Battle of Ingo

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Battle of Ingo
Horizon Campaign
The Coalition task force interrupts Horizon Corporation's attack
DateYear 4 Day 180Year 4 Day 240
LocationIngo system
ResultCoalition victory
Horizon CorporationNew Anzat Order
Falleen Federation
Hapes Consortium
Trade Federation
The Antarian Rangers
Commanders and Leaders
Warlord Venom Kazvar
Tyr DeMeer
Prime Minister Malakai Brooks
King Eldrik Kuraine
King Jessy James
Viceroy Corbin Esco
Ranger Choibacco Antaria
MTC Xenon (flagship)
? Carrack/I-class Light Cruisers
Guardian Medium Cruisers
Pulsar Battle Cruiser
Nova Battle Cruisers
Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers
Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship
Casualties and Losses
No CasualtiesNo Casualties

The Battle of Ingo was the final engagement in Horizon Warlord Venom Kazvar's campaign against various outlying star systems and governments. Having previously raided the orbit of Cona, attacked the manufacturing stations of Nisshutsu Shipyards, and annexed the Starvengers, Kazvar had set his eyes on the New Anzat Order. The Warlord planned and executed an attack on the Ingo system utilizing his formidable naval forces, spearheaded by his modified Modular Taskforce Cruiser Xenon and several Carrack/I-class Light Cruisers. His intent was to destroy all non-relevant defending vessels and disable the rare Guardian Medium Cruisers. Foiled by the intervention of a massive coalition fleet, Kazvar abandoned his subordinates in the middle of the battle and fled. His disappearance brought an abrupt end to Horizon's expansionist plans, and triggered the decline of conglomerate's status as a prominent galactic power. Although Kazvar would later return to take the reins of Horizon once more, he never succeeded in restoring the interstellar standing and power of his corporations.

Conflict Origins

Venom Kazvar had tried to purchase the system on many occasions and due to a longstanding blockade by the Rebellion and Empire against the NAO, Venom felt the NAO was isolated thereby creating an opportunity for the corporation to destroy the NAO and take the system by force. Previous victories and large corporate fleet had created a formidable and well funded force for Venom to command.

Several years prior the NAO had recently undergone an event called the Panaceas Revolution which ended in a popular vote which deposed Arca Fenris and installed Yarbles as Prime Minister. Fenris in collusion with the Rebel Alliance looted the faction with the Rebellion refusing to recognize the vote and had demanded Fenris to be installed. When rebuffed the Rebellion embargoed the NAO. Concurrently, the Empire had demanded the NAO turn over territory and be annexed and when refused, they too embargoed the fledgling government. These events left NAO for many years alone and lead to a period of isolation.

Venom Kazvar did not understand the resolve of the NAO to hold up against outside invasion and he did not recognize the NAO had long prepared for invasion from a much larger force. When Malakai Brooks took over, a series of reformations took place and unbeknownst to Venom, NAO had largely rebuilt their fleet in secret. Brooks had been tipped off about the intention of invasion and the approximate date. Despite rebuilding the NAO, it would still have been outmatched by the larger Horizon force.

Last minute negotiations held in Deep Space among coalition partners established a pact to defend the NAO against Horizon aggression and large Falleen and Hapan battle fleets set out for Ingo. The race was on for who would arrive first.

The Battle

The Horizon fleet had scouts monitoring activity in the system and saw a token force of ships which had been advertised as the main NAO fleet, knowing NAO had more ships just not how many, months of spying on the NAO lead the Horizon command to correctly believe they still held technological and numerical superiority. Their close proximity lead them to entering the Ingo system prior to coalition fleet and despite rumours of a potential alliance, Horizon felt they could take the system and negotiate carving up the smaller government.

Prepared for the invasion and knowing the approximate date due of the Horizon fleet, the NAO wanted to encourage a battle and did not want Horizon leaving to potentially regroup. To entice Horizon deep into the system Brooks ordered the rest of the NAO fleet to merge and hold their ground over the planet as bait present the moment as the decisive battle Venom craved but now on Brooks terms. Venom thought the NAO had made a blunder by pulling in all their reserves and viewed the move as failed negotiations and NAO took a major risk losing everything if their new allies did not show up.

The gambit worked. Horizon forces closed in to engage and as the approached combat range the remaining coalition fleets arrived. Realizing they now faced insurmountable odds, the Horizon force withdrew in shame. Outmaneuvered, Horizon was unable to stand against the combined forces.


The first major alliance among non major governments in the modern era held up while Horizon was a threat but the corporation underwent many changes and after the battle the corporation prestige was never the same again. The alliance itself dissolved as the corporation became less relevant. The pact lead to the NAO entering into a formal alliance with the Falleen Federation while their relationship with Hapes went into a neutral state. NAO was no longer looked at as an easy target and faced no future invasions from any force.

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