Baudo-class Star Yacht

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Baudo-class Star Yacht
Baudo-class Star Yacht.png
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 3.0
Sublight Speed 50 MGLT
Max Speed 500 km/h
Maneuverability 2.00
Sensors 1
Escape Pods CockpitPod.gif 1
Docking Bay n/a
Hangar Bay n/a
Landing Capacity Landing.gif Yes
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts Repulsor.gif Yes
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port n/a
Medical Room n/a
Storage Room {{{storageroom}}}
Recycling n/a
Weapons/Utilities Turbolasers: 1
Cargo Stats
Weight 220 T
Volume 2,500 m³
Weight Capacity 35 T
Volume Capacity 100 m³
Max Passengers 8
Party Slot Size 4.00
Hull Statistics
Length 32 m
Hull 160
Shield 110
Ionic Capacity 80
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 174,808 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 47
Meleenium 476
Ardanium 43
Rudic 37
Rockivory 38
Tibannagas 12
Varmigio 89
Lommite 23
Durelium 30
Bacta n/a
Hibridium n/a
Varium n/a
Affiliation n/a

A yacht design which predated the Clone Wars, the Baudo-class Star Yacht is a beautiful, almost organic looking ship. Its shape is reminiscent of the deep sea creature native to the planet Ando, the homeworld of the Aqualish, as well as that of a certain Mendel Baudo, designer of this yacht. The standard design carries 8 people, and incorporates a single turbolaser, mainly for defence against pirates and other undesirables.

Ships of this class are very expensive, because they are custom made; they may look identical on the outside, but the internal amenities are custom tailored to the wishes of the buyer. While some may have internal wall plates made of Alderaan Kriin-wood and Tangdor gems, others may have a full complement of games of skill and luck including tables for Dejarik, Pazaak and Sabacc. Many of these ships are bought by wealthy sentients, quite often for their children. As such, many of these ships are seen passing close to commercial freighters, as the rich pilots within waste their time annoying the older, more grizzled pilots.

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