Battle of Karedda

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Battle of Karedda
Mandalorian Civil War
Karedda Victory Shield
LocationPlanet: Karedda, System: Kessa
ResultMando'ade secured Karedda, and briefly the Kessa system.
Skull-White 150x150.png Mando'adeMandalore-logo.png Mandalore
Commanders and Leaders
Mand'alor Kai Oryk, Anto Tka, Dragan BloodscreamMand'alor Tyr DeMeer, Daniel Skifighter
Casualties and Losses

A battle of the Mandalorian Civil War that saw the forces of Mando'ade attack the Mandalore controlled world of Karedda. The result was victory for the invading forces. The victory was announced via GNS release, Kote bal Ijaat Par te Veman Mand'alor