Belwarmec Al-Thorac

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Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Belwarmec Al-Thorac
Biographical Information
Race Besalisk
Formerly Duros
Homeworld Duro
Born Year -4 Day 204
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.33 metres
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation -ARK-.png -ARK-
Galactic Alliance Emblem.png Galactic Alliance
JOLogo.png Jedi Order
Prior Affiliation TelgornLogo.png Telgorn Corporation
OldArkLogo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
Ghtroc logo2.png Ghtroc Industries
DurosUnionSymbolnewsmall.png Duros Union
ARE logo.png Arkanian Engineers
ARE logo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
Twilightsm.png Twilight Foundation
ZKA.png Zookeeper Alliance
BMF logo300x197.png Baobab Merchant Fleet
RA Logo Year21.png Rebel Alliance
THC Plain Logo.png The Hyporian Commonwealth

A four-armed male Besalisk who works for the Outer Rim Rebel Government -ARK- as Second in Command, Belwarmec Al-Thorac (pronounced bɛlwɔːmech æl-θɔːack) is not a famous celebrity with instant name recognition amongst the masses of the galaxy. He is instead more likely to be recognised as honest trader or as a previous leader of various trading and manufacturing corporations. When not throwing himself into his work, Belwarmec, usually referred to as Bel by friends and colleagues alike, enjoys his downtime spending time with family and friends, tinkering with his many pod racers, or heading out into the wilderness and roughing it for weeks at a time when he can fish and hunt and be one with nature.

Early Life

Belwarmec was born and bred on Duro, the son of Mezerel and Winrel Al-Thorac. He led an unremarkable early life, learning about starships from his father who was a designer in the employ of the Duro Delta Twelve Corporation. When he was of a suitable age, Belwarmec enrolled in the Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration with a focus on engine maintenance and repair. On completing his course with honours (Piloting, Management and Repair), Belwarmec joined his father in working for the Delta Twelve Corporation, starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder as entry level pilot/mechanic. For all intents and purposes Belwarmec was the model son and Duros who stayed out of trouble, studied hard and, like many of his species, was fascinated with space travel and all that went with it.

Belwarmec, by this time, had developed a strong interest in politics which has started from his days at the Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration. While not actively supporting or taking part in activities against the Galactic Empire who controlled Duro, Belwarmec was sympathetic to the Rebel groups that were fighting against the Galactic Empire and Imperial Union. It was the feelings of frustration about perceived lack of freedoms living under Imperial Law that led him to start thinking about what options he might have outside Duro. With communication and information being controlled tightly by the authorities, Belwarmec reached out to one of his close childhood friends who had ties to less than savoury connections. Through these connections Belwarmec was able to arrange for unregistered passage aboard a small freighter from the planet Duro to the planet Leafar II, where he was told he would be able to find work. Belwarmec left Duro with his parent’s blessings, a small amount of credits and a hunger to find his place in the galaxy.

A New Home

Belwarmec found finding work wasn't all that hard based on Leafar II as there were lots of small companies looking to hire staff. He spent a few days perusing the holoboards for opportunities before deciding, and on Day 362 Year 15 he was accepted into a company called Telgorn Corporation as a Recruit Pilot. Belwarmec decided to join after having a series of talks with Wylly Grim the then recruitment officer. Belwarmec was attracted to Telgorn Corporation due to its relatively small size and the opportunities to be able to make a difference in a smaller organisation. After a short and basic induction course on day 6 Year 16 he was promoted to the position of Pilot and assigned the Pursuer Enforcement Ship {KDS} Pursuit #2.

His duties while at Telgorn Corporation included passenger transport and leading squads of Freighters in resource haulage. Belwarmec also enjoyed helping Telgorn in other ways when he was not on piloting jobs and soon took over responsibility for Telgorn’s recruitment advertising, freeing up the recruitment staff like Wylly Grim to spend more time talking to sentients about the opportunities at Telgorn.

Things were going well for Belwarmec at Telgorn but on Day 49 Year 16 Kaelan Dileltah, the owner of Telgorn Corporation, announced to all the staff he was winding down the company due to personal reasons. This news blindsided many of the staff who had no idea that something like this would happen to the company that they had all worked so hard developing. Shortly afterward on Day 51 Year 16, Belwarmec, now the proud owner of the Pursuer Enforcement Ship {KDS} Pursuit #2 which had been given to him as a parting gift, left Telgorn Corporation in search of a new opportunities and a new vision for the future.


After leaving Telgorn Corporation Belwarmec was unsure of what to do next. He had found that he loved piloting, but he wanted the opportunity to try new things and he wanted to make sure that the next company that he joined would stand the test of time and was somewhere he could have a lasting career.

While he conducted his research Belwarmec worked as a subcontractor through some contacts he had made during his travels. He completed mainly logistics work relocating ships, transporting items and hauling materials. Belwarmec found this to be interesting work, but he wanted to venture into other area’s and expand his knowledge, something he thought he had a limited ability to do while working for himself.

During this time, he met a bright new sentient who was trying to make his way in the galaxy by the name of Peter Green-Star. Peter, an Ithorian, was trying to set up a brand-new company called Green-Star Medical Rescue. This new company was aimed at helping less fortunate sentients throughout the galaxy. Belwarmec had many conversations with Peter regarding helping set up and even joining Green-Star Medical Rescue but in the end Belwarmec felt that this was not his destiny. Belwarmec, wanting to help his friends new venture allowed Peter to subcontract out Belwarmec’s services for a small number of credits which Peter used for furthering the aims of Green-Star Medical Rescue.

Belwarmec found that while subcontracting his skills out to others was a lucrative endeavour, he was also lonely. Between jobs Belwarmec would often spend a lot of time in bars, casinos, and less desirable establishments. While this was an enjoyable distraction for a while, Belwarmec soon yearned to find a more permanent working arrangement where he could make a name for himself and make a more positive impact on the galaxy. To that end, Belwarmec decided to start helping the local charities in whichever spaceport he was currently in, all the while scanning the local holo-boards for potential jobs that might interest him.

Time to Rebel?

After an exhaustive search Belwarmec settled on the next step of his career by joining The Arkanian Brotherhood. Belwarmec was aware of the Brotherhood through a new friend he had made in George O Rourke, who at that time was the Minister of State for the Arkanian Brotherhood. Belwarmec had first met George through his contacts made while assisting different charity groups, and during the course of their conversations Belwarmec was struck by the passion that Georgie had when he spoke of The Arkanian Brotherhood. Doing his research Belwarmec had found out that the Arkanian Brotherhood was an independent government in the Outer Rim who was openly opposed to the Galactic Empire. Sensing that this was potentially the place for him Belwarmec applied for an entry level position.

Belwarmec was quickly accepted into the organisation on Day 78 Year 16, at which point he entered the Royal Arkanian Academy to undertake further training, graduating on Day 91 Year 16. Having decided he would like a break for long haul transportation Belwarmec transferred to Ghtroc Industries, a fully owned subsidiary, and began work in the Production Department as an Engineering Intern under the leadership of Raith Starlight. After a short time on Day 123 Year 16 Belwarmec was promoted Junior Technician in recognition of his great work ethic, dedication, and skill. In addition to his Production based role Belwarmec also started working for the Department of Arkanian Affairs under the guidance of his great friend George O Rourke as an Associate on Day 150 Year 16. Belwarmec enjoyed the varying work that is involved in working in both departments and was grateful of the opportunities to learn more skills.

With his increasing skillset, eye for detail and a high work ethic Belwarmec soon rose through the ranks of the Arkanian Group. With this rank he found that he gained more of a voice, not only within the Arkanian Family, but also in a broader sense of the Rebellion against the Empire, when he was elevated to the Galactic Alliance Leadership Council as one of the three Arkanian Representatives. Throughout the years Belwarmec has been involved with several Rebel Groups, however his love of the people within and the Arkanian organisation always bought him back.

Awareness of Something..

Early in Year 18 Belwarmec was asked to submit to some additional testing due to some unusual test results from his yearly medical exam which had taken place a few days earlier. It was found that his reflexes had improved in successive years at a rate that was not considered normal for a Duros of his age. The additional testing, conducted by a Jedi Master, was to ascertain if Belwarmec might be a previously unknown Force-sensitive who was highly attuned to the flow of the Force, and who with training, could become a Force Adept. The testing was conducted in private, lasting what seemed hours, where both the Jedi Master and Belwarmec meditated. Belwarmec, when asked by friends what it was like, couldn't recount much of the experience, other than conveying that after the meditation that he felt different somehow, maybe that he felt aware of a connection to something bigger.

Belwarmec initially refused training of any kind, rather, he spent time reflecting inwards on if this news changed who he was by any measure, was he now under a moral obligation to to formally train and use his abilities in service of the Arkanian Engineers? He also educated himself by obtaining information on the different views of the force from around the galaxy from differing cultures and religions. The new potential that had been found in him didn't scare him in any way, but Belwarmec was wary about jumping headlong into exploring and developing the new part of himself without at first knowing a bit more about the subject. It was many months before Belwarmec sought out formal training to start honing his latent skills.

Belwarmec trained for several months with a Jedi Master, putting his civilian career on hold to do so. After his Master was convinced that he was ready, Belwarmec left his Master and returned to civilian duty where he continued to train and educate himself. Throughout this time he kept in regular contact with his Master, the remainder of the Arkanian Force User, and the allied Jedi Order. Belwarmec's views on the force have grown and changed over time and it is something that he continues to study to this day. Currently Belwarmec is the head of House Saracco, the -ARK- force group that is named for Colin Saracco[1], and he is affiliated with the Jedi Order.

Not just a Civilian

Belwarmec is best known for his civilian work which includes trading, logistics, manufacturing, and his behind the scenes organisational and managerial work across multiple organisations. His achievements in these fields, and the time he dedicates to them, often means that people overlook his ability to be an effective combatant in both space and on the ground. However, in recent years, he has had the opportunity to take a more hands on approach in the field in both internal Arkanian operations and broader alliance operations, which is slowly leading to some recognition in these spheres as well.

Belwarmec has been involved in some notable situations and operations in varying roles including:

X-wing-bullet.png Rori moon pirate/slaver attack (Year 16)[2] X-wing-bullet.png Operation Roid Rage (Year 22)
X-wing-bullet.png Great Science Feud (Year 18) X-wing-bullet.png Battle for Kowak (Year 22)
X-wing-bullet.png Science Feud: Zoo Troubles (Year 20)  
X-wing-bullet.png Operation Niima - Jakku (Planet) (Year 20)  
X-wing-bullet.png The War for the Republic (Year 21)  

Belwarmec has confided in close friends about the sense of freedom and enjoyment that he had received from these type of combat situations, and how he was endeavouring to transition his role so he could participate in more active ops on the ground or within a cockpit, rather than from behind a desk.

For Better or Worse

On Day 180 Year 22 Belwarmec woke onboard a Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler he was piloting with a fever and pains raking his body. He had just finished up a visit to several spaceports in the Bosph System after previously visiting Nimban and was five days into a hyper jump to the Thanos System. Unsure of what was happening he activated a medical droid to assist. The droid conducted some preliminary testing and a few hours later it told Belwarmec that its initial findings seemed to be indicating that he was suffering from Metamorphosis Plague. Without a medical room to do thorough testing the droid couldn’t verify it's finding or provide information about the specific mutation that Belwarmec was suffering from. As the hours passed the intensity of the pain increased to where the painkillers available onboard were not effective anymore. For several hours Belwarmec endured the pain in a fever induced hazed, until finally on Day 181 Year 22 his fever broke, and the pain gradually subsided to the point where fell into a deep sleep.

Belwarmec woke several hours later suffering from temporary memory loss which he regained over the course of the following few weeks. Belwarmec recounted to friends afterwards that the memory loss was a boon as it made the initial process of coming to terms with the fact he was now a four-armed Besalisk instead of a two-armed Duros easier to deal with. On his arrival in Thanos Belwarmec was put into medical isolation onboard the Thanos Hospital medical station while he was assessed by experts who confirmed the medical droid’s initial findings of Metamorphosis Plague. The particular strain that had afflicted Belwarmec was found to be a newly found mutation that had only started circulating around the galaxy recently.

Although he had been affected by the plague, and for all intents and purposes was now genetically a Besalisk, Belwarmec still retained his blue skin tone and red eye colour from his original Duros heritage and was lucky enough to retain all his memories. One side effect from the change, however, was that Belwarmec found that he had lost his deft touch piloting starfighters through the addition of two more arms and a significant increase in body mass. As time has passed Belwarmec has made peace with his physical changes and has sought to learn and engage in Besalisk culture as part of a process of self-healing.

Awards & Honours

Belwarmec has been presented with the following awards and honours:

OldArkLogo.png Arkanian Brotherhood ARE logo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
ARERib bacad.png Academy Graduate Ribbon (Year 16) ARERib 3yr.png 3 Year of Service Ribbon (Year 19)
ARERib bprod.png Bronze Production Ribbon (Year 16) ARERib 4yr.png 4 Year of Service Ribbon (Year 20)
ARERib 3mo.png 3 Months of Service Ribbon (Year 16)  
ARERib 6mo.png 6 Months of Service Ribbon (Year 16) JOLogo.png Jedi Order
ARERib trade.png Trade Bursary Ribbon (Year 16) Ribbon ROID Rage.png Operation Roid Rage Ribbon (Year 22)
ARE logo.png Arkanian Engineers BsdLogo.png Blue Star Dominion
ARERib sprod.png Silver Production Ribbon (Year 16) Ribbon Kowak.png Operation Kowak Ribbon (Year 22)
ARERib family.png Arkanian Family Award Ribbon (Year 16)  
ARERib 1yr.png 1 Year of Service Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib blog.png Bronze Logistics Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib exp.png Silver Exploration Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib bcons.png Bronze Construction Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib scons.png Silver Construction Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib gprod.png Gold Production Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib bdip.png Bronze Diplomacy Ribbon (Year 17)  
ARERib 2yr.png 2 Year of Service Ribbon (Year 18)  
ARERib Birjis.png Birjis Ribbon (Year 18)  
ARERib heart.png Arkanian Heart Ribbon (Year 18)  
Royal Arkanian Order.png Royal Arkanian Order  
Inducted as a Companion Year 16 Day 306  
Inducted as a Peer Year 18 Day 77  

While Belwarmec doesn't go out of his way to seek out notoriety for his actions, he has expressed to his friends and peers that he feels honoured when he does receive recognition for his actions and grateful for the support and assistance of his colleagues, family and friends who all play a part in helping him with these achievements.


  1. OOC: The irl player behind Colin Saracco tragically died
  2. Combat DOME. Fighting for your pride., Escape of Rori., George O Rourke's account