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Biotech Logo Year 18.png
General Information
Motto "The difference is here, when seconds count..."
Status Active
Leader Vee Null
2IC Thallus Ombian
Owner Vee Null
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 Day 6
Political Information
Affiliation Shadow Dominion
Industry Medical Service

Biotech, formerly known as Biotech Medical, is a medical company and a member of the Shadow Dominion galactic alliance. Biotech Medical started as a small medical company with an open-mind towards its clientele. Major medical providers such as Republic Medical, will not accept or deal with patients who are listed as criminals in the Republic. Biotech maintains an "independent" status, meaning that it is not under the influence of a government and is therefore neutral. With this being said, Biotech will accept any and all patients or customers regardless of their political alignment, criminal history, background, etc. Even though they are a private organization, they are one of the few companies that operate as not-for-profit, meaning that the income and financial donations received goes back into bettering the medical services they provide.

Headquartered in the Meridian sector, Biotech maintains a relatively small base of operations. Their income rests mostly on medical services billing and medical equipment orders. The staff size is consistent with the scope of their activities, and they do not hire unless extra employees are needed. The fleet is comprised of mostly Corellian freighters, with a few capital ships operating as mobile hospitals. Biotech utilizes freighters converted into medical dropships to deliver medical supplies as well as run calls for medical emergencies.

Biotech provides initial basic training for those who have no work experience but also trains its personnel medically with an emergency medicine emphasis. As opposed to the traditional way of promotion where one advances through the ranks with the adequate performance of tasks assigned and time of service, Biotech operates a certification rank scheme, where after a member has served for a specified period, they are allowed to go through training and test out to advance their certification. Every member is given a probationary rank at the start, but they will not be promoted until they finish their medical training as an EMT, even if the member has served for a lengthy time.

The leader of Biotech can either be the Chief of Medicine or the President. The title of Chief of Medicine is reserved only for those members who have completed medical school. If the leader did not complete a medical doctor program, they are alternately given the title of President.

Biotech also maintains a small rescue division to help persons who are in need of technical rescue. The leader of this section is known as the District Chief.


Year 4 President Keir Santage
Keir Santage.png

Keir Santage, a notorious thief, was the leader of Biotech Medical circa Year 4. Early Biotech history was not documented, so little is known of its beginnings. Biotech has had many different leaders, with Eidola's own Keir Santage being one of them. It was also rumored that Biotech served as a front for criminal operations for Santage and his crew before they emerged as the Eidola Pirates. For the majority of its existence, Biotech is believed to have been somewhat in the shadows, and never stepping up as a major medical provider until the more recent years.

Biotech recorded history began with the first Chief of Medicine, Ranofer Zedlav, M.D. in Year 5. Under the direction of Dr. Zedlav, Biotech turned a new direction in the hopes that it would compete with its rivals at the time, Liberty Medical Centre and Riviera Medical (Both now merged as Republic Medical). However, Biotech faced turbulence during this reconstruction period. Raptor Cardel, a Biotech physician, stole the majority of its capital and left the company hanging by a thread and on the verge of collapse. Dr. Zedlav worked strenuously to revive Biotech and eventually prevented the company from folding.

The reconstruction halted with the capture and murder of Dr. Zedlav by Black Sun. The time now was Year 7, and a new Chief of Medicine for Biotech was appointed; Nevyna Dysian, M.D., an Ithorian who had joined the company only months before the death of Dr. Zedlav. Although Dr. Dysian was passionate about continuing what Dr. Zedlav had sought to accomplish, she fell behind in her work and eventually disappeared. Dr. Zedlav's sister, Andria Zedlav, M.D., then took the reigns of the medical company. By this time, Biotech had once again slipped into its state of stagnation. Dr. Zedlav also did not actively work to improve Biotech from its state, and for months Biotech did not offer or accept any services.

When it had seemed that Biotech was going to be in for an extended period of idleness, a new leader stepped up: Duran Endel, M.D. Unlike the previous leaders, Duran Endel invested significantly more time and money into Biotech, resulting in the reactivation of services as well as the hiring of new staff.

With the new employees came K`Crydon Katana, a licensed paramedic at the time of hire. Previously a combat medic for the Imperial Army, Katana enrolled in Biotech's newly opened medical school: The University of Curador Medical Branch while working under Dr. Endel.

Dr. Endel's leadership would end abruptly when he was found to have stolen capital from Biotech, strikingly similar to the incident involving Raptor Cardel. The next highest senior member was Rescue Captain Sean Tel, and he was appointed the interim president for Biotech. Captain Tel worked to continue Biotech's services, but a medical leader was needed to operate the day to day functions of Biotech. The owner — Vee Null — suggested Dr. Katana, who had recently finished his medical residency and was working in the Emergency Department. The decision was made to appoint Dr. Katana as the Chief of Medicine for Biotech.

Under Dr. Katana and now District Chief Sean Tel, the company expanded its services and started to produce medical items massively. Both worked without pay, and an entirely new medical theme was given to Biotech. New medical centers throughout the galaxy were opened, and more employees were hired. For the first time in history, the recruits were required to complete an extensive medical program that would enable them to become emergency medical technicians initially. The age-old fleet was updated as well as the medical labs and Alazhi farms. The company began to blossom, and Chief Tel decided to initiate a quarterly payout to stockholders with at least a thousand shares to show that Biotech was indeed rising in the galaxy.

Dr. Katana would soon leave in mid Year 9, pursuing other career opportunities left Chief Sean Tel to assume the role of President. To this day, Biotech continues to grow and expand and stand out from its previous near defunct stance in the past.

Current Staff

Biotech Directorate

Vee Null
President of Biotech
Thallus Ombrian
Vice President of Biotech
Aanyah Ramone
Director of Antiquities
VeeBiotechV1.0.jpg BiotechBlankProfile.jpg BiotechBlankProfile.jpg

Product Availability & Pricing

Antidote Bacta Patch Bacta Refill Bacta Tank
Antidote.png BPatchsmall.png BactaRefill.png BactaTank.png
Batch: 35 Units
Credits: 400,000
Batch: 50 Units
Credits: 325,000
Batch: 20 Units
Credits: 450,000
Batch: 2 Units
Credits: 6,000,000
Healing Stick Medkit Stimpack
BT-HealingStick.png Medkit.png StimPack.png
Batch: 35 Units
Credits: 350,000
Batch: 7 Units
Credits: 1,200,000
Batch: 22 Units
Credits: 500,000


  • Year 0 - 3

President Quatos (Year 0 - 3)

President Ekul Rostar (Year 3)

  • Year 4

President Quatos (Year 4 - Second Term)

President Jake Hagel (Year 4)

President Keir Santage (Year 4)

  • Year 5 - 7

President Bartan DeWalt (Year 5)

President Banquo Knox (Year 5)

President Jeric Sensar (Year 5)

President Raptor Cardel (Year 5)

Chief of Medicine Ranofer Zedlav, M.D. (Year 5-6)

Chief of Medicine Nevyna Dysian, M.D. (Year 6-7)

Chief of Medicine Andria Zedlav, M.D. (Year 7)

  • Year 8 - 13

Chief of Medicine Duran Endel, M.D (Year 8)

Chief of Medicine K`Crydon Katana, M.D. (Year 8-9)

President Sean Tel (Year 9)

President Goran Goran (Year 10 -13)

  • Year 13 - Present Day

Chief of Medicine Vee Null M.D. (Year 13 - Present)

President of Biotech
Preceded By:
Goran Goran
Vee Null
Year 13 - Current
Succeeded By:
Thallus Ombian


  • Biotech Banner Year 4.gif (Year 4)
  • Biotech Banner Year 9.gif (Year 9)

  • Biotech Banner Year 18.gif (Year 18)

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