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This article is about the current association claiming the name Black Nebula. You may be looking for the Black Nebula government that existed from years 8-9.

Black Nebula
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Black Nebula was the brainchild of Aeonian Masha. It was then referred to The Shadow Syndicate. When asked to comment about the name, Aeonian replied that it was named in honor of his sister Mandy Shadow. The Syndicate grew to include two factions, Courier Communications and Phoenix Recycling. Eventually CC and Phoenix where sold, and Mining Guild was bought.

Trial by Fire

In Year 11, Aeonian Masha was arrested by the Falleen Federation while building cities on Borohad. This lead to widespread panic of the populace, and a major shock to the leading bodies of government. The trial lagged on, eventually Aeonian was declared free by the court. Minister Xias, had other ideas. He contacted a bounty hunter to transport Aeonian and eventually led of his murder. The Falleen Federation immediately responded harshly and rejected all claims when evidence and investigations from many individuals such as one from Siejo Kutol proved that Xias was the mastermind of the murder. Meanwhile Deetle Masha quickly sized his chance and declared himself Overlord of The Shadow Syndicate but he was quick to realize his mistake and handed power over to Alex Masha. The Shadow Syndicate was renamed to Black Nebula, due to the area where Aeonian was murdered. A slow restructure had been organized through all departments.

Resignation of Alex Masha

In Year 11, finding leading tiresome and limited time he steped down as Overlord and retook his old position of Regent. His successor was Solarius Masha. Solarius Masha's Crowning Ceremony took place on Y12 D38.

Rule of the 4th

After the crowning, many important changes took place. Mining Guild was reorganized, and a new pay-scale was established. New incentives also went into affect. Diplomacy was the major focus, with Mining Guild and UNB being accepted into the CIS.


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Ministry of Engineering

Nationalized Factions


  • Aeonian Masha
  • Deetle Masha (The 1 day Imperator)
  • Alex Masha
  • Solarius Masha

Overlord 'Name', Imperator of Black Nebula