Bisz Aldaris

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Bisz Aldaris
Bisz Aldaris Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Coloring Green skin
Eye Color Blue eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Rank Former King
Positions Former Head of State and Military; Federation Navy Lord Admiral (formerly), Nathran of the Mindano Clan (formerly)
Prior Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Rebel Alliance

Bisz Aldaris was the King of Falleen Federation and the Tresario Star Kingdom. He is reportedly one of the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy, and possesses numerous honors and awards such as Sovereign of the Legion of Honour, Commander of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar, and Marshall of the Order of Tresarian Freedom. While monarch of the Falleen Federation, Aldaris authored the Charter of Confederation — the constitution of his Falleen government — which was promulgated on Year 5 Day 350. Later, circa Year 7, Aldaris was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Galactic Alliance which at the time included the Falleen Federation, the Rebel Alliance, and the infamous SoroSuub Corporation.[1] Physically, Aldaris is tall with broad shoulders. His hair is lighter in color than most Falleen, it is also much shorter and not bound together.[2]


Bisz Aldaris is Nathran of the federated Clan Mindano. The clan has a long and proud tradition of fielding naval warriors, being the clan that formed the first Falleen Fleet.[2] Following the calling of his clan, Aldaris joined the Rebel Alliance Navy circa Year 0 Day 210. He served in the Conquest Fleet and then in the Liberty Fleet before he was promoted to Commanding Officer (CO) of the Liberty Fleet in the middle of Year 1.[1] Later, Aldaris was appointed Executive Officer (XO) of the Alliance Navy. He became the Navy CO when Davvyk Lysander was selected as the new Chief of Operations (COO) of the Alliance.[1][3] Aldaris eventually attained the rank of High Admiral and served as Chief of the Alliance Naval Command for three years.[2]

When Aldaris retired from the Alliance High Command, King Eldrik Kuraine of the Falleen Federation offered him the position of Lord Admiral of the Falleen Federation Navy. In the latter position, Aldaris served for half a year until the tragic events at the Battle of Beta in Year 5 changed the face of the Federation forever.[2] Aldaris became the ruler of the Falleen Federation following the murder of King Eldrik Kuraine by Sith lords.[2] Since Year 11 Day 255, Aldaris' appointed regent is Rick Farlander.

On Year 9 Day 291, Falnor Urthadar of the Tresario Star Kingdom approached Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen Federation, for assistance. At that time, the Tresario Star Kingdom was in economic decline and its future uncertain. Aldaris signed an agreement between the two governments that the Tresario Star Kingdom would become a protected domain of the Falleen Federation. This granted Tresario economic aid from Falleen, and made its citizens Federation citizens as well. While Falnor was allowed to keep the title of King, Bisz became King of Tresario, and Landion Domic, then Prime Minister of the Falleen Federation, was appointed as the first Viceroy of Tresario.


Following Landion's retirement and Jude's rise to Viceroy the political strains between the Federation and Tresario started boiling to the surface. The rift eventually caused Tresario to declare independence and leave the Galactic Alliance to much of the dismay of King Aldaris.


The King had led the Federation into a new era of peace and prosperity. He abdicated the throne in favor of Rick Farlander.

King of the Falleen Federation
Preceded By:
Eldrik Kuraine
Bisz Aldaris
Year 4 Day 362Year 13 Day 151
Succeeded By:
Rick Farlander

Marshall of the Order of Tresario Freedom
Preceded By:
Position Created
Bisz Aldaris
Year 9 Day 300Year 12 Day 37
Succeeded By:
Eventually Jude Vatz

King of Tresario
Preceded By:
Falnor Uthadar and Himself
Bisz Aldaris
Year 9 Day 336Year 12 Day 37
Succeeded By:
Eventually Jude Vatz