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HomeworldClak'Dor VII
LanguageBith [1]
Average Height1.5 - 1.75 meters [1]
Skin colorpale pink, yellow, green [1]
Hair colorNone [1]
DistinctionsLarge cranium, acute senses of smell and hearing [1]
Known MembersList of known Bith

Biology and Appearance

The Bith are a race of pale-skinned aliens with large skulls and long, splayed fingers. Their ancestral origins are hard to discern, because their bodies contain no trace of anything but Bith information. They have evolved into a race which excels in abstract thinking, although they lack certain instinctual emotions like fear and passion. Their huge eyes lack eyelids because they have evolved past the need for sleep, and allow them to see in minute detail. The thumb and little fingers on each hand are opposable, and their mechanical abilities are known throughout the galaxy.

The Bith's internal systems were different from most humanoids, as the Bith had only one lung, and exhaled through their skin. Bith also lacked a proper nose, instead having highly sensitive olfactory organs hidden in the flaps of their cheeks. [1]

The other Bith senses were also acute. Bith could sense the tonal qualities of sound as well as other races sensed colors. Their eyes were able to focus very well and they could see microscopic details of nearby objects, but were extremely nearsighted as a result. An interesting side effect of their incredible sensors was the effect of sonic grenades on them. It was described as causing their heads to explode. [1]

Similarly, Bith had high manual dexterity which helped them manipulate fine tools, though their physical prowess with gross motor skills was only average.[1]

Bith had even evolved past the need for sleep. Instead, they would slip into a light meditative trance, which allowed them to get as much rest in four hours as other species could get in eight. During this trance, Bith were still almost fully aware of their surroundings. [1]

The Bith's reproductive organs atrophied over time, as did the portions of their brain governing such impulses. As such, Bith were unable to reproduce naturally, instead relying on artificial conception and gestation. Mates brought genetic material to a Computer Mating Service for analysis against prospective mates. Bith children were created from genetic material from two parents, which was combined, fertilized, and incubated for a year. [1]

Society and Culture

They are native to the planet Clak'Dor VII in the Mayagil system. They quickly developed advanced technologies, among them the use of deadly chemicals for warfare. A planetwide toxicological war between the cities of Nozho and Weogar - based on the disputed patent rights to a new stardrive - destroyed the once-beautiful planet, and left the Bith the choice of remaining bound there or expanding to the stars.

Immediate survivors were formed to build hermetically-sealed cities, although they quickly realized that it would better preserve their race to travel among the stars. Bith mating is a less than emotional experience, as the Bith race has lost the ability to procreate sexually. Instead, they bring genetic material to a Computer Mating Service for analysis against prospective mates. Bith children are created from genetic material from two parents, which is combined, fertilized, and incubated for a year.

The Bith were fully adapted to a civilized, high-technology lifestyle, Bith were found galaxy-wide at all levels of society, most notably as engineers, scientists, intellectuals, consultants, and musicians. [1]

Bith were one of the galaxy's most ancient civilizations, with a history going back millions of years. This antiquity garnered respect in certain quarters, such as among the Gree, who gave them more respect than other, "younger" species. Their society was highly regimented, with everything from mate selection to political leadership controlled by sophisticated computer programs. [1]

Ever since the Nozho-Weogar War, Clak'Dor VII's main exports were the products of the Bith intellect. Many Bith worked as engineers, data analysts, or in other intellectual professions. Others used their intelligence, natural technical skills, and dexterity to work in the criminal underworld. Many Bith worked as cantina staff, since bartenders in Bith society held a position equivalent in many ways to priests in other cultures. [1]

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