Bilbringi Resource Operations

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Bilbringi Resource Operations
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ooben Miebar
2IC Jerrik Jataan
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 102
Dissolved Year 16 Day 54(reorganized into The League of the Extraordinary Sentients)
Political Information
Industry Mining

Bilbringi Resource Operations (BRO) is a new mining corporation founded on Year 14 Day 102 under the umbrella of its parent organization, Galactic Commerce Collective. Operating primarily out of the Bilbringi sector, the mining company is focused on providing the necessary resources for GalCom and its affiliates to operate at maximum efficiency. From operating hundreds of mines across the resource-rich Bilbringi sector to prospecting for more deposits in the jungles of Gamorr, our employees are always keeping busy. GalCom knows how essential the jobs done by all of our employees are to our group and what this company provides is no different. Bilbringi Resource Operations is always looking for prospectors, miners or haulers that are searching for a job. We offer a competitive salary as well as an excellent benefits package to all employees. Our training program will help new employees get off on the right foot and help you to be a success. Contact us today for more information!