruntled Falleen noble, who offered to betray Kuraine.

Thus, shortly before the actual battle occurred, King Kuraine and his consort Kalina Ulaeri were slain by three masked Sith assassins — Adric Simms, Thraken Solo, and Rurouni Locus — while aboard the Shadowstone's bridge due to clandestine assistance from Dur'aak.[2] With Kuraine assassinated, the Empire moved to secure the Beta system. Attacking in two separate waves, the Super Star Destroyer Sovereign, nine Imperial Star Destroyers, and a variety of escort ships exited hyperspace to match their strength against the defense forces of the Falleen Federation and, its ally, Supreme Commander Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa's Rebel Alliance. Ultimately, Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Navy could not stem the tide of invading Imperial vessels and undertook a strategic withdrawal from the system.[2] Now in uncontested control of the battlefield, the Imperial forces emerged victorious and with minimal losses. The massive Falleen Federation-controlled space station Libra was subsequently obliterated, and the entire populations of Ul Yanin and Ulrike were allegedly exterminated by the Imperial Army commanded by Brigadier General Durand Somerville.[1]

The Battle of Beta remains infamous to this day for its marked disregard for civilian casualties. Its aftermath, in which the Empire conducted a systematic extermination of life-forms on the planets Ul Yanin and Ulrike, resulted in disputed casualties ranging from 103 million[2] to 1.5 billion sentient beings.[1] Overall, the demise of the Falleen monarch, his unforeseen betrayal by a revered Falleen noble, the Imperial conquest of the Beta system, the fiery destruction of the prized Libra battle station, and the heinous genocide of defenseless Falleen colonists made the conflict a defining moment in the early years of the galactic civil war.

Conflict Origins

Main article: Shadowstone Affair
"Kuraine's example of standing up to the Empire will live on forever through the stories of how the Federation captured the pride of the Empire, a Star Destroyer..."
Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Federation, "Empire in Error" - Year 5 Day 21

An uncharted system, Beta was first discovered during the search for the legendary former Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom whose disappearance into the Unknown Regions precipitated the Second Imperial Civil War. At that time, the Beta system contained two keys planets, Ul Yanin and Ulrike, as well as the battle-station Libra. With an estimated three billion Falleens on the main planet of Ul Yanin, the Beta system was regarded as the symbolic stronghold of King Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen Federation.

Prior to his coronation as monarch, Kuraine had been the affluent director of Astralwerks Engineering and Loronar Security. At that time, Tholin Dur'aak was sovereign of the Federation and believed that Kuraine's vast wealth would increase the financial stability of the impoverished kingdom. As a result, Dur'aak abdicated and appointed Kuraine as his heir. Kuraine wed Dur'aak's daughter Kalina Ulaeri and, in this manner, Kuraine's considerable fortune was incorporated into the Federation. However, following Kuraine's coronation on Year 4 Day 72,[3] the relationship between Dur'aak and Kuraine became acrimonious. Dur'aak accused Kuraine of elevating his own supporters — such as Squall Chitose, Bisz Aldaris, and Mizuno Ryu[4] — to key positions within the kingdom and he denounced Kuraine for engaging in provocative actions towards the Empire.

Circa Year 4, King Eldrik Kuraine of the Falleen Federation conspired with would-be Imperial defectors, a blame generally placed on Moff Vir Calder, to steal the modified Imperial Class Star Destroyer Shadowstone from the Imperial Navy. According to records later presented by the Empire, Calder misappropriated Imperial funds in order to purchase a large contingent of battle droids, defected to the Falleen kingdom, and brought the prized vessel with him during the Shadowstone Affair.

The news of this brazen heist under the Empire's very nose angered the Imperial High Command. In response, the Imperial High Command assembled on Coruscant for a top-secret conference. During the subsequent hours of debate, Emperor Greyson Uebles decided to undertake a full retaliation against both Kuraine and the Falleen people. At this time, a disturbance in the Force impelled Lord Vodo Bonias, a key Imperial dignitary who had been absent for several months, to interrupt his hermetic meditations on the Dark Side and to return to Coruscant in order to oversee the forthcoming battle.

Realizing his meager Falleen forces were no match against the Emperor's legions, Kuraine paid the Rebel Alliance to assist in the defense of the Beta system. In response, the Alliance dispatched three Jedi MastersAva'taar Vird'rnnaa, Reajiad Nero, and Thies Windu — to the Beta system to advise and to rally the outnumbered defenders. The rebels also began preparations to send a fleet under the command of Phymp Mindano. At the same time, Kuraine informed his officers and followers that he would not lead the battle and instead he would remain aboard the Shadowstone at an undisclosed location. Kuraine appointed a seasoned Mandalorian warrior, Lord Commander Zechs Darius, and his subordinates to defend his stronghold against the impending attack of the Imperial war machine.

While the Falleen Federation planned the defense of the Beta system, Emperor Uebles, Executor Jennifer Dreighton, Adric Simms (a.k.a. Darth Knyte), and Vodo Bonias devised a plan to infiltrate Kuraine's flagship, the stolen Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone and assassinate him. They clandestinely persuaded the disgruntled Falleen prince Tholin Dur'aak — the former monarch of the Falleen kingdom — and asked him to betray both his homeworld and his people. Believing the Federation and the Alliance had little hope of success against the Empire, Dur'aak agreed to betray Kuraine on the condition that all Falleen personnel, as well as the innocent civilians of Ul Yanin and Ulrike, would be spared.


Initial Plans

Capturing the planets of Ul Yanin and Ulrike was the primary objective in hypothetical battle-plans discussed by Imperial strategists.

In their preliminary battle plans, Imperial strategists suggested marshaling their forces into a single colossal fleet with only three vessels held in reserve: The Victory Star Destroyer I Darkness commanded by Crog, the Victory Star Destroyer I Adjudicator commanded by Ral Hoffner, and the Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser Rapier commanded by Mythrantar. Hypothetically, the Imperial battle group was expected to hyper-jump into the system and lure the enemy Y-Wings away from their rally point. This tentative plan involved three waves: The first wave would consist of Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing vessels (colloquially known as "Cygnus Gunboats") and the second wave would be composed of TIE Fighters.

In this unrealized plan, this double-wave would provide a fighter screen for the incoming third wave of Imperial capital ships. This fighter screen was to be coordinated by Commodore Daelin Zerk with Captain Dimitri as his second-in-command. Behind this fighter screen, a picket line of Carrack cruisers would exit hyperspace in order to intercept proton torpedoes and enemy starfighters that strayed too close. After the picket line, five Victory-class Star Destroyers would follow. When one came under fire, the other ships would pivot and would physically block the incoming attack vector. Behind these five VSDs, the ISD Nemesis and the VSD Malevolence would wade into the fray. While developing these battle plans, codenames were assigned to the key targets by the Imperial strategists. The planet Ul Yanin was codenamed "Sebastopol" in Imperial transmissions, and Ulrike designated "Phyrrus."

A Traitor's Price

"I facilitated the assassination of King Eldrik Kuraine in order to save the Federation from complete annihilation at the hands of the Empire..."
Prince Tholin Dur'aak of the Falleen Federation
Tholin Dur'aak agreed to betray King Eldrik Kuraine to the Galactic Empire.

During this planning phase, Prince Tholin Dur'aak of the Falleen Federation clandestinely approached Sith Lord Vodo Bonias and stated he would surrender the Federation into the Empire's hands. Dur'aak's unexpected betrayal was motivated by his well-known displeasure with King Kuraine's obstinate refusal to heed his advice and his firm conviction that Kuraine was selfishly jeopardizing the Falleen Federation in order to further his personal vendetta against the Empire that culminated in the theft of the Imperial Star Destroyer Shadowstone. While Dur'aak did not always concur with the Empire's methods, he feared their martial strength and believed that resistance was futile. As such, Dur'aak graciously offered to provide the Empire with the coordinates of Kuraine and his stolen ship, the ISD Shadowstone. Although the vessel was in hyperspace, Dur'aak knew its intended destination. According to fragmented records, Vodo Bonias called upon his arcane powers of darkness to open a wormhole and pulled Prince Dur'aak out of his Y-Wing to the command room aboard the VSD Widowmaker.

Now an Imperial operative, Dur'aak not only provided the exit coordinates of King Kuraine's vessel, but he also provided sensitive data regarding the strategical deployment of Rebel Alliance's defense forces in the Beta system. He informed Bonias that three famous Jedi mastersAva'taar Vird'rnnaa, Reajiad Nero, and Thies Windu — were garrisoned aboard the Libra battle station. To Vodo's delight, Dur'aak also reported that Calder was sequestered aboard the defense station near the planet Ulrike, but those would later be proven to be a false claim, likely manufactured by Dur'aak to please Vodo.

Acting upon Dur'aak's information, Bonias devised a covert plan: Utilizing the unholy powers of the Dark Side, he would manifest two wormholes to the Shadowstone. Bonias, Solo, and Locus would enter through one. Admiral Adric Simms would enter the second wormhole with Brigadier General Durand, Major Joshua Chamberlain, and a stormtrooper contingent. While the Sith captured Kuraine and his consort, Simms and Imperial Army personnel would storm the ship. While discussing this plan, Bonias was adamant that he personally slay Kuraine due to the personal feud existing between Kuraine and himself. In Vodo's mind, Kuraine felt abandoned after Vodo turned his back to him because of his business dealings with Felix Darque. Once Kuraine was slain, Dur'aak would signal Jace Meridan, commander of the Falleen kingdom's military forces, to sign a treaty with the Empire.

During the planning phase, the Empire benefited from numerous informants providing intelligence about the Falleen defenses.

As payment for his treachery, Jace Meridan asked that he be bequeathed all of Kuraine's property except for his credits. Kuraine's credits would be confiscated and invested into Cloud City — the Imperial mining company — and Blue Sabre Transportation. The Federation would arrest Vir Calder at the station and withdraw their forces from the Beta system. They would lower the defenses of the Libra station and allow Imperial forces to storm the bastion. The Empire would dispatch a force of 10,000 shock troops to Ul Yanin and lay waste to everything in sight including Lady General Mia DeMornay's Loronar Security which was headquartered on the planet's surface.[5]

Vodo insisted that two Lancer Frigates should be transported via Blue Sabre Transportation to the edge of the Beta system to provide the Empire with support against the incoming Rebel Alliance forces. He anticipated the Alliance would be shocked by the betrayal of the Falleen troops and the rebels would find themselves alone, surprised, and outnumbered. The Imperial Navy would then swarm Phymp Mindano's rebel fleet while the Army would conduct mop-up operations on the two worlds. In the long run, most of Bonias' plan did not come to fruition as unfolding events considerably altered both the timeline and plans for the battle.

A Dark Conspiracy

The Sith cabal and Prince Tholin Dur'aak discuss the imminent murder of King Eldrik Kuraine and his consort.
"The Emperor, myself and Darth Knyte devised a plan to infiltrate the stolen ISD Shadowstone after a disgruntled Prince within the Falleen Federation contacted us to beg for our mercy upon his people. He told us that they had no chance of success against Empire and wanted to negotiate a truce between the Empire and the Federation, so that their citizens would be spared..."
Sith Master Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire, "Beta System Cleansed" - Year 5 Day 12

Once Tholin had been wormholed aboard the Star Destroyer Widowmaker, the assembled Imperial Command Staff began outlining the proposed operation to assassinate Falleen monarch. The mission itself was dubbed "Operation Witching Hour." It was agreed that, upon the ghastly death of Kuraine at the hands of Sith, Tholin and Jace Meridan would order the Falleen forces to stand down and then negotiate a cease-fire with the Galactic Empire. All Falleen troops would be ordered to cease attacking Imperial vessels. Additionally the planetary defenses of Ul Yanin — in particular the shield projectors for Libra station — would be powered down. The Falleen forces garrisoned aboard the Libra and the other nearby stations would be ordered to attack all non-compliant persons including the three Jedi masters from the Rebel Alliance. Above all, Vodo demanded the grisly death of Vir Calder.

Faced with the death of Kuraine and commanded by a Sith puppet, the Imperial conspirators expected the Falleen forces would be easily swayed into attacking their incoming rebel allies and would not intervene with Empire's forces cleansing the system. Upon completion of the planned battle, Libra would be obliterated and all holdings in the system made over to the Empire to administer with a military governor until a new treaty between the Galactic Empire and the new Falleen government was signed. The Falleen Federation would become an obedient satellite of the Empire and they would receive a paltry sector to rule in the Empire's name with limited autonomy.

The Battle

Witching Hour

"The King and Queen of the Federation are dead... Dead at the hands of the Empire and their Sith lapdogs..."
Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Federation, "Empire in Error" - Year 5 Day 21
Using the unholy powers of the Dark Side, Vodo Bonias created a force wormhole through which he portaled Sith assassins onto the ISD Shadowstone.

At the appointed hour, Tholin Dur'aak attempted to establish a communication link to the ISD Shadowstone. As none were aware of his betrayal, he successfully opened up a holovid connection to Kuraine who had a holoprojector with him. With their target's position now pin-pointed, Vodo Bonias used the Dark Side of the Force to open a wormhole to the Shadowstone through which Adric Simms (a.k.a. "Darth Tenebrius"), Thraken Solo (a.k.a. "Darth Xeres"), and Rurouni Locus (a.k.a. "Darth Sedulus") entered. Before stepping into the wormhole, Simms quickly turned around to face Prince Tholin and smiled. In a chilling voice, Simms remarked: "If all goes according to plan, there will be a new king crowned this day."

Portaling through space and time, the three masked Sith materialized on the bridge of the ISD Shadowstone. The sudden appearance of the Sith assassins momentarily shocked King Kuraine, his consort Kalina Ulaeri, and the bridge crew of thirty personnel. The twenty War Droids stationed on the bridge sprang to life as their scanners detected the new intruders, but Solo instantly powered them down by transmitting codes provided by Tholin Dur'aak. Exploiting the element of surprise, Simms used the Force and hurled Kuraine against a wall leaving him stunned. He likewise threw Kalina and her two bodyguards backwards. Igniting his lightsaber, Simms rushed the stunned Falleen monarch and cut him in half. He then re-opened a wormhole to the SSD Sovereign using the Holonet connection as his link. While Simms beheaded the Falleen king, Solo approached Kalina who was crawling on the floor and cowering in fear. As she cried out Kuraine's name, Solo executed her with his saber. The third Sith warrior, Locus, attacked the two nearest guards that drew their weapons and killed them. All but three Falleen guards stood and watched as Kuraine and Kalina died. With their bloody handiwork completed in under one minute, the Sith disappeared again into wormhole to the SSD Sovereign and sent a triumphant message to initiate phase two of the invasion.

Meanwhile, an apprehensive Prince Tholin awaited news of his sovereign's assassination in the cockpit of his Z-95 Headhunter in the Beta system. He had risked his life, fortune, and reputation on the plot, and he was understandably anxious to know the outcome. Upon receiving confirmation of Kuraine's demise, Tholin secretly rejoiced. Regaining his composure, he assumed a more somber expression and hailed the Falleen Federation on an open channel: "The king is dead." Tholin then notified his men regarding the change of leadership.

Defenders Retreat

"The Falleen, Rebel and other allied forces executed a strategic withdrawal from the Beta system..."
Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris of the Falleen Federation, "Empire in Error" - Year 5 Day 21
Following Kuraine's murder, a brief skirmish occurred between the rival fleets before Admiral Bisz Aldaris ordered a Falleen withdrawal.

Due to intelligence provided by Tholin Dur'aak and Jace Meridan on the Falleen defenses, the initial Imperial plan of a three-wave attack had been scrapped and a two-wave strategy had been devised instead. Thus the first wave of Imperial forces entered the Beta system consisting of ten Star Destroyers and their escorts. The invaders monitored all sub-space transmissions in order to pinpoint the enemy reinforcements and to confirm Tholin's information about the deployment of Falleen defense forces. In a sub-space transmission, the system was declared quarantined by the Empire and they announced that The Wraiths, a Hapes-affiliated mercenary unit garrisoned at Beta, may leave the system unharmed as a token of Imperial goodwill towards the Hapan government. The Wraiths consented, but delayed leaving the system in order to evacuate more civilians. Faced with the Wraith's intransigence, the Imperial units were given permission to attack them on sight.

Upon receiving word from Tholin Dur'aak that Sith assassins had slain their beloved sovereign Kuraine aboard the command deck of the ISD Shadowstone, the Falleen Federation and its citizenry reeled in shock. Amid this confusion, Dur'aak's attempt to seize power and to proclaim himself as the new Falleen potentate was abruptly thwarted by an unexpected revelation: Several months prior to the battle, Kuraine had quietly instituted a caretaker arrangement where the Lord Ambassador Mizuno Ryu would become the interim leader if he died.[4] As such, Ryu — a minor functionary, but a staunch Kuraine loyalist — became the temporary ruler of the Falleen kingdom.[6] Given rumors concerning Tholin's complicity in Kuraine's death, Ryu instead selected Fleet Admiral Bisz Aldaris to succeed Kuraine as monarch of the Falleen kingdom. This internal power-struggle regarding Kuraine's true successor created a crippling division in the Falleen ranks. At this critical moment, the Rebel Alliance fleet commanded by Phymp Mindano exited hyperspace and joined the Falleen Federation's forces in the Beta system. All eyes now turned to the invading Imperial fleet.

In this tense moment, the Empire presented their stunned adversaries with an ultimatum: The Federation could comply with the terms of a negotiated surrender and spare the lives of billions of their citizens, or they could all be crushed beneath the iron-fist of Grand Admiral Black Lodge. Desperate to win a lopsided battle, Aldaris allegedly proposed the Falleen forces should feign surrender in order to launch a surprise attack. However, this plan was reported by Imperial spies and, consequently, Grand Admiral Black Lodge began the annihilation of the Falleen and Rebel fleets in the Beta system.[2]

Despite an Imperial directive to leave the area, The Wraiths tried to evacuate civilians from the Beta system using light freighters and various spacecraft.

By this time, the second wave of the Imperial fleet, consisting of several Star Destroyers and escort ships coalesced around the SSD Sovereign, had entered the system upon the confirmed death of Kuraine. These forces were instructed to be wary of the enemy launching boarding teams to try and seize Imperial ships. All pilots and commanders were ordered to immediately target any ship that might carry such assault troops.

The two Imperial fleets united. The fleet formed up around the SSD Sovereign and the ISD both are assigned a Lancer frigate as close area screening. The Victory star destroyers formed a semi-sphere in front of the SSD to shield it in the approach phase until the capital ships are in weapons range. Expecting long range torpedo fire to be inbound, they moved to shield the two heaviest units as they were likely to receive the most fire. An accomplished tactician, Grand Admiral Lodge concentrated on this formation pattern to ensure maximum efficiency.

They met little resistance as the main defense forces clustered around the planet Ul Yanin and the space station Libra in its orbit. They proceeded to tackle an enemy strike force that initially gathered to obstruct the deployment in system. A light skirmish ensued. Before reaching turbolaser range, the SSD and the VSDs prepared to fire a full torpedo volley at the rebel capital ships, followed by concentrated turbolaser and ion fire as soon as they closed in, starting with the heaviest enemy in descending order.

However, shortly after the light skirmish began, Aldaris ordered a strategic withdrawal.[2] The bulk of the naval defense force fled without exchanging shots with the Imperial fleet. While the rest of the Falleen and Rebel forces retreated into hyperspace, a single Dreadnaught captained by the courageous Lord Commander Zechs Darius chose to remain behind. Broadcasting on Imperial communication frequencies, Darius sent a defiant sub-space transmission that publicly challenged Emperor Uebles to a duel aboard the Dreadnaught.[2] He taunted Uebles and urged him to face him in in a heroic battle to the death, an offer which the Emperor purportedly spurned.[2] With his challenged declined and Star Destroyers closing in, Darius was forced to retreat into hyperspace.

The Libra station was reduced to a cloud of radioactive dust.

Understanding the battle was lost, the three Jedi aboard the Libra battle station likewise retreated from the system.[1] Their escape was just in time as a daring landing maneuver by an Imperial Army Special Ops team consisting of six commandos — Simms, Thraken, Locus, Durand, Tyr DeMeer and Raider Aspect — soon disabled both the defense grid of Ul Yanin and the shield projectors for the Libra battle station.

With the shield projectors now disabled, Grand Admiral Black Lodge calmly instructed the Imperial fleet to destroy Libra station, the pride of the Falleen kingdom. Although one of the largest and most technologically advanced space stations in the galaxy, Lodge knew the Libra station couldn't survive a fusillade by a dozen Star Destroyers. The continuous discharge of red and green turbolaser fire from the Imperial fleet illuminated the darkness of space in alternating hues. Thousands of Falleen survivors aboard the station tried to surrender at this point, but their pleas were ignored. Any escape pods were summarily destroyed by Zero-G stormtroopers. At last, the Libra station burst into a supernova, creating a spectacular heavenly display.

The Imperial fleet sublighted through the floating cloud of radioactive dust and charred debris that once was the galaxy's largest space station and approached the twin planets of Ul Yanin and Ulrike. Grand Admiral Black Lodge was determined to teach the Falleen people a lesson that they would never forget.


"No trace of civilization on these two planets will remain. By today 20.00 Imperial Standard time, Executor Lodge received orders to perform a full Base Delta Zero maneuver over both planets. This means the total destruction of the planetary surface from orbit. The planets will be left barren and uninhabitable for all time..."
Emperor Greyson Uebles of the Galactic Empire, "Beta System Cleansed" - Year 5 Day 12
The Imperial forces of Black Lodge decimated the civilian population of Ul Yanin.

As the Falleen government did not acquiesce to Uebles' provisos for capitulation, he dispassionately ordered the decimation of a conjectured 1.5 billion Falleen and foreign nationals on both planetary surfaces. Savoring his freshly-won victory, Uebles coldly insisted that "no trace of civilization" should remain in the Beta system. Thus, by 20.00 Imperial Standard Time, Black Lodge received orders to perform a Base Delta Zero maneuver over both worlds.

The SSD Sovereign unleashed the first salvo at Ul Yanin's capital. Hundreds of turbolaser batteries and missile launchers spit fiery death below in a merciless barrage. Terrorized inhabitants watched in abject horror as the first blasts struck and tremendous explosions engulfed their cities. TIE Bombers menaced the atmosphere and dropped high-density payloads onto every visible target. Overseen by the silver-haired Grand Admiral Black Lodge, the Star Destroyers in orbit pummeled the defenseless planets for twelve standard hours with rapid turbolaser fire and relentless missile attacks. As a consequence, large regions were rendered uninhabitable and acrid smoke billowed from both hemispheres. Every major city was thoroughly gutted with tactical precision.

With the orbital bombardment completed, the mustachioed General Durand Somerville of the Imperial Army deployed his ground forces on Ul Yanin and Ulrike. He dispatched an Imperial legion of approximately fifty thousand troops, hundreds of Imperial AT-AT Walkers, and other assault vehicles. His shock-troops scoured the broken hovels, dragged the ash-covered survivors from the rubble, and then executed them in wrecked streets made slippery with blood. The sounds of blaster fire and the screams of victims filled the air. As news of the wanton butchery spread across the HoloNet, Imperial propagandists claimed such carnage could have been avoided if the Falleen Federation had gracefully ceded the system.

Meanwhile, Aldaris had regrouped the Falleen fleet at a distant rendezvous point. Although Prince Tholin had been slated to be tried for regicide, the newly-crowned Aldaris pardoned him for betraying his predecessor. This act of amnesty and Aldaris' passivity towards the Empire was decried by some Kuraine's loyalists such as Squall Chitose.[7] Despite this outcry, Tholin was protected by Bisz and later appointed Minister of Culture in the Falleen Federation. During this stormy period, Aldaris held a funeral ceremony to eulogize their fallen sovereign. He proclaimed that, "Although King Kuraine perished, his example of standing up to the Empire will live on forever through the stories of how the Federation captured the pride of the Empire, the Star Destroyer Shadowstone. Though he gave his life for that earlier victory, the King never wavered from the Falleen belief in liberty, equality and justice, in other words, opposition to the Empire and the tyranny it stands for."[2] According to Imperial propaganda, Kuraine's severed head was later presented as a gift to Emperor Uebles by his Sith acolytes and served as a public warning to those who might commit future crimes against the Empire.

The planet of Ul Yanin became a barren rock after the Imperial fleet bombarded its cities.

The Beta system became an eerie morgue, haunted by the collective memory of the battle and its genocidal aftermath. The alleged cowardice of the three Jedi masters who retreated from the Beta system embarrassed the Jedi Order. Aldaris later hailed the three Jedi masters as heroes who "remained as long as possible"[2] while the Empire accused the trio of unpardonable cowardice.[1]

Although the Falleen Federation claimed to have broken through the Imperial blockade and evacuated millions from the Beta system with the paid assistance of The Wraiths, many historians believe the bulk of the civilian population was left behind. As a result, the Empire exterminated an estimated 1.5 billion Falleen on both worlds.[8] However, Falleen officials contracted these figures and insisted that only 103 million civilians perished.[2]

Falleen and allied casualties are estimated at 1.5 billion while Imperial casualties were less then five hundred. The Falleen Federation's monarch and his consort Kalina, plus two other high ranking personnel, were dead, two planets destroyed, taking with them at least a third of the total Falleen population and infrastructure. Libra station and two other Falleen Federation space stations have been destroyed along with about a dozen enemy ships, while the Empire didn't lose a single fighter.

When Imperial personnel later arrived at Ulrike to take custody of Calder, the station's commanding officer reported that no one by that name had ever been aboard the station. Satisfied enough with the outcome of the battle, Vodo opted not to further question Dur`aak on the false claim on Calder's location. An exhaustive review of Imperial records later indicated that Calder was last seen on Year 4 Day 273, more than two months before the Battle of Beta, and most likely was not present at the Beta System during the action.



Falleen and Rebel Leadership
Eldrik Kuraine
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Falleen Federation
Tholin Dur'aak
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Falleen Federation
Jace Meridan
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Falleen Federation
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Lord Admiral
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Zechs Darius
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Lord Commander
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Mizuno Ryu
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Lord Ambassador[4]
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Grand Admiral
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Durand Somerville
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Brigadier General
Army Commander
Adric Simms
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Dark Jedi Master
Sith Assassin
Daelin Zerk
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Starfighter Commander


Galactic Empire Falleen Federation Rebel Alliance Other Forces
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Imperial Navy

1 Imperial Star Destroyer

9 Victory Star Destroyers

6 Capital Escorts

14 Fighter Squadrons


2 Capital Escorts

5 Fighter Squads

Additional Units

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Order of the Sith

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Additional Units

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The Wraiths

* Note: Individual names denoted with an asterisk were slated to participate, but did not do so in the actual battle.


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