Black Curs

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Black Curs
Black Curs Logo.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Theofan Maercan
2IC Atom Mirralbel
Owner Theofan Maercan
Headquarters Gosho I
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 14
Political Information
Affiliation Independant
Industry Mercenary
Holosite [1]

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The Black Curs were formed by Theofan Maercan, Dane Jarrah, Yasmin Caldari and brothers Atom and Redjon Mirrabel on the 14th day of Year 15. The group came out into the open while in hyperspace to a newly discovered Prindaar system where they aided the Krath in securing a foothold. The Curs were able to take control of the moons Antar 2 and 5 while also exerting their influence over both the Dead Moon of Antar through a third party. On top of this the small force was able to field enough of their ground forces to hold a short term control over approximately 30% of the planet Antar. Once the Krath had their reinforcements in system the Black Curs slowly rotated out of the system being replaced by those Krath forces and facilitated negotiations between the private owner of the Dead Moon and the system's new government. The Black Curs force in system was only comprised of three officers during the initial battle Dane Jarrah, who commanded the first squadron on Antar 5 and Theofan Maercan supported by Redjon Mirrabel who both arrived some days after. The forces they commanded were only about 5% the size of the total military forces that were battling on the planet, yet they were able to secure such a large section of the system at such extraordinarily large odds against their favor.

Shortly after the events at Prindaar Theofan, Dane and Atom capitalized on the blunders of LBX Holdings at the large Temperate planet of Mek va Uil. There they managed to pay off the corporate leaders of LBX as well as secure nearly half of the planet which because of the Curs infrastructural situation in those months they knew they could not maintain indefinitely. The land was then sold to GalSec for a sum that would give the Black Curs the resources to launch an expeditionary force into the Parmel Sector.

After a week of relentless scanning for small stars Theofan Maercan happened upon an irregularity in his YT-2000's, named the Half Moon, sensors. Plotting a course directly at this suspect blip he discovered the star, Gosh and its four orbits. Jarrah, the Mirrabel brothers and old friend Zinhu Amnity set course directly for this prized system with what resources and free lance construction workers they could gather on short notice in hopes of building a strong enough base to control the orbits before others learned of the discovery.

Over the next four days the Curs worked tirelessly to get the job done and were able to gain a powerful foothold on the smaller three of the four rocks: Goshos II, III and IV, but it soon became evident that Gosho I was a monster that their resources could not tame. Sending transmissions to both the Arkanian Brotherhood and the New Republic resulted in lightning fast responses by both groups. The Arkanians under orders from Va`Li Owa arrived in great numbers less than a day after receiving Maercan's call and the New Republic sent two pilots with materials and engineers to build a base. With aid from great friends and allies in these two groups the Black Curs were able to maintain a strong enough presence within the system to deter scavengers from across the galaxy descending on the lush, beautiful environments of the Goshobian planets.

Today, the Black Curs have created a land of prosperity and relative safety for the residents of Gosho I, who are in an astounding number of cases refugees and anti-Imperial idealists from across the galaxy.