Bithan Reist

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Bithan Reist (a.k.a. Kaz’lu Gath)
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Biographical Information
Race Zabrak
Homeworld Glee Anselm
House House Jade
Mother Tosh’Gull
Father Praz
Marital Status Married
Spouse Bez
Siblings Nop’Ku, Sul’Rak and Ka’Lath
Children Ku’fikde and Su’Nul
Born Year 15 Day 319 (38)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'10" (1.78m)
Coloring Red
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Chief Offier
Positions Coordinating Flight Lead Officer
Prior Affiliation CorSec, New Republic


Bithan Reist

Bithan is known as Kaz’lu Gath on Iridonia which is his Zabrak name. Kaz meaning innovative, lu meaning three (third born). Gath is the ancestral surname, meaning seeker.

Bithan stands at 5ft 10, and weigh 12 stone. He has red skin, brown eyes, a face tattoo that covers most of his chin, up his nose and finishes just above his eyebrow. Being Zabrak he has a crown of horns, five large ones separated by smaller ones.

Early Life

Originally from Glee Anselm where his father, Praz worked as a droid repair technician and his mother, Tosh’Gull worked as a seamstress. Bithan has three brothers, Nop’Ku who is 7 years older, Sul’Rak; 6 years older, and Ka’Lath; 17 years younger, the age gap with his brothers made it difficult for him to build any close relationship with them, this may be a contributing factor to him being a bit of a loner, that and his introversion.

Bithan grew up in a lower middle class environment and attended the local state schools. His early school life started normal but with growing teenage angst, would miss large amounts of school.

His parents worked long hours as such he enjoyed spending time alone and once, around the age of 7 took a speeder out to visit an abandoned freighter. Freighter.jpg

At least once a year he would travel to Iridonia, his ancestral home world to receive warrior training. His Res Selenoren, "The Challenges", took place when he was 13. His mental challenge was to complete a treasure hunt that finally lead to his physical challenge of having to defeat a Rancor with his families Zhaboka, "a ceremonial pike about 2 meters long, with double-edged blades on either end." The final (social) challenge which takes place during the Rising Festival was to build a totem with his fellow youths which would be the centerpiece of the festival. He completed his challenges and received his tattoos.

Bithan's grandfather was one of the greatest warriors in his clan, and pushed his father hard to follow in his footsteps, which he rebelled against and only passed Res Selenoren so as to not bring shame on the clan, when Praz was of age he moved to Glee Anselm with Bithan's mother.

He moved to Hapes with his mother so she could be with her sister after his father died. He enjoyed my time on Hapes and spent most of my time travelling around the planet delighting in its beauty.

Bithan went through a dark period in his late teens and got involved with smugglers and drug dealers running around the outer rim, as such he spent a short time in Nar Shaddaa, visiting its casinos and other areas of "entertainment". Waking up one morning, while everyone was sleeping off their hangovers, he walked out of the door, boarded the first ship out of there and has never looked back, as it happens the ship was heading to Alderaan, as soon as he arrived he fell in love with the place and has lived there since.


  • Drinking; Kind of a requirement of the TF Department of Logistics, luckily it's something Bithan enjoyed before joining the Trade Federation.
  • Hunting; Bithan go out for days, even weeks in the Alderaanian wilderness, liking the peace he gets waiting and watching followed by the rush of the kill.
  • Gambling; A leftover from his days in Nar Shaddaa



Bithan joined Corsec in year 15, day 322. After a little training his mentors vanished, and he was left alone, he waited and waited until he decided to try a different faction..........

New Republic

Joined year 16, day 141. Completed his Navy Officer training with honours "Academic Excellency Award & the Acumen Award" and was then assigned to his battle group. Reached the rank of Lieutenant. After growing disponent at the level of bureaucracy Bithan decided to leave.

Trade Federation

Year 17, day 72. Bithan, after a lengthy search decided to join the Trade Federation.

Year 17, day 308: Assigned as Flight Lead Officer of Quiet Storm - Changed name to Alderaan Places.

Year 18, day 110: Bithan was promoted to Coordinating Flight Lead Officer

TF Service Record

Rank Insignia


Promotion Date

C-3 moi.png

Chief Officer [C-3]

Year 18 Day 110

C-1 moi.png

Third Officer [C-1]

Year 17 Day 308

0-1 moi.png

Ensign [O-1]

Year 17 Day 250


Flight Sergeant [E-5]

Year 17 Day 196


Flight Corporal [E-4]

Year 17 Day 159


Recruit First Class [E-3]

Year 17 Day 130


Recruit [E-2]

Year 17 Day 76

Awards and achievements

New Republic: Academic Excellency AwardNR.png Academic Excellency Award, Acumen Award.png Acumen Award

Trade Federation: GCA L1.png Good Conduct Award [GCA] L1