Battle of Nimban

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Battle of Nimban
DateYear 20 Day 191Year 20 Day 200 (CGT)
LocationNimban system
ResultClear ZKA Victory
DNA Bashers
Kerdoslogo.png Kerdos Company
Assorted others
ZooKeeper Alliance
TC-general.png Triumvirate Coalition
Joelogofull.png Jawa Offworld Enterprises
Chir`dorna Manufacturing
Assorted Others
Various pirates and war profiteers.
Commanders and Leaders
Alejandro Brotingo
Tandis Valeek
Thearn Nightstaf
Ini Kedi
Casualties and Losses
Several dozen research corvettes
Numerous fighter squadrons
Two modified meridian-class frigates
Years of research
A dozen research corvettes
Numerous fighter squadrons
Months of research
Unknown number of fighter squadrons

The Battle of Nimban was one of many battles that make up the greater Science Feud. It saw a number of military and salvaging forces working to sabotage the efforts of competing scientific organizations while defending their own scientific interests. Due to a few trigger happy individuals, it quickly evolved into an all out battle which filled the Nimban system.