Battle of Kashyyyk

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Battle of Kashyyyk
Second Galactic Civil War
DateYear 8 ~Day 93
ResultNew Republic Victory, taken as the Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance
New Republic
Falleen Federation
Trade Federation
The 12 Colonies
Galactic Empire
Commanders and Leaders
Eli LaSalle
Alph Virphen
Nalan Al'Kina
Isoldor Storm
Unknown New Republic forces
Unknown Falleen Federation forces
Unknown Trade Federation forces
Unknown Jedi forces
The 12 Colonies System Defense Force
Unknown Galactic Empire forces
Casualties and Losses
Officially Classified, reported as "Extremely Light"[1]Classified


The backdrop of the Battle of Kashyyyk was the Second Galactic Civil War, specifically the battle between the Rebel Alliance (which was at Year 8 Day 12 part of the New Republic), and the Galactic Empire. According to the Galactic News Service,[2] Wookiees were repressed on Kashyyyk under the government of the Galactic Empire, which prevented the indigenous Wookiees to hunt, build and live their traditional cultural and indigenous existence. Although such abuses were reported, the Galactic Empire always maintained that they were treating the Wookiees fairly. However, it is widely accepted that there was a repression of the indigenous Wookiees on Kashyyyk before the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Black Forest Massacre

Main Article: Kashyyyk Massacre

One of the more infamous events during the Imperial control of Kashyyyk was the massacre of Wookiees on by the Galactic Empire, which had become known as the Black Forest Massacre. According to various news sources, the Empire undertook a process of genocide against the Wookiee population, which they claimed to be in reply to treason committed by the Wookiees on Kashyyyk.[3]

It is still unknown how many Wookiees perished in the genocide committed on Kashyyyk. Consequently, the massacre is remembered by Wookiees and many other sentients during a series of remembrance services held on Black Forest Day.[4]

Consequence of the Genocide

It was this genocide event on Kashyyyk which became the justification for various forces lead by the New Republic to attack the Galactic Empire in a fight that was aimed to liberate the Wookiees from Imperial control. The Galactic News Service reported the outrage of the galactic community in regards to the genocide.[5] This was one of few events that polarised the community and led to many political developments in the Second Galactic Civil War

Operation Forging Freedom

"Total surprise was achieved, but it was a surprise even to the commanders of the operation how weak and ineffective Imperial resistance was..."
— Colonel Nala Al'Kina, Acting Commander of Alliance Forces at the Battle of Kashyyyk

Operation Forging Freedom was a military operation that was undertaken in Year 8 before the Day 94 by the military of the New Republic, Falleen Federation, Trade Federation and some elements of the Jedi against the defence forces of The 12 Colonies and the Galactic Empire. The battle was fought for the control and liberation of Kashyyyk from Imperial control.[3]

Military Forces

Information also sourced[1] indicates that Jedi Knights were likely involved in the operation amongst military forces of the New Republic, the Falleen Federation and the Trade Federation. This united military operation represents the political and military reaction to the genocide that was committed on Kashyyyk.

All military data regarding the strength of military forces is classified, hence it is unknown how many forces participated in the battle on both sides. However, Galactic News Service reports suggested AT-AT's were used to assault Kashyyyk, which would indicate a sizeable force was possibly used in the operation.


No facts about the Battle of Kashyyyk have been officially de-classified by any of the belligerents in this battle. However the Galactic News Service reported at the liberation of Kashyyyk on Year 8 Day 93,[1] that the united operations against The 12 Colonies and the Galactic Empire was highly successful as the allied forces had the element of surprise against what was reported as "ineffective resistance." It is highly probable that there was more combat than that reported, however this cannot be confirmed as the information remains classified.


The result of the battle was a total military victory for the New Republic and its allies against The 12 Colonies and the Galactic Empire. It was reported that the attacker's losses were "extremely light."[1] It is unknown how many casualties the defender's suffered, as the information still remains classified.

Aftermath of the battle

The aftermath of the battle of Kashyyyk was that the occupying forces were left to repair and heal the effect the Wookiees felt from the war and genocide that had ravaged the planet. It was reported at Year 8 Day 118 that there was evidence of malnutrition and abuse of Sentient Rights when the New Republic obtained control of the planet.[1]

On Year 8 Day 93, the New Republic under the Rebel Alliance obtained control of Kashyyyk, and consequently The 12 Colonies were outlawed on the planet and considered a criminal organisation.[6] This was the start of wider humanitarian relief operations on Kashyyyk in order to repair the damage caused to the indigenous Wookiees.

The battle and/or liberation of Kashyyyk also had a significant political and military effect on the galaxy. The New Republic subsequently captured Trandosha[7] and also was the start of many other theatres of conflict against the Galactic Empire. Politically the battle had further divided the galactic community into two opposing sides, an example of how the Second Galactic Civil War heated up significantly from this battle.


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