Black Sun

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Black Sun
Black Sun Holocron logo.png
Political information
Motto "Family. Honour. Profit."
Type of government Oligarchy
Executive branch Dark Prince
Legislative branch Family Council
Judicial branch Family Council
Affiliation Imperial Union
Societal information
Population 250,000,000,000
Capital Asation system
Territory Ash Worlds
Clacis sector
Gree sector
Mieru'kar sector
Dynali sector
Veragi sector
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Circa Year -1
Status Active
Holosite Black Sun

Black Sun, originally known as the Black Sun Trading Company, is an infamous galactic industrial syndicate and government. Founded several centuries ago, the group achieved prominence with the rise of Princess Gabriella Storm. Over the years, Black Sun has approached itself in varied ways, including: a legitimate trading corporation, an independent paramilitary force, intelligence brokers, and a massive government authority. Historically, Black Sun has contended with the Galactic Empire, New Republic, and other galactic powers as one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy.

Operating as a monolithic organization, Black Sun is centered around and supported by its legitimate companies: Gesenix Mining and Shobquix Industries. Sharing a common organizational structure and code of conduct, the Black Sun government is run by the Dark Prince who is advised by a Family Council, consisting of up to nine Vigos (Old Tionese for "nephew"). Beneath the Family Council sits the Consiglio, a lesser council of Consigliere who hold various positions within Black Sun. Central to Black Sun's endeavors is a strict protocol of conduct and behavior which defines the relationships and actions of its Officers.



Gabriella Storm Holocron Image 01.png
Dark Princess Gabriella Storm,
circa Year 1

Although existing in more nebulous forms for hundreds of years, an organization recognizable as the current Black Sun was first mustered under the Dark Princess Gabriella Storm. Opening its business front on Year 0 Day 5, under Storm, Black Sun thrived and, by Year 1, had established itself ostensibly as a reputable trading concern. According to accounts from the period, the first Princess eventually grew bored with continuing success and faked her own death in order to escape the group (Year 0 Day 318). The existing pattern of loyalties, when confronted with the sudden departure of the Princess, created a rift in the organization. Many who were loyal to the Princess reasoned that where their leader went they must follow and so they departed. For the first time the leadership of the Sun was shaken and the organization set to tear itself apart.

The First Interregnum

Following Storm's departure, there were company loyalty games which divided Black Sun internally. Many members of Black Sun were enticed with financial opportunities, while others were motivated purely by a desire to change. In order to address these concerns, Dark Prince Blood assumed the position of interim ruler and attempted to quell the chaos.[1] He did his best to stabilize Black Sun in a very difficult time and was instrumental in foiling several attempted coups. However, Blood did not wish to remain as leader of the organization and desired to abdicate. After a lengthy deliberation between the high command, a new leader was chosen: Keevan Colton.

Prince Keevan Colton assumed the mantle of ruler on Year 1 Day 318 and gradually stabilized the organization. However, like his predecessor Prince Blood, Keevan had never wanted the position of leader and quickly set about training a successor. Electing to step down once an appropriate successor was available, he appointed Qel Dar as the new leader.

Galactic Development

Prince Qel Dar immediately centralized Black Sun's power structure, before declaring war upon the Hapes Consortium and creating diplomatic ties to the Falleen Federation, due to his membership in the Huruk-Rah clan. Qel Dar also took as his protégé the galactic businessman Kosh Naranek, who was the former governor of Lorell. Together, they pushed construction on Lorell and Dathomir, in an effort to wrest control from Hapes (Year 3 Day 107). They further pushed to take control of the bog-world of Nal Hutta from the Hutt Council. The reason for their sudden push towards war is still unknown. Unfortunately, Qel Dar's ambitious plans to wrest territory from Hapes and Hutt Council both failed. Despite his other works as Dark Prince, Qel Dar's plan to seize the planet Lorell was his most grandiose action, and his failure there irrevocably marred his reign. These events would come to be known as the Black Sun Crisis. He was further disgraced when his diplomatic envoy, Vigo Acria Larkin, was captured by the Hutt Council and extradited to the Galactic Empire.[2] A year later, on Year 4 Day 61, Qel Dar stepped down and retired with his consort, Dark Princess Krystal, to the Inner Rim.[3] In a surprising move, Qel Dar bypassed his protégé Kosh Naranek and chose Plojo Rosom to be his successor. Naranek disappeared from the galactic stage following this event.

Dark Prince Plojo Rosom set out to reconstruct Black Sun, dividing the collective up and appointing Lords, each with the responsibility of conquering volumes of space. Each of these task forces would be a microcosm of the way Black Sun itself had been run in the past and the Family grew to its largest point since its inception under Dark Princess Storm. Freed from the day-to-day management of territory and assets the Prince could take on larger issues and those of personal interest. Realizing the Sun's need for military muscle, Rosom contracted mercenary groups among these was Irv Howie, a petty warlord based in the Jospro sector. This mercenary's relationship with Tee ubo Tarkona (then fiancé to the Emperor Uebles). These events drew Irv Howie into conflict with the Galactic Empire. Tee fled Imperial space aboard her YV-666 the "Leap of Faith" to join with Howie's fleet just outside the Sullust system, it was here she changed her name and appearance to avoid pursuit. Tee became Xyanax Jasper and then Xya Howie after the pair married and combined their resources into a new group, the Shadow Walkers, which was hidden from those who were not members. During this period of self-interest, Rosom further granted asylum to Tara Tylger, another exile hunted by the Galactic Empire. In retaliation, the Empire declared war upon Black Sun. Dark Prince Rosom married Avalon Larkin on Year 4 Day 159, and when the war with the Galactic Empire fizzled, Prince Rosom decided to retire to the life of self-endeavors he had created for himself.

Despite being an exile of the Galactic Empire, under Prince Rosom, Xya Howie led The Shadow Walkers in their task to remove Family members who broke their pact with the Sun. It was her successes here and in other arenas, alongside Tara Tylger, which led to her appointment as Prince Rosom's successor. Because Princess Howie had led Black Sun through many dangers, she was beloved by many of its members. Slowly, Black Sun became self-sufficient and gained more members by seizing control of smaller organizations. Under this mantle, she created a Black Market which set up to sell rare and expensive technology anonymously through Black Sun as an intermediary. Ironically, the two principal sources of military goods for the Black Market were Emperor Uebles, who was faced with the prospect of either, working with BS or continuing hostilities against them, and Irv Howie, who maintained volatile relations with his now ex-wife the Princess and her organization. Through Irv Howie's relationship with Black Sun, he and business partner Adam A Flynn were gifted the SoroSuub shipbuilding company. SoroSuub began its golden age around Year 5 Day 181, very loosely interwoven into the Sun and indebted to the Sun due to its foundational relationship. However, despite her successes, Princess Howie only ruled Black Sun for eight months before retiring.

The Second Interregnum

Prince Joseph Roscha reign was short, only three months, before continued disagreements with the former Princess prompted a turn of events that saw him expelled from the group and Dark Princess Xya's return to the throne, until her and Irv Howie's death due to ship malfunction. Tara Tylger assumed Xya's place as Princess of Black Sun.[1]

Princess Tara Tylger's reign was equally short. The specifics of her downfall are unknown but most historians believe it was caused by a massacre she ordered on Kiffex. Following the carnage on Kiffex, Regent Camaris sa Vinitta seized the throne of Black Sun on Year 6 Day 326 and proclaimed himself ruler.[4]

Prince Camaris sa Vinitta was unable to bring to stop the rampant squabbles and, during his brief tenure, the organization was sundered again. Predicting this eventuality, Camaris had groomed a successor who now stepped in to restore control to the fractured group: Daa`iata Tnaysc. During the reign of Dark Princess Tnaysc, the SoroSuub Conglomerate had pushed forward the creation of a massive city-world on Galalryn, eventually becoming the leading Galactic Government, replacing the Galactic Empire. Count Ingo R. Vailis made a famous speech to the Galactic News Service, outlining his political views.

Darkstar Holocron Image 01.png
The Darkstar Battleship,
[BSS] Ill Gotten Gains

Meanwhile, Count Adam A Flynn was heavily involved with Black Sun, supporting Princess Tnaysc's efforts to rebuild. Unfortunately, due to external events her reign did not last long and given their professional relationship, she handed control over to Prince Adam A Flynn. In such a short period Black Sun had undergone tremendous political turbulence. SoroSuub was willing to contribute massive amounts of credits to sustain the syndicate but to no avail. Rivalry among the remaining Family members made their position untenable and Black Sun was gutted. The group was held as part of the SoroSuub Conglomerate, stripped of all but its Kiffex holdings, the flagship Darkstar Battleship and a fleet of vipers.


Prince Adam A. Flynn saw many changes. Under him, Black Sun was now part of the SoroSuub conglomerate led by Ingo Vailis. Prince Flynn and Vailis debated the future of Black Sun but neither would afford to divert time from the development of SoroSuub to repair the collective. At this time, SoroSuub merged with the Rebel Alliance to form the New Republic. As events came to a head with the merger, Black Sun was forgotten almost completely. Prince Flynn and Count Vailis had never been able to answer the question of how to restore the group and so it languished, neglected.

The New Republic outlined plans to transform Black Sun into Republic Trading, severing the group from its criminal past and setting it on the course for a legitimate future as a trade consortium. Flynn and Vailis proposed a deal to sell the group to Teniel Djo with the hopes that a pirate could become a solid candidate as the new leader of organized crime in the galaxy. The idea of selling to a pirate sickened the moral majority in the New Republic. The Chief of State and leader of the Republic, Ingo R. Vailis, unable to reconcile his past and current identities or achieve his goals within the framework of the Republic, pushed on the deal. However, the citizens of the New Republic rallied against what they saw as unethical behavior and, on Year 8 Day 310, they passed a vote of no confidence in Chief of State Vailis. Vailis hid himself on Sulon and there he met with Adam A Flynn, Corvis Orion and other key individuals to plan their response.

On Year 8 Day 338 Vailis began sending orders to Black Sun agents in the New Republic. He ordered the deaths of several key political opponents and the transfer of massive amounts of military technology and credits into Black Sun. He and Adam A Flynn worked closely together over this period and, by Year 8 Day 350, Dark Prince Flynn had ascended to the mantle of Black Sun, this time with the full intentions of restoring the crime syndicate to its former infamy. [5]


After the events of the New Republic coup had calmed down, Corvis Orion having served an integral leadership role in the reclamation of the Black Sun identity, took up the mantle of Dark Prince in Year 10. Serving for nearly two years, his leadership is remembered for smoothing out political tides which had previously overcome the syndicate. Under Prince Orion, Black Sun had acquired The Azure Empire and opened other relations. The Sun also took steps to absorb much of Hyrotii Corporation's resources by indoctrinating Sector Managers and bribing Administrators, leading to its nationalization as a Black Sun company. However, as time went on, the reins of leadership appeared to be loosening and a decline had yet again set-in.

Imperial Union Reformed.jpg
Reformation of the Imperial Union,
with Dark Prince Banquo Knox signing on behalf of Black Sun

Dark Prince Tar Alaks succeed Corvis Orion during this period of decline. In order to strengthen the ideological foundations of Black Sun, Prince Alaks had every member reaffirm their oath to the Family. Alaks also succeeded in organizing a take-over of both Aurora Technologies and Aurora Mining Technologies which were absorbed into Black Sun. Aurora Technologies was reborn as a Black Sun nationalized ships producer. Alaks also relinquished the title of Dark Prince in favor of the title of Lord Marshal.

Following Alaks stepping down, Dark Prince Banquo Knox began his rein, choosing to continue the return to the focus of Family within the organization. Additionally, Knox worked hard to keep diplomatic bridges open between Black Sun and other governments striving for a degree of legitimization. In keeping with these ideals, on Year 13 Day 209 Black Sun was renamed to The Veragi Consortium. However, the change in name would be a relatively short lived affair with it becoming Black Sun again on Year 13 Day 264. Throughout his galactic exploits, Dark Prince Knox had developed a diplomatic relationship with the Lord Seele of the Galactic Empire. The animosity of the pass had seemingly been quelled by shared political, economic, and military goals. It was through this relationship, that Black Sun became one of the original signatories of the restructured Imperial Union, alongside the Tresario Star Kingdom on Year 13 Day 326. Prince Knox saw further legitimate success through the sale of Aurora Technologies, and the creation of a uniquely Black Sun shipbuilder, White Star.

The Modern Black Sun

Eventually the stress of leading Black Sun through a large-scale shift proved tiresome for Prince Knox, his public appearances declining as he worked in seclusion. Though his initial focus had been on Family, Black Sun had not yet reconnected with its roots in brotherhood. With a promise to restore those ties, Princess Cait Catra was appointed his successor, though she would retire quickly and inconsequentially. Her wife Niobe Asha took the mantle briefly, under the title Empress, before also leaving a legacy void of historical importance. Though the failed Catra-Asha leadership only last for 120 galactic days, this period would simply be recorded as the, "Lost Year."

Underlord Alexander von Ismay ascended to his position in Year 14, intent on repairing the failures of his most recent predecessors. Continuing the economic and diplomatic policies which had yielded success beneath Prince Knox, Underlord Ismay further pursued a revitalization of the ideals of, "Family. Honour. Profit." In ensuring these ideals were upheld, Underlord Ismay removed any members of the Collective and Family who placed others above Black Sun. This cleansing included the removal of Vigo Nyarlathotep Alaks and Vigo Jormungand Gand, both of whom were found to be traitors. In their place, loyal members of the Family were invited into Gologotha to serve upon the Family Council. Additionally, the White Star shipbuilding enterprise and Hyrotii Corporation were re-formed, in order to remove any remnants of the "Lost Year." In their place, Shobquix Industries, Neuro-Saav Corporation and Gesenix Mining were formed, paving the way for the syndicate's future endeavors.

Under the leadership of Alexander von Ismay, Black Sun dawned another golden age. Black Sun secured its place in a modern Imperial Union through stronger diplomatic ties, underwent massive infrastructure projects in Revyia which improved the collection of revenues, and boosted salaries and bonuses of Black Sun Collective members. The size of Black Sun's fleets more than doubled during his reign thanks to impressive efforts to boost production and industrial efforts across the Outer Rim. But the most memorable part of Underlord Ismay's reign will be returning Black Sun to its status as a galactically-recognized Government.

When Underlord Ismay chose to retire his position in early Year 17, Black Sun had more than doubled its monthly income and had twice the number of dedicated Collective and Family members as it did when he became Underlord. Recognizing the potential of Black Sun to continue rising with strong and committed leadership, leadership seamlessly transitioned to his Regent and Vigo of Defense, the new Dark Prince Jeor Knight on Year 17 Day 97.


The Black Sun industrial syndicate is comprised of the Collective and the Family. The Collective represents Black Sun's industrial and infrastructural endeavors, including it's material management, architectural development, and industrial production companies. Each company within the Collective is run by a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Operating Officer; those who hold these positions may be any Family rank. The Black Sun Family is a private institution, renown for its historical exploits, primarily: smuggling, trafficking, corporate espionage, information brokerage, and infiltration. Little is known publicly about the Black Sun Family beyond its leadership structure, hierarchy, and involvement in previous criminal engagements.


The Black Sun Collective and the Black Sun Family share an overarching hierarchy of ranks, with delineation for Enlisted personnel and Family. In other words, while the rank structures have separate identification codes, Family Ranks are above, and a continuation from, Enlisted ranks.

The ranks for Enlisted personnel include the following, in ascending order (Black Sun proper/Blades of the Prince/Gesenix Mining/Shobquix Industries):

  • Hopeful
  • Junior Broker / Blade / Junior Operator / Junior Lineman
  • Broker / Dagger / Operator / Lineman
  • Senior Broker / Militus / Senior Operator / Senior Lineman
  • Trading Leader / Soldatti / Mine Leader / Line Leader

Expanded in breadth, there are thrice the amount of ranks within the Family. The ranks for Family include the following, in ascending order:

  • Trucido / Sai-Los / Engineer / Engineer
  • Socious / Hamon / Senior Engineer / Senior Engineer
  • Vilicus / Schiavona / Assistant Manager / Assistant Manager
  • Custodis / Phurba / Manager / Manager
  • Dominius / Dai-Los / Supervisor / Supervisor
  • Overseer / Morte / Overseer / Overseer
  • Imperator / Effectus / Imperator / Imperator
  • Underboss / Omir Morte / Underboss / Underboss
  • Boss / Warlord / Boss / Boss
  • Councillor Emeritus
  • Vigo
  • Regent
  • Dark Prince

Dark Prince

Main article: Leader of Black Sun

The Dark Prince is the supreme leader of Black Sun. Holding sole decision power, the Dark Prince is responsible for shaping Black Sun policy in all arenas. Given his role as leader of Collective undertakings, his decisions are responsible for strengthening corporate security, mass mobilization efficiency, and economic prosperity. Additionally, due to the Family's behavioral foundation in, "Family, Honour, and Profit" the Dark Prince serves as the ideological exemplar for the Family's ethical code. While the Dark Prince is the primary decision maker within the Black Sun syndicate, he is advised and supported heavily by the Family Council.

The current Dark Prince of Black Sun is Jeor Knight.

Family Council

Main article: Black Sun Family Council

The Family Council is headed by the Dark Prince, and otherwise composed of Dark Prince chosen Family who are appointed to the rank of Vigo. Of the nine Vigo seats, three are reserved for Shadow Vigos and primarily advisory Vigos, while six Vigo seats operate as the heads of Black Sun departments. Though this style of organization originated under Dark Prince Rosom, and has existed loosely since his reign, it was further formalized beneath Underlord Ismay and Dark Prince Knight. In its entirety, the Family Council operates as an extension of the Dark Prince's authority. Therefore, they have absolute authority within the Black Sun syndicate, advise the Dark Prince in all syndicate affairs, and assist him in the implementation of his duties.

The current Family Council is as follows:

Vigo of Defense 
Vigo Vitale Cipriani
Vigo of Industry 
Vigo Jjirr Mahritanni
Vigo of Infrastructure 
Vigo Jad Hep Viridux
Vigo of Interior 
Vigo Kira Morbus
Vigo of Máurari 
Vigo Corvis Orion
Vigo of Shadows 
Vigo Banquo Knox
Advisory Vigo 
Vigo Ahsas Rotciv Maharg
Shadow Vigo 
Shadow Vigo Synedrus


Representing the Collective companies and other sub-sections of Black Sun, the Consiglio is an advisory committee meant to supplement the Family Council in their decision making processes. Each company and intracollective group can be directly represented here; this may not be the case in instances where groups are run by one or more Vigos. Accordingly, the Consiglio provides the Family Council leadership with specific input related to procedural & implementation needs, and the every day working sentient. Members of the Consiglio, titled Consigliere, are all Collective members who have attained Command ranks, all Ministry second-in-command, and up to two additional appointed advisors. Consigliere also play a primary role in the advancement of lesser personnel, due to their more direct interaction.


BS Holocron Image 01.png
Lazaretto Northshore Complex, Asation

Main Article: Black Sun Governance


Black Sun culture is ultra-hedonistic, with firmly held zealotry towards the Family Council. Most within Black Sun domains share a belief system centered around the attainment of pleasure, both physical and mental. Cultural philosophy holds that gratification is momentary and thus the universal aim for all sentients is the consistent realization of satisfaction. To this end, all forms of behavioural deviance are socially accepted. Sentients are free to do as they wish, so long as their actions do not impinge upon others or violate rules set by the Family Council. Any luxury, drug, or vice is available for a price in Black Sun territory.

Economic inequality is a present in many Black Sun planets. While poverty if significant in some areas, soaring pleasure palaces dominate the skylines elsewhere. Black Sun does little to actively alleviate this issue, however, anyone wishing to escape poverty is granted an opportunity to work in one of the Collective operations or by serving in the Blades, where they are paid one of the best entrance salaries in the galaxy. However, Black Sun expects excellence from its employees and failure to perform or abide by rules and regulations will result in immediate termination of employment at best.

Given the lenient laws in Black Sun space, it has become a burgeoning tourist destination and tax haven for the rich and wealthy of galaxy. With their money, Black Sun provides the utmost in privacy and secrecy should visitors wish to keep their reputations clean when they return to more puritan systems.

Many businesses have moved their operations to Black Sun territory to escape crippling corporate taxes and endless bureaucracy. Corporate espionage is rife, and Black Sun only intervenes to ensure no outright property damage or loss of life occurs. This intense competition has spawned a strong market for security, which Black Sun is happy to help fill.

Competitive sports and card games are exceptionally popular within the incorporated sectors. Though gambling is legal, all betting is patrolled in order to ensure obeisance to Black Sun values. Syndicate territories are also renowned for their lively and multi-species nightlife. Cities within Black Sun territories have varying sizes of amenities, some encompassing entire massive buildings while others are small and secret. Likewise, the offerings range from the luxurious and expensive to options which cater to the average sentient. The world districts dedicated to legalized harlotry are often galactic attractions for those governed by less indulgent sovereigns.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for nationalized employees is classified. Though the central motto is known as an explicit ethical guideline for the Family, it is further believed that those expectations extend to all members of the Collective, the degree to which is undisclosed. Rumors have circled that breaking the Code of Conduct can lead to execution, though they've generally been dismissed as conspiracy. Systems which are managed by Black Sun operate under a relatively liberal rule of law, with the exception of absolute obedience to the Dark Prince and Vigos.


Black Sun takes the concept of profit very seriously: it forms one of the three tenets of the Black Sun motto, "Profit motivates us." Specifically, the focus on business has lead to a capitalist market which governs the incorporated systems. The exception to privately owned means of production is Shobquix Industries, the single state owned manufacturing entity, which supplies Black Sun directly and is overseen by the Vigo of Industry. The industries within sectors under Black Sun control, are otherwise closely held by citizens for the purpose of profit. All syndicate worlds boast competitive markets where supply and demand are internally affected by sentient exchanges. However, despite the liberal economies, land based property rights are non-existent; all land is government controlled.

As allies of the Galactic Empire, Black Sun has adopted the Galactic Credit as their currency. It is the only accepted tender within Collective territories. This acceptance of what has become the standardized medium of exchange has allowed Black Sun to maintain a strong presence in the galactic market. Though bartering for services is allowed, credits continue to be the sole means of payment to nationalized employees. Some smaller territories have frequent usage of indentured servitude, though voluntary serfdom is rare due to the high governmental minimum wage of 4 million galactic credits per 30 days Combine Galactic Time.


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  • Black Sun Holographic Year 14.png (Year 14)
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