Birth of the Krath Alliance

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Posted by: Diallo Delavegas - Faction: *AXE* Foreign Legion

Date: Year 16 Day 187 Onboard the Hammerhead Cruiser *AXE* Bold Fury in system Inat.

Krath News, Shesharile System, Minos Cluster

Today at a high level conference, The Krath Dynasty officially announced the existence of the "Krath Alliance", a group comprised of all existing directly associated Krath groups along with partner states with whom they have cemented relations. This new alliance incorporates over a dozen organisations and private groups, some of which are about to or have recently been established. Over the course of the last 2 years, the government of the Krath Dynasty realised that popular governance models were inherently flawed - a central leech government that sucks the life and assets from its subgroups. Furthermore, an increasing number of talented citizens were more able to contribute than their present role allowed.

Grand Seneschal Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir gave details of the formation of this alliance to the galactic press in his speech to the media. "With the arrival of a group of Mandalorian Ori'ramikade (translation: supercommandos) nearly 3 years ago, the nature of the Dynasty began to change. A new military group formed that began undertaking intelligence and mercenary activities, all while providing strong military service to the Dynasty. These capable individuals eventually split into two groups, with half becoming the Breviin Crusaders, a Mandalorian Aliit (translation: clan) that were intiially ridiculed but later taken more seriously by their foes. These groups maintained the Krath 2nd Fleet, the first Galactic Alliance combatants on Derra and the personal foes of the paramilitary invaders 'First Sun', whom they dismantled weeks before the arrival of the Imperial Union. First Sun dismantled, they led the other members of the GA against the late arriving forces of the Imperial Union in a series of victorious sorties and then departed. As time passed, the Breviin Crusaders expanded into the Death Watch.

During the Derra Conflict, the ex-Imperial forces of Eriadu Authority bonded with the Krath troops and later approached Dynasty officials for a strategic partnership. Breviin Crusaders then reformed into the Death Watch and declared an independent state, forming a different partnership with the Dynasty. These two states were the intial members of the Krath Alliance.

KrathAlliance zpstjf0lk7k.png
Krath Alliance leaders assemble for the conference, Diallo Delavegas, Mandro Fluke, Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir, Peter Max and Kai Arkanian

Over time, more partners joined. Matukai Dragons became the third member to join the Alliance and were followed in recent days by *AXE* Foreign Legion. A further group is currently in the process of entering the alliance."

Following the address by Lady Rosiir, Grandmaster Tapar Craken and Chancellor Ellias Aubec made a joint statement as dignitaries gathered to formally ratify all the approved changes. "An Alliance is better than subgroups, because it engenders autonomy and interaction between equals. The main problem with subgroups is the implied impression or submission to a central authority, whereas the Krath Alliance is together because it wants to be together, without compulsion. We are now at a point where even our subgroups have private groups within them. This action can be clearly seen in the Inner Cluster, where Krath, Death Watch and Eriadu Authority citizens work side by side to build a better future, having colonised the system through combined efforts. This system even boasts a small number of private groups and tenants, who signed their own alliance agreements with the Krath Alliance for mutual benefit".

KrathAllianceChair zpspvommlei.jpg
Krath Alliance leadership awaiting the arrival of Grandmaster Craken and Chancellor Aubec, guarded by troops distinguished through service in the Derra Conflicts

After the conference concluded, the head of Krath Alliance Military Intelligence Peter Max asserted that there has been an increase in hostile activity against the member states. “Our enemies have been and are uneasy because they fear the power of this alliance, however, thanks to the security cooperation within the Krath Alliance, our intelligence division was able to neutralise all threats. While we have not always been able to capture these people, uncovering their plans was all we ever needed. Once a traitor is known, they can be prevented from causing harm while we benefit from their work. As Sub-Commander of the Death Watch, I welcome the decisions made by the alliance to become a full-fledged economic and military bloc.”

Diallo Delavegas, defense expert of the *AXE* Foreign Legion hinted that "there was an armored vehicle arms race taking place in the galaxy's outer regions. What this would mean as the galactic civil war rages on; Your guess is as good as mine. Recent research developments including vehicular and infrastructural support will ensure that tyranny will never succeed. The tyrant might be able to launch massive capital ships but it will take boots on the ground to subdue the people, that is where the Krath Alliance will prevail". Mandro Fluke, leader of the Matukai Dragons expressed that he" thinks that it will greatly improve the economy of all those involved and increase our ability to quickly react to hostile situations when they arrive."

After contacting the Krath Dynasty for details of the changes, an official whose actions began the formation of this alliance said: "The Krath Alliance is not an idle group of people milking each other for their own benefit. The Alliance has a fully integrated economic and military leadership. This means that non-Dynasty leaders can affect Dynasty policy and vice versa. Representation on these councils is such that there are more people outside the Krath Dynasty than within it. As we showed on Derra, joint command is the way forward, not only for military use but in every sphere of influence. Instead of one individual coercing other groups to obey orders, we have a group of leaders who make joint decisions, sharing power as well as riches among Alliance members. Trust and inclusion will overcome the tyrants that threaten us all."

Krath News is given to understand that implementing the new power structure has meant reviewing the command structure. It appears that the long standing Dynasty Council is in the process of being phased out with their powers being augmented and given to Military and Industrial Councils comprised of Krath Alliance members. First Lord Bancho Curr gave a short statement for Krath News at the conclusion of the conference: "We are all part of Krath and we are stronger together. We do not stand together for war, but for peace. Anyone who disturbs that peace, shall be dealt with."

In other news; Profits at Minos-Mestra Munitions have surged, an exposed infiltrator recently fled the Death Watch to avoid capture, civil construction works on Antar 2 have now concluded and the Tresario Star Kingdom has been dealt a blow in the Kira CW sector, with dozens of battle droids destroyed and over two hundred more listed as 'missing from inventory'. Commodore Kevin Wolff, CO of the Anzat Core Fleet was last seen crawling into a medical transport while cursing Krath Alliance forces in a lengthy diatribe.