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Lord Benedict Tharandon
Earl of Tamra

HolocronHouseTharandonSmall.png House of Tharandon HolocronHouseTharandonSmall.png
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Biographical Information
Race Human (Hapanii)
Homeworld Selab, Hapes Cluster (Born on Corellia)
House Tharandon
Mother Lady Mirax Tharandon M.D. 
Father Lord Alexander Tharandon 
Marital Status Married
  • Josella Tharandon  (nee. Chalcedon)

(Y D - Y D)

(Y18 D359 - Present)

  • Markus Tharandon 
  • Anastasia Tharandon
  • Unborn Child
Born Year -17, Day 176 (35)
  • Spoken: Basic, Hapan, Mando'a, Sith'ari
  • Understood: Shyriwook, Huttese, Twi'leki, Jawese
Religion Potentium
Quote Fear cuts deeper than swords.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight 192 lbs (87kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Emerald Green
Political Information
  • Earl of Tamra
  • Baron of Tamra II
  • Lord of the White Keep
  • Colonel
  • Deputy Constable, Royal Armed Forces of Tolonda
Prior Affiliation
  • Galactic Empire, Retired
  • Hapes Consortium, Retired
Awards 8204 tharandon.png

Colonel Benedict Tharandon, 1st Earl of Tamra is a veteran military officer and the current head of House Tharandon and Lord of The White Keep. He is the first son and oldest child of the late Lord Alexander Tharandon and his wife, Lady Mirax. He is the husband of Lady Sarisa Tharandon, his second wife, and the older brother of Margot and Daeron Tharandon.

Benedict previously served as a high ranking field officer in the Imperial Army of the Galactic Empire before retiring, resentful and disillusioned with ideals of honour and loyalty when he saw firsthand the atrocities committed by the Empire and wilful betrayals against their own for imagined insults or simply existing. Following his departure from the Empire, Benedict disappeared into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

For several years, nothing was heard from Benedict until returned to the known space a changed man, refusing to speak of his experiences in the wilds of space. With his return to the galaxy, Benedict found himself home returned within the Hapes Consortium for three years before once again departing, finding himself in service to the Archduchy of Tolonda.


Early life

Benedict Elensar Tharandon, born Year -17, Day 176 on Corellia and raised at his ancestral home of the White Keep on Selab in the Hapes Cluster. Benedict's relationship with his father soured considerably after the death of his mother in a freak shuttle accident. Mainly due to his father's past-experiences, harsh upbringing, and his commitment to the Imperial Army, Benedict held a deep resentment towards his father in his years as a child. At the age of six in Year -11, Benedict's father returned to active duty, persuaded by his friend and colleague Colonel Alexander Fel. His father was later killed when his drop ship was brought down by enemy fire.

Benedict was left alone in the cold, both of his parents now dead and both his siblings young children, the heavy burden of Lordship thrust upon him. Guilt ridden about inadvertently causing the death of his friend, Fel took the young Benedict Tharandon in as his ward and raised him. His formulative years were spent between private schools and spending his spare time learning to shoot, track and to fend for himself in the harsh environment that Selab's wilderness can be.

Nearing the end of his time in education, Benedict became more and more interested in the idea of serving with Empire, despite resenting everything that turned his father into what he was. Fel on the other hand, was nearly the opposite of how his father had treated him and showed that despite being a soldier, you could still be 'human'.

Imperial Service

Imperial Academy

Despite being the son of an Army officer, Benedict chose the Imperial Starfleet over the Impeial Army and enrolled, being accepted into the Imperial Academy and arriving in the Plebe Summer of Y9 D162 and assigned to Lima Company. During his initial six weeks of the Plebe Summer, Cadet Tharandon found himself adjusting with more ease than some of his peers due to his upbringing and found himself at least a little thankful to his father for the harsh upbringing melt out to him during his younger years.

Tharandon's first year began in earnest, though initially considering what comforts or therein lack of granted by his status as a fourth-class cadet as little better than prison life, he grew accustomed to the idea of entitled to nothing and striving to earn what he did. After completing his initial training, Benedict opted to major in strategic operations undertake flight training.

In his second and third years, although primarily engaged in study sessions with fellow strategic operations, Benedict completed his flight training and undertook advanced courses in hand-to-hand combat and weapon proficiency training. It was at this time Benedict discovered his love of Teräs Käsi, something that remains a passion of his to this day and applied to the prestigious fighter training school of the Imperial Navy.

In his fourth year, he was assigned to a border patrol-based heavy cruiser for his six month cadet cruise, returning to graduate with honours from the Academy in Y13 D146 and given the provisional rank of Crewman, assigned to the fighter training school of the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy

Imperial Army


While attached to the 3rd Brigade, Benedict found himself on the first rotation of Operation SOVEREIGN CANOPY, a deployment to the planet Derra IV which had seen an outbreak of both the Great Animosity Plague and - inadvertently through trying to cure the former - the Metamorphosis Plague. Engagements against the forces of the Galactic Alliance were fierce and highly contested, the enemy having had substantial preparatory time to develop a deliberate defensive position within the primary urban locations on the planet. Benedict and the Infantry battalion that he was assigned to came under fire multiple times, though unlike their colleagues in other units, Benedict's battalion did not suffer from the same high casualty rates although Benedict was himself being wounded - at times badly - on several occasions, though always refused to be evacuated from the battlefield until all objectives were secure. These setbacks were tempered by the achievements they made against enemy forces, including engaging and neutralizing several known senior Alliance combatants.

Throughout the operation, the 3rd Legion met frequent and intense resistance, in often overwhelming numbers. Many of the soldiers proved their dedication and valour in the face of great adversity and were appropriately honoured for it. Colonel Canfield, holding a senior staff position in the Legion Headquarters, and one of the primary driving forces behind the Operation, was awarded the Achievement Medal for displaying exemplary performance of his duties as a battlefield commander on Derra IV, resulting in highly effective soldiers and unit manoeuvres. The Legion as a whole, its Brigades and attachments were awarded the Unit Distinguished Service for consistently distinguishing themselves in their actions on Derra IV, accomplishing great strides in combat against an entrenched enemy with superior numbers. They were also awarded the Battle Efficiency Medal for demonstrating highly effective and efficient skills in the advance to contact, engagement, and withdrawals involving enemy combatants during several combat engagements on Derra IV.

Retirement & Departure

The Return to the Cluster

Appearance & Character

Standing here is a tall, slender and broad-shouldered man in his early thirties. Eyes of emerald-green are set in this man's face, one that is quiet and his eyes reflect someone who seldom talks but rather observes. Refined in its youthful masculinity, his lean countenance is made up of elegant lines and smooth curves writ in olive-hued flesh warmed by the relentless weathering from spending a great time outdoors. His face is marked only by a thin white scar upon his face, striking down from his right eyebrow to trace it's way along his cheek. His jeweled-eyes and dusken skin are echoed in the silver-gold hair of his hair, cropped short and functional about his head but with enough length on top to flutter lightly in the breeze.

Within that frame of twilight and darkness, the sharpest feature is his nose, nobly aquiline, it moulds his expressions and lends to them the raptor's aloof tranquillity or fierce intensity as the moment requires. Straight and slender as a spear, his body is lithe and yet sleekly muscled, with a fair broadness shoulders that is matched by the grace in him, a honed edge of balance and awareness that is worthy of a knight of old. Both his face and body are shaped and toned to equal each other in their comeliness, but he seems to be unaware of how handsome he truly is, or it could be that it is a thing that is least on his mind.

Personality & Traits

Benedict is a born warrior, and most of his skills lie in the area of martial expertise. He has little interest in politics and court intrigue and by his own admission, Benedict only feels truly alive when fighting or making love. Benedict has the quintessential Tharandon look, with bright green eyes and golden hair. He is considered to be extremely handsome, his tall frame complemented with comely features and "a smile that cut like a knife".

At first glance, outsiders perceive Benedict to be arrogant, disdainful, and sarcastic. To a large extent he is arrogant about his own abilities, but not without cause, as even his enemies admit that he is arguably one of the greatest living swordsmen in the Consortium. Benedict does not mock others over a minor insult, and he can muster up polite behaviour, but he is usually very blunt. He typically just says what he is thinking, and has no reservations about mocking those he perceives as incompetent.

His father had raised Benedict with the principle of ruthlessness as a virtue. Yet even though Benedict often behaves unapologetically amoral, in his own warped way, Benedict does signs of honour or principles. This is largely since Benedict became extremely disillusioned with ideals of honour and loyalty when he saw firsthand the atrocities committed by the Empire and wilful betrayals against their own, how other "honourable" members stood by and did nothing while the Imperial Throne had people murdered for imagined insults or simply existing, because they felt bound by oaths of faith and fealty.

Moreover, Benedict isn't a very politically ambitious man. Political manoeuvring is not his way, and he sees himself foremost as a soldier who when confronted with a problem takes out his sword and cuts its head off. Benedict's attitude towards violence is also complex. Needless violence and brutality deeply offend Benedict, though if he decides that violence and murder are absolutely necessary he will ruthlessly carry it out himself.

Quotes & Notable Dialogue

Captain Jorn Stones noticed the Colonel sitting just outside, and looked at him. "Looks like it went quite rough out here."
Benedict glanced at Stones for a moment before returning his gaze to the clearing as the smoke continues to whirl around them, watching as the ISB men tended to the fallen. "No battle is ever easy Captain, when you are face to face with your enemy and cold steel strikes upon steel."
"I guess you are entirely right there, Colonel. It's time for me to leave this place however." Stones replied before turning towards the shuttle and walked over to board it.

<%LGEN_Durane> Some people are glass half full. Some are glass half empty.
<%LGEN_Durane> Ben just throws the glass at you.


House of Tharandon
Preceded By:
Alexander Tharandon
Head of House Tharandon
Year -11 Day 67 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Alexander Tharandon
Lord of the White Keep
Year -11 Day 67 - Present
Succeeded By:
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Title Created
Earl of Tamra
Year 21 Day 50 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Title Created
Baron of Tamra II
Year 20 Day 346 - Present
Succeeded By:

Tolonda Banner Y20.png
Archduchy of Tolonda
Preceded By:
Position Created
Deputy Constable of the Royal Armed Forces of Tolonda
Year 20 Day 358 - Present
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Position Vacant
Commander of the Kaldreon Guard
Year 20 Day 344 - Year 20 Day 358
Succeeded By:
Position Absorbed

Hapes Consortium Holographic Year 14.gif
Hapan Postings
Preceded By:
Kuro Lorell
Director of Hapan Recruitment
Year 20 Day 101 - Year 20 Day 304
Succeeded By:
Taryn Zaraan

Galactic Empire Holographic Year 15.png
Imperial Postings
Preceded By:
Kol Seraph
Legion Signals Officer, 3rd Imperial Legion
Year 15 Day 47 - Year 15 Day 105
Succeeded By:
Preceeded By:
Kol Seraph
Brigade Commanding Officer, 3rd Brigade
Year 15 Day 47 - Year 15 Day 91
Succeeded By:
Rik Zoidic
Preceeded By:
Cora Ersin
Brigade Executive Officer, 3rd Brigade
Year 14 Day 95 - Year 15 Day 47
Succeeded By:
Kos Van`lin
Preceeded By:
Position Created
Holosite Content Project Manager
Year 14 Day 6 - Year 15 Day 60
Succeeded By:
Daelis Stanov
Preceeded By:
Zeige Shadar
Group Executive Officer, 11th Group
Year 14 Day 17 - Year 14 Day 53
Succeeded By:
Trex Varax

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